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Michael A. Wood, Jr

This posting to serve 2 series of this journal ... "Police Brutality" & "Incarcerated American", it is also a Part 2 for ex- Baltimore Police Officer Michael Wood (Part 1 here), and Part 2 for Jesse Ventura (Part 1 here). This is Michael being interviewed by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura ... and looking at more details as far as what need's to change in this nation with the newest "War on Citizens", as Michael call's it, and the decades long "War on Drugs". But more from Michael as he explains the issues and what has created the atmosphere today in America. After that I included a couple video's to sample of what this war on citizens inspires citizens (criminal or non- criminal ... in America or abroad even) to think and react to, when they become oppressed to the point where there is no choice left ... and people see no law and order, simply because the LAW is what's DISORDERLY. When law loses it's credibility, it will deteriorate any respect for it as a result, and that disrespect can and will grow if nothing is done about this clearly tainted and corrupt lawmaking, and THAT RESPONSIBILITY is not only ours, but these so called lawmakers. After ... I will add some input of my own.

The War on Our Citizens: Ex- Baltimore Cop Takes Jesse Ventura Inside the World of Police Corruption ... Thanx to JESSE VENTURA





Firefight at Dallas Police Headquarters ... Thanx to AMERICA FUCK YEAH

[Graphic Content] Police Brutality Citizens Fight Back ... Thanx to ABSOLUTE- ATHEISM


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

Several points that Michael makes here are what is key to our problems, he points out that the No.#1 problem is getting money out of politics ... I agree with him 110%. Money in politics is what has taken this nation on the downslope that it now is, and this isnt nearly as bad as it will get before it gets better, trust me. And YES ... our 2 party political establishment is also just as much the blame, the fueling of excessive amounts of political money (which is basically legalized bribery) currently has contaminated our elections, voting, media, liberties, environmental issues and food/ health/ products safety concerns, is cause for the current endless wars we are in, the terrorism abroad and more recently domestic, pushing this austerity, and NOT only our country, but it has spread all over much of the globe, monetarily dictated by the same people that corrupted our politics, and instigate all this ... which I point out so much about throughout this journal even. In our country the privatized prison system that I point out here in detail how this corrupt incarceration racket worx in this "Redeem Act" posting, with all this war on drugs just feeds the fire, the politicians legislate and allow this, and dont think for a minute that the Democrats or politicians of colour are exempt, we know the Republicans are corrupted, they actually admit it and are open and honest about it, as well as their agenda ... but the Democrats hide, lie and cover what they do, put on a smiley face and pretend that they are about serving the peoples interests only ... when it comes to money and allowing this to happen, which contributes to our communities decline, economically and otherwise ... both sides "establishment majority" are in bed together, sure they have SOME differences on petty morality and social issues, but when it comes to our money and tax spending priorities and legislation of some of these laws that incarcerate so many for basically nothing, they are like lovers in bed. As Michael sayz, the system today is established to where the motivation for officers is the war on drugs, which leads to the war on citizens, and the only way to move up in ranks is to beef up arrests and stats, you are put in a situation of getting a shitty detail if you dont get the stats, and to get them, you have to go for the most vulnerable, in turn, the classism feeds the racism. You cant move up simply being a good cop in the community very quick, and sometimes in some areas and departments, not at all. Michael himself is honest ... he was a BAD COP and admit's it, plain and simple.

The 2 videos I posted after Michael and Jesse is to give a basic example of the growing disregard and even hatred towards law enforcement, in time unless we make changes, this will grow ... again let me point out, we have all the tools necessary, to change things even quickly. The thing is, during this evolution period of growing hatred, it will grow to where many in politics as well as those with the most wealth will regret, to where not only law enforcement, but politicians and those who financially feed them, as well as their businesses will be targeted, more of what would be called domestic terrorism I guess. People wont just resist in their communities anymore, once they evolve and learn who their enemies are, which is bound to happen in time, even some of the investments and properties will be on the hit list. Sure, you can control and monitor most of the people most of the time, but not all ... all of the time, and it will come in various forms and from various directions ... bottom line for all those dictating this ... it will be bad for business. It is importante to be responsible and conservative when it comes to spending and economics decisions ... to an extent ... but at the same time ... it is equally healthy for business and prosperity to have some socialism too, when you go too extreme in either direction, whether it is left or right, since that is how most think, or get too greedy and addicted beyond self control ... that is where you lose balance and fail. Today, this "extreme greed" (not moderate, which is naturally instinctual) has became simply a "fad", fed to us in Hollywood movies and on the tele and iPhone ... it is "cool" in a way to some ... even some fashions and music are designed to promote it. Dont let how I write mislead you ... I am also a person who likes money, nice cars, I hustle, work, love free market and business, I gamble in the casino's, bet on football, play the lottery, etc ... the thing is ... I dont prey on the most weak and vulnerable to rob, deceive, etc. I understand the importance of balance ... and there is plenty of business out there to be had and made without taking down the most vulnerable, and it keeps true healthy order and stability in our societies. What does this or even the economy have to do with excessive police force, brutality and unjust incarceration? ... it is all connected and makes it all grow like a cancer out of control. People like Michael are needed more than ever, and I wish for Michael on this issue to be called upon by some in government for advice.

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