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SAMHAIN/ HALLOWEEN 2015 GREETINGS: ... In Culture, Art & Music ... (HALLOWEEN PT.7) ... Inspired by Miriam

Samhain/ Halloween Greetings ... this Part 7 for the "Halloween" series of this journal is to take a look at some of the culture, music and art of the season, instead of the haunted houses, and the commercialization of it today that it's widely associated with. It is a tad early for me to do a Halloween posting, but so many decorations are already up around the neighbourhood, the season air of cooler weather is here with fall and winter on the way ... so why not? {:-) What inspires this posting is a neighbour here in Dallas named Miriam ... during some small chat the other day, Miriam told me ... "I'm so excited about Halloween Tom, I get to make myself up as a cat, I have a different cat- face design every year I create", etc (giving more details) ... I told her ... "Well, good to see you in the old Samhain spirit Miriam" ... she then said ... "No ... I dont sew anything ... I just put together clothes I find and paint my face as a different cat every year and wear my cat ears". What made her respond like that, is that when I said "Samhain", I pronounced it "Sow- in", in fact when I told her how it was spelled, she couldnt understand why I pronounced it like "Sow- in', so I explained that as well to her ... (though, not to be confused with the horror/ metal/ punk band "Samhain", that is actually pronounced like it is spelled) But Miriam didnt know a thing about the roots or culture of it, she simply enjoys dressing up and socializing with her friends or whatever to celebrate the evening, like so many Americans. After giving Miriam a briefing on the roots and culture of the season, she was fascinated, saying she was going to look more into it. I also told her that her name has roots that go back to ancient Hebrew, even though she is Mexican- American, she had no idea of that either ... so I told her that some of the earliest use of the name is ancient, and some can be found in the "Book of Exodus", Miriam being the older sister of the prophet Moses.

You know ... Halloween is something different to so many cultures and people around the world, or many dont even celebrate or know a thing about it. To some it may be getting in tune with nature, honouring the dead, the harvest season, counting their blessings and to pay homage to nature, the Gods and Goddesses, kidz getting to go door to door "trick or treating" for candy and goodies, some simply like to dress up and party, some pay to go to haunted houses to have the shit scared out of them ... others like religious Christian fundamoralists of America associate it with people being possessed by evil spirits that make them worship their contemporary Devil character they created as an adversary of their belief's/ institution ... the corporate/ business world of course see it as another way to make a buck ... since it is the 2nd largest day in retail/ sales next to Christmas as far as folks spending money, or those in Hollywood, may use it to make another slasher/ gore/ ghost/ horror movie, etc. So this posting will look at some of the culture part and music, which will also be included in this journal's music/ arts honour roll society. Whatever it may be or not to you ... it identifies with the season and weather change as well ... so if you celebrate this day in whatever way you do ... have a Happy Halloween/ Samhain! ... some video and music below ... Enjoy!

Word Out ... or ... Blessed Be ....

Samhain ... Thanx to TREE OF GREEN FLAME

Halloween History ... Thanx to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC







Music for Halloween. Samhain- The origin of Halloween ... Thanx to ADRIAN SAMHAIN ... the music in this video is from "Chill On The Sun"

Samhain Festival 2013 ... Thanx to CELTIC HARMONY CAMP

Samhain History & Ritual ... Thanx to GENEVIEVE SERAFINA ... music by "Wende Rule"




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