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BLUE OYSTER CULT/ BOC: "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Burnin' For You", "Godzilla", "Born To Be Wild" & "Dominance and Submission"

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I wanted to start 2016 of this journal/ blog with music ... and an appropriate choice to do that was no doubt "Blue Oyster Cult", who go back with me to my teenage years and my first love and influences in music, so this posting is to honour and highlight some of the work of this great crew originally out of Long Island/ NYC.

This is a crew that started their roots a half century ago, even though the band had quite a member change- up over the decades of several outstanding musicians, they have managed to keep the original style of the group and it's tradition. Buck Dharma and Eric Bloom both go back to the formation and start, they used several names they went through as far as the band names, that originally started pretty solid for awhile as "Soft White Underbelly", then thought of being an American type answer to "Black Sabbath", they just played alot of small gig's in bar's like in Upstate New York and stayed doing live gigs in venues before being recognized. Back when I first started listening to this crew in the early 1970's, I could hardly find anyone that even knew who they were, they didnt really have the popularity in hard rock/ metal music as many that were getting air- play on then the new FM radio that was free of corporate maneuvering and manipulation of the industry ... with freedom for listeners to "choose" who makes it and who doesnt, a more natural business flow that gave birth to what we know today as the great classic rock groups. Yet, at the same time, early BOC was beginning to inspire and influence many of those musicians that were coming up ... they just really had some great composition at the time, as well as inspiring todayz generation of musicians, like with this really nice cover of "Don't Fear The Reaper" done by "Pierce The Veil".

I was more interested in doing "live" work in this posting because of how the instrumental work is highlighted well throughout their live performances, they worked very well as far as a full sound and made it so those individual musicians in the group got to showcase their individual work, just really a nice blend of keyboards, percussions and guitar with good harmonizing vocal- wise of the group. I went to a show of their's several years after I started listening to them, maybe 1980/ 1981 (?) at the old Dallas Convention Center, when they had a large Godzilla monster come out on stage complete with the sound of huge footsteps of the monster walking up and a story introduction to the song "Godzilla" ... and really was just a great live show and really good sound engineering. The song's below are more well known and song's that influenced other musicians, and I wanted to add a nice cover that BOC does of the classic 1968 Steppenwolf piece "Born To Be Wild". But anywayz,  enough of me running my jaws here ... and on to some BOC below ... and Thanx to this crew for all the great music they gave us over the years ... Enjoy!





Vintage BOC/ "Soft White Underbelly"


Blue Oyster Cult- Don't Fear The Reaper (Live 2012) HD ... Thanx to AB3348

Blue Oyster Cult- Burnin' for You (Live) 10/ 9/ 1981 [Digitally Restored] ... Thanx to METALNROCKNROLL4EVA2



Blue Oyster Cult- Godzilla (Live 2012) HD ... Thanx to AB3348

Blue Oyster Cult Live 1981: Born To Be Wild ... Thanx to PINTOBILLY

Blue Oyster Cult/ Imaginos Tour 7/ 4/ 1989: "Dominance And Submission" ... Thanx to JAMES BONG




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