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JILL STEIN: The 2016 Presidential Debates & The DUOPOLY CAMPAIGN STRUCTURE ... The "MOCKERY of DEMOCRACY" Edition ... (Out of LINE with JILL STEIN PT.2) & (The AWAKENING PT.38)

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This posting to serve 2 series of this journal, "The Awakening" and "Out of Line with Jill Stein" ... and the title of the posting was all inspired by Dr.Stein as well. The video interview with Jill below is an excellent picture of how the these debates are orchestrated and controlled, I mean, you really have to be hardcore these dayz following your party ... or as Jill would say "Duopoly" ... to even sit through these debates. I actually watched parts of the GOP/ Republican primary debates on a later date, much of it, but not all, and I had to do that in multiple views because of the dullness and not to get zoned out on boredom, it was THAT difficult to get through ... if not for Donald Trump, it would be a total flop ... just like without Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side would be, I mean ... look at the politically correct deadwood in these things as far as candidates. I would guess that the Democratic primary debates will be similar, and the DNC been trying to cut back on debates unfortunately. I am a supporter of Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, so that is why I will actually sit through the whole Democratic debate. The push and lack of transparency in the Democrat Party side, I figure has to do with the strong push for Hillary Clinton, because establishment Democrats feel that if a candidate like Bernie Sanders got to be the candidate/ nominee, they would lose to the Republicans in the elections, simply because Sanders is such an outsider type, and the GOP would play the "socialist card" big time, so they figure the only big name they have is Clinton, and especially with her experience, deep establishment and corporate roots (even going back to her dayz pre- politics while on the Board of Directors for WalMart, while WalMart was fighting to keep unionization away from their employees, and keep them at minimal wages), and the big Wall Street money that is behind her, they been grooming her for several years now, but didnt expect I guess, the recent obstacles and lack of trust and enthusiasm from progressives. The American people are getting more fed up by the year as elections and these 2 parties continue, which is a positive in the right direction, because change is inevitable, and the sooner the better.

I myself these dayz, have to side more with progressives than anyone else, because of what they stand for and act on, concerning the real issues we are up against, despite any petty differences I may have, I support the majority of their idea's. The establishment Democrat Party to me, is just day old leftovers with hardly nothing to say, but pointing out what is wrong with their rivals basically ... a party (Dem's) that I been supporting/ voting, and that I try to give the benefit of doubt to, for the sake of the party and being a strong opposition to the Republican's. I would like to see Bernie run as an independent, but the way this is rigged, he has to run as a Democrat, and would love to have other party choices with stronger exposure and backing, I would love to have more open and real debates as Jill Stein and other organizations are challenging. Like many other American voters, I would like to see a more open and un- rigged debates process, whether it's in the early primaries within their parties or later debates, the whole damn thing, just like the way votes are counted and taken, need's to be reformed and repaired, and more of what fair/ balanced debates and elections should be. I only say that the Democrat Party is day old leftovers ... and the Republican alternative is even worse, being that the Republican's idea's have already went into a state of Rigor Mortis, because understand, that I have voted since the 1970's on a regular basis, that's like 4 decades, and this country is in the worst shape I seen it in my entire life, being that it took both of these parties and the back and forth endless games they play and bitch fights to get us here ... so for me, it's almost like 4 decades wasted politically.

The coverage as far as mainstream media on these debates is enormous, yet it is so boring and stale, with a rehash of the same ole same that goes from one to the next, I dont even agree with the one lady below interviewing Jill Stein comparing it to a rock concert, at least a rock concert get's you energized and really is moving ... these debates and politic's today are so dull and pre- programmed freak shows, more like some cheesy tele show shit like "Jerry Springer" or "Dr.Phil" ... yet they keep us in this "fear game" that if we dont choose these heavily paid for candidates we will fall off the Earth, and programming the audience to get nonsensically excited with enthusiasm as Jill would say, over tax- payer/ citizen rip- off crap, like making more war's and austerity, with campaigning that look's so phony and rented/ leased by a bunch of corporations ... it's just sad. I dont blame the mainstream media though, I like MSM and think they have some great journalism of the topics they do cover, I realize that they too are controlled to an extent by the same corporate communism, or what I call "Corporatcommunazica", that controls these elections more than ever today. One of the main points to voting and our politics is to move "forward" and "better" our lives as citizens and our country ... NOT to move backwards and worsen things. As I mentioned in the last paragraph as far as voting these 2 parties for 4 decades ... you have to wonder looking at the current condition ... what happened in that time frame?, and who is responsible?, eh? But enough from me and on to Green Party Presidential candidate Dr.Jill Stein below.

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