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MALCOLM X / BLACK HISTORY 2016: "THE BALLOT OR THE BULLET" 1964 Speech ... How the Afro- American Struggle & Fight became the American Struggle & Fight ... The "ELECTION YEAR" Edition ... (BLACK HISTORY MONTH/ HARMON LOFT PT.10)

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This posting to serve as Part 10 of the "Black History Month" series of this journal/ blog, and to highlight what Malcolm X had to say a half century ago and how it applies to the current condition now. This series is also dedicated to Harmon Loft is why his name is in, and will continue to be in the posting title and series ... Harmon is who inspired this series without me or him even realizing it over 4 decades ago, and he died over 3 decades ago. "Black History Month" or "African American History Month" is not until next week/ February, but I was going to post this early. The reason I chose the "Ballot or the Bullet" speech of Malcolm X which he gave in the 1964 election year, is because right now during this 2016 election year ... we will be getting fed more bullshit and fear talk to intoxicate our brains than you can consume in a lifetime, because of all the political corruption to campaign financing to the airwaves of corporate controlled media and the rest, Malcolm X get's straight to the point without the politically correct garbage, and as Malcolm sayz ... "leave your religion at home in the closet" when listening to this, because these institutionalized religions and politics, can keep us at each others throat's. It should be of question and surprise to not only Black American's, but any American, why ... we are still struggling and having to fight for basic rights a half century after the Civil Rights Movement? These struggles and fight's that I even point out all throughout this journal and related series, alwayz pop up every few decades or so, this is why you can never stop being on the defense ... whether it was during the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement era, or now with the newest wave of what Malcolm X call's "the man" ... in todayz form of corporate communism and the current oppression, and can be found since the start of this country's history and even human history.


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***** PD/ RCJ: BALTIMORE RESISTANCE 2015: "Ingredients for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE" ... DON'T Blame the KIDZ ... YOU Groomed Them ... The "Groomed & Doomed" Edition ... (THINKING OF THE KID'S? PT.4) ... a related posting I wanted to add on the condition "now" ... a half century after the Civil Rights Movement for many of Black American kidz. You have to wonder, with all the work that's been done and so called progress in our so called new liberated society/ democracy ... why is it like this? ... and who is mainly responsible?


This speech that Malcolm gave directed to Black American's, can these dayz apply to every American. No matter what race, religion, political party, gender, poor to middle class, labourer, professional, small to medium size business person you are ... your rights and level of freedom in this so called democracy are NOT going forward, but backwards, our economy which is also importante to the black community and every other community is being ripped to shreds by the same bunch that has taken too much control over our politics once again. Listen closely to Malcolm here, and if you're not African American, whatever background you are, you can apply these words to what should be one of our priority goal's in these times, to take control of our communities and country. One of the goal's we need to consider, is to put ourselves first and be self sufficient without the master of corporate communism that dictates our economies and lives today ... and create our own sort of nationalism for our country as a whole, at least trying to improve ourselves and putting people to lead in place that have OUR best interest's in heart, instead of a large portion of the lame ass types we currently have ... who only jump to Wall Street without consideration for our own domestic needs. What Malcolm X points out of most importance is to question and strengthen yourself and to take charge of our lives and communities, instead of expecting some of the wealth that has robbed us to do anything for us.

"You are born with rights by nature", what I mean by this, is not the natural order of the universe or some supernatural law granting us "rights" ... but that we naturally have the ability to pick, choose, reason, find and shape our individual abilities, and utilize our natural will to raise ourselves mentally out of whatever culture, religion, or political state we get drawn into ... then you utilize leadership and teamwork to combat those who are against our goals, interests, and obstruct our progress. As far as legal man made rights, in America there is a Constitution/ Bill of Rights that should apply to everyone, most rights that we ask for shouldnt even be an issue ... our problemo is "asking" ... you demand your rights and use whatever force and means necessary to accomplish that and sustain and expand what liberties we have. Malcolm X had an unconventional childhood and knew the streets too, which had some influence on his methods too ... just as any street kid knows you dont give your lunch money to a school bully, or if you're in jail, you dont give your dessert away at the request of a bully, you will lose everything you have including your dignity ... and you cant expect respect, fairness, equality or a damn thing from these parasites and some of their cowardly political puppetry, when you constantly kiss the asses of those who oppress and rob you, period. But enough from me and on to Malcolm's speech ... and Thank You Sir for inspiring and enlightening so many young minds of the 20th century and continue to in this 21st century.

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Malcolm X- The Ballot or the Bullet- April 4, 1964 ... Thanx to Donnie Mossberg




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