Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DMANISI BONEYARD/ PAUL SALOPEK: Some of Our "Pioneer Trailblazers" ... The Compassion and Action of the Thug's and Ug's that molded The HUMAN SPECIES ... (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.13)


This Part 13 of "The Other Tenant's" series will be to browse some of our earliest ancestors going back around 1.8 million years, and their ancient hominin boneyard at Dmanisi, Georgia via Paul Salopek, who is on his sort of 7 year migration walk on foot looking at our ancient ancestors and their lives, which I wanted to have in this series. The title of the posting entirely inspired by Paul, and nothing to do with Portland's "Pioneer Square" or their NBA "Trailblazers" basketball team {:-) But also big Thanx to Paul and all these journalists and especially the archaeologists and their students, and the folks of PBS and National Geographic who bring so much to us on this (PBS and National Geographic are a couple of my favourite stations on the tele as well), if not for these folks, we may not get any of this in a couple million years! ... which is damn near how long it took {:-)

Interesting in some of the read below, on how our throwing rocks may have been also a strong part of our early survival as well as our compassion to care for each other ... which makes sense, against so many dangers that these folks faced (a time over a million years before any spears) ... for being what would be looked at as a small and ugly ancestor of ours with only a little over 1/3 our brain size, these little folks were real tough and clever, as well as loving and caring for each other. It's also likely looking at the evidence found, that these folks using their brains over brawn in some situation's ... carefully planned to wait for carnivores to go out and do all the hard leg work and kill their food/ meat ... while our ancestors would wait till they brought back their hunt/ food for feast, and just attack and rob these carnivores of their game/ food ... in a way, just basically acting like thugs on that end. Whatever it may be ... these folks were real warriors ... and knew what to do to survive in a time of kill or be killed. Nearly 2 million years later, we carry some of the same traits as our old school previous tenants and ancestors. Some video and read linked below ....

***** PBS NEWSHOUR: What an ancient boneyard reveals about our earliest global wanderers ... (video/ audio/ transcript)

***** NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: Did Chucking Stones Make Us More Human? ...






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