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This posting will be for 2 series of this journal/ blog ... the "Global War'n'ing" and "Thinking of the Kid's" series both. I been reading up on this Flint, Michigan disaster ... and there has been so much on this, and it's a must to record in this journal, another disastrous situation that is in Flint, but can apply to what we will see more of to come all over our country the way we are doing things right now. We also have some serious infrastructure issues that need more atencion and tax money to fix in especially these older northern cities ... instead of much else our Congress decides to waste our money on. Again ... this is a result of political blame games and saving a few million bucks, with the usual of no one paid or elected to be responsible for their job ... neglecting to take responsibility and letting it ride out so long, that it has caused damage already to many people and children for years to come. Before I add my thoughts on this, I wanted to open this posting with a comment/ video from Trial Lawyer magazine executive editor Farron Cousins ... then some news links and video below, after I will add my part ... on why this should be dealt with not just in civil law ... but criminal.

Republican Governor Knowingly Poisoned City Of Flint Michigan ... Thanx to THE RING OF FIRE

***** NBC NEWS: Bad Decisions, Broken Promises: A Timeline of Flint Water Crisis ... (newsread/ video)

***** WASHINGTON POST/ NATION: Michigan authorities debated responsibility for Flint water crisis, emails show ... (newsread/ video)

In Flint, public trust poisoned by toxic drinking water crisis ... Thanx to PBS NEWSHOUR






(Bear with Me) Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

As some politicians line up in recent dayz to make their apologies and showcase themselves for the 2016 elections on media sources across the country, many Flint residents are getting past due water bills and penalty notices, to pay up for the poisoned water they get ... after all this and previous water bill increases ... water that even General Motors Corporation said causes damage to their car parts, you can imagine what it does in human consumption. The Michigan House Committee in Lansing just yesterday approved a $28 million bill to go to help the folks in Flint (Detroit News) ... makes alot of sense eh? ... I have to wonder, what in Hell are ya'll even getting a paycheck for? You spend a couple years sweeping this to the side and in political bitch fights playing a blame game ... you save a few million bucks, and now have to rush through a bill for more than 5x times what you thought you were saving ... and in the process now ... you have loads of children who will need medical atencion for years to come, some folks may even die as a result of your actions, you have a fucked up water system, you are facing a long list of lawsuits, your political hang- ups and incompetence is being exposed like a broken record 24/ 7 across America and other countries, and now you look more incompetent trying to explain how sorry you are and what happened, making up excuses and such. Some of these folks that so called serve the public/ community interests, just go into politics to make a bundle of money and benefits without doing much of nothing, the same as many who just become corporate/ banking lobbyist's after their political job. The positive to this is to alert people to see just how worthless some of these folks are who make these decisions and run things for us, and what needs to be done ... many of which couldnt even change the oil on your car without fucking that up.

Right now all we hear about is the emergency efforts, the costs that will come, how many children and adults are contaminated and the illness to come, who is to blame, etc. For me in these cases, whether it's this one or a number of others across the country, these class action lawsuits are NOT good enough, or paying out more money, which is mainly from our taxes to repair all the damage that these folks do to everything from the economy, our properties and businesses, to the environment, to the lives of people. Obviously all we been doing ... from these BP oil spill settlements to fines/ fees/ penalties on alike ingrates of the same mentality ... dont seem to work, as a matter of fact it is getting worse than ever in our history. It's time to start to bring criminal indictments against these folks ... I mean ... they're obviously not going to do the acceptable thing and step down/ resign, they're not going to give up their paychecks and long list of benefits, they're going to continue to get political support from both these 2 political establishment parties and big money, and all going to get a good nights sleep in their protected environments, etc. Right now as we have it, there is no incentive for them to run a tighter ship and do a more efficient job, like Wall Street, they will continue on until we take a different approach to dealing with them.

There are hundreds of legal wayz to define what criminal negligence is and reckless behaviour that leads to permanent disabilities, to the death of folks even. When these people played these political blame games and neglected to do what needs to be done and their jobs that they are paid to do ... they have knowingly and intentionally put these folks of Flint in harms way, they knew what was happening, and even there is email confirmation of it, and I'm sure you could round up dozens of individual depositions and testimony, not just to get a criminal indictment ... but a criminal conviction, I would bet my Dallas Cowboys shorts that you could find enough law to make a solid case. But this is what we need to start to do since all else is failing and we have the tools and laws necessary to do it. Until we start to take real action against these folks, it will continue to get worse ... yes ... that means trying even politicians and those who are in with them on these types of incidents. That's not to say that we shouldnt get monetary compensation ... we should get both, including their personal assets and wealth should be on the table. But making some of these people serve prison time is a plus ... I guarantee you that incarceration will get their atencion in a different way. Anyone else besides a politician or a CEO in this country would have to pay more than just a fine for this, which is a criminal offense, and would have to do some time, and NOT in some playground type federal facility ... I would have them do the time that everyone else has to do, in state facilities, and not private cells or special accommodations ... and given the usual restrictions, chores and labour duties as any other inmate.

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