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HILLARY CLINTON (PT.1)/ PBS NEWSHOUR INTERVIEW (07 October 2015) ... with Ranch Chimp Intro and Opinion



This posting will be to highlight a video interview I just happened to catch last night watching the PBS NewsHour on the tele, the interview was so good that I couldnt resist to have it in this journal, being that it is the first interview I've seen with Clinton in this campaign session where she is sincere and straight, and not just repackage Bernie Sanders points. I wanted to try to cut down on these political postings in this journal, unfortunately our politics though has had such an impact on our lives, so this is why I still post quite a bit, because of how critical and manipulated they have become. I am a supporter of Senator and rival Democatic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, so I have no reason to try to promote Hillary Clinton, nor have found any reason to vote for her ... but when I see a person is straight, I have to credit it. In the past I have had serious concerns on where Hillary Clinton stand's on several issues, I seen her flip- flop on things, including trade such as TPP and same sex marriage, Keystone Pipeline, and a list of other things, because I'm old enough to remember some past politics. I have had a problem with her deep corporate/ banking/ Wall Street ties and obligations, in particular had a problem when she ran against Senator Obama, and she just tossed the idea of a 20% public option try- out in the trash as he proposed even as President Obama. I thought the "20%" try- out was a great idea, being that I know how importante the health insurance industry is to our economy, so you cant just totally gut it too fast, it has to be transformed through a process (and everything in this country is insured, not just health care, so the industry has plenty to invest in and expand on), even though I like the idea of a single payer or government system that some other countries have, it takes time to set- up considering the economy ... to start with a 20% option would do that, and no ... it would NOT drive insurance companies OUT OF BUSINESS, it would transform, widen and make it a more competitive industry ... and still those with plenty of money can alwayz go with any private health care they choose, as they alwayz do anywayz. The intense expensive lobbying the medical, pharmaceutical and insurance industries done over health care was simply to maximize the profit line is all ... nothing else ... they seen a chance to grab at something like ObamaCare/ ACA ... and just jumped head first into the cookie jar ... it was like a sudden "go- for- it spree" cash grab. Understand that any time citizens/ voters ask for something or reform ... there will be banks and corporations lined up to put their blueprint out first to fatten their profit margin, where they solely draft up all the legislation and damn near leave our own legislators out of it, and many times through lobbying efforts, be able to twist it, you dont think they spend millions and billions on lobbying out of patriotism, eh?

Judy Woodruff below of PBS, asked Clinton if she maybe underestimated Russian President Vladimir Putin ... I feel that everyone in Washington and even some in the EU underestimate Putin. When I look at Putin, I see a strong as steel hard- ass, a determined man, who has probably no fear of anything or anyone or even death ... I look at him like a warrior, and a man like him, I would never underestimate, I feel old school KGB had a lot of influence on him too. One thing in particular that grabbed me about Clinton, was her view on the TPP deal they been running this fast track crap on ... I think she is sincere and does not trust it, at least many areas she is having concerns ... and I agree with her on that, BUT too, those concerns were brought on by so much public atencion to this public/ politically, otherwise, she may have never re- evaluated it. I believe her sincerity as far as "questioning" some of it, but dont really believe she would abandon it ... I understand the "importance of trade" though. BUT ... this particular trade package, I would revise/ restructure the entire thing, despite the work that has already went into it, make it more transparent/ public, and with a more diverse, balanced and clear wording, with more input besides just major corporate lawyers, and even if China views it. In 1993 while she was First Lady, her husband and President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law, and we see now 2+ decades after, what good that it has done for American jobs ... basically NO GOOD AT ALL, in fact we lost many job's, environmental and workers protections as you can see here. Yet ... at the time, President Bill Clinton and everyone else behind it, said it would be great for jobs, the environment, trade exports, workers rights, etc, etc. Because of this and other history on our so called great trade deals ... trade cannot be just rushed through without careful thought, based only on hot feet corporations in a hurry to push their needs only. I agree with her that "trade" is very importante, and her point on how the middle class is just as importante to our domestic economic, social and security need's. And in trade to make sure we have some leverage, because I know damn well that many are pushing this because they have worries about China, and really no one is hardly talking about that. I like China and the Chinese as far as being a future partner, but I also question their agenda (not the peoples, but the government), I know that China despite how open and free the market has become in recent years (my nephew spent a couple years there and filled me in on quite a bit), about 4/5th's of it is still mostly owned and controlled by their government, and China is a Hell of a lot older, and more determined to sustain their wayz than the U.S. I feel they look at themselves as the leader of the future instead of just a partner with "anyone" ... they want more control, and feel they are more qualified, and realize the bargaining power and influence on the global market they have.

One of the biggest issues in media addressed here is this damn email server shit, which seems endless, and a distraction from serious issues ... I have to support her especially on that, I dont think she done a damn thing wrong, I see this issue as strictly political and being relentlessly pounded by the GOP. I tried reading up on this some time back, some of the accusations I read were ridiculous, even blaming deaths on her, she used the email accounts without giving it much thought of the possibilities of crap that would be targeted at her. I believe she is sincere on this ... she used the email like anyone else, doesnt know all the in and outs of technologies, and had no intentions on doing a damn thing underhanded. I also believe that if she were a President, that she would be more considerate and more compassionate in understanding the peoples need's overall, than any Republican candidate/ President. Her stand on gun control legislation ... I dont see a thing wrong with it ... is it wrong to simply ask for background check's? ... well ... some of us act like it is. I am very pro- right to bear arms, as anyone can see throughout this journal, I cannot believe that anyone "pro- gun" or not would get so bent out of shape over a background check and tightening laws that are already in place for the most part. These recent mass shootings are what is driving this whole issue ONLY ... so when gun laws get tight, dont blame it on politicians ... blame it on those small percentage that go out when they wake up in the morning with the red- ass (angry) and decide to play out their shooting spree fantasies they been planning on. Another thing that I noticed about many of these mass shooters ... is that they have a history of pharmaceutical drug use due to mental issues, prescribed by doctors, which as you can also see throughout this journal I feel is a problem, all these mind altering drugs they are trying out on kidz period ... as I point out here or even here. I even talked to an event organizer at a pro- 2nd amendment rally about a year ago, who told me, he actually thinks that certain people with mental disabilities are targeted and given/ prescribed these drugs to set them off as like time bombs, orchestrated by the top crust who want to disarm the entire public ... I have no reason or evidence to believe this myself though.

Sadly we still have a mass domination of this 2 party duopoly (as Jill Stein called it) in our politic's, so most focus is ONLY on these two mainstream parties, even though it will change and transform in time. I know that right now 2015/ 2016, the Democrat Party is worried about too much control going to the Republican's, and I have to agree with them on that, even though I am not a fan of the establishment Democrat's, but it is true, that the GOP has a "fast track" type agenda, and they frankly dont waste no time when they see opportunity, they act at the drop of a hat ... and dont negotiate or half- step when they do. The GOP agenda is an economical hard hit to America's middle classes and rights of American's (from property and small business owners rights, to women's rights, to civil and voting rights), and very anti- free market. Another thing, the GOP wants to gut ObamaCare/ ACA as a top priority, I see this as a disaster, sure I think it needs reform, the whole medical/ health industries do, but they should have never let their corporate constituents solely draft it to begin with, now they're just trying to gut it ENTIRELY. Regardless of any flaws the ACA may have, at least there are no spending cap limits on a persons medical needs, and some other extra's it offers, so just gutting this completely is not a wise move in my view. But one reason why the Dem's are pushing Hillary so hard, besides what I see as a establishment pre- planned Obama- Clinton secret deal, is they feel they cant win with a Presidential candidate like Bernie Sanders, being that the GOP media will hammer the socialist card (Sanders identifies as a independent Democratic Socialist) and paint him as a communist, which will worry some more right leaning voters who dont understand the differences in these terms, and wait in lines to vote against Sanders ... as they did fearing that Obama was an Arab Muslim undercover plant, and even not American.

Dem's are so bloody worried, they're trying to push VP Joe Biden, right after his son died, just to have big name contenders to go against someone like Bush or Trump ... and to take some focus/ atencion off Sanders, and I even like Joe Biden personally, but he is not my choice, any more than Hillary Clinton would be. But I feel VP Biden is a decent man, yet I dont even think he is more qualified than Hillary Clinton, Biden is also in bed with Wall Street a bit too much like Clinton. I also want to point out as far as qualifications and establishment experience, despite my differences with Hillary or her branch of the Party, my choice of Sanders over Clinton had nothing to do with her qualifications or experience ... (we have had already at least a quarter of a century of Bush's and Clinton's as it is ... and Wall Street would love to see this culture continue) so there is no candidate in this Presidential run right now of any party, that is more qualified and experienced than her, as far as knowing and keeping the system the way it is ... but also, you CANNOT expect any reasonable change, looking at her history ... not unless she actually really changed around and "evolves" (as she would call it) to be a little more progressive. Her experience that is, as being former Secretary of State, First Lady with her husband President Bill for 8 years, her term as New York Senator, behind the scenes in so many critical foreign dealings, the insider line, big money recognition, etc. Also, even though Donald Trump is probably considered the master of business out of all these candidates, I feel Hillary could run him some competition even ... although I would like her to be more like Senator Elizabeth Warren, when it comes to business. But that's it from me, and Hillary Clinton below, video and/ or transcript.

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