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Mass Incarceration: Can Hillary Clinton Undo Bill's Legacy On Crime? ... Thanx to AJ+


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

This posting to serve 3 series of this journal ... "Incarcerated American", "Hillary Clinton", and a new series called "Michelle Alexander" ... and much credit to Michelle for the piece she wrote in "The Nation" concerning the Clinton's, Bernie Sanders and the entire establishment of the Democratic Party, a party that even Sanders must embrace as an independent, just to be a serious Presidential contender. You can bank on it, that we are also in a political transition period, where the new generations like my/ our children and grandchildren are going to bury this outdated lesser of 2 evils political duopoly rubbish. There can never be enough posted online about these issues, because they are quickly dismissed by a few words by much of the mainstream media and both political parties that dominate. The media this morning is heavily saturated with this New Hampshire Primary, so much I had to turn off my tele news when I woke this morning. I can clearly understand how Michelle Alexander feels when she is in shock today on how the African American communities can give so much support to the Clinton's, but ... we forget every damn thing too quick in America ... we already forgot even all the promises made by President Obama when he first came to office in only 7 years, only because we are told to and given a new concern or challenge to deal with by media and politics, so we get turned on and off like a light switch basically or wind up dolls. This posting is about this so called "crackdown" or "toughness" on serious violent crime as well, cracking down on serious crime is one thing, but pushing laws/ legislation that are targeting innocent people based on race, quality of life, income level or related is another, while your friends make billions in profits from the incarceration of them, and milk the tax payers more to pay for it. At the same time, they're pushing laws through so that their wealthy friends/ donors can get away with crime and rob/ jack anyone they want with no punishment when they're caught ... then they come around a couple decades later and say they made a mistake, only after people throw in their faces of the reality created and ignored for years. If this was their friends or children being victimized in their upper class communities they would be outraged. The people of this country should push to make "3 strikes out" laws for politicians as well, instead of just supporting these ingrates for decades while pampering and forgiving them.

My issues with Hillary Clinton have mainly been because how she changes face on so much, I mean ... I cant really tell what she is for or against, because of how she changes up from one speech to another, so it's difficult for me to believe in anything she sayz. But I also have many questions as you can see in the other 2 parts of her in this series on her ties to Wall Street, defense companies, private prison industry and her obligations to many who dont serve the best interests of our people. I mean ... when you have billionaires and large international corporations/ banks just flooding you with millions of dollars, you must wonder why, eh? ... do they NOT expect a favour in return?, does NOT the person receiving the financial generosity feel an obligation to them of some degree? Hillary sayz she wants to crack down on them who give her all this money ... perhaps they're masochists and gluttons for punishment, eh? On the other hand with her husband President Bill Clinton, it's different, because I have had issues with policies that he pushed and signed looking back at his Presidency, whether it's on this and the new mass prison population, with the "3 strikes out laws" that he pounded and signed simply because he wanted to show he can be tougher than Republicans on crime ... yes ... a type of political ego thing actually, or trade deals like NAFTA, or the repeal of "Glass- Steagall" ... a "mass incarceration system", that has made billions off of incarcerating people for no good reason of the tax payers money, etc ... so I have different views/ opinions on Hillary and her husband. When I look at Bill Clinton these dayz, I see him only as an extension of his predecessor President George H.W. Bush. President Bill Clinton now apologizes for the bill he pushed through over 2 decades ago, admitting that it caused so many problems for people and communities across the nation, and the majority being non- whites, a bill that even Bernie Sanders voted in favour of it with many other Democrats and Republicans, but Bernie also asked for it to be trashed and rewritten at the time (video of Bernie Sanders 1994 on the floor of the House warning Congress of what this crime bill as written could do to communities across America, and Hillary's response to it 1996), which Clinton or others wouldnt change/ revise, and Hillary Clinton supported it 110% as is, even though she did not have any official input in it.

Hillary in recent months cut off her money and ties from the private prison industry after being questioned or exposed you can say ... which is also a plus, yet, not much loss to her money- wise due to the millions that is fed into her from other corporate/ banking sources. Today, Secretary Hillary Clinton in her Presidential campaign is now talking about all the wrong, corruption, income inequality or whatever else that Senator Bernie Sanders been pushing, she is on a type of mission she sayz to finally bring "justice for all" or whatever, even to kill the bills of her husband Bill, and all she has a lengthy record of supporting. The thing is ... if it was not for Bernie Sanders bringing many concerns up, or folks like Black Lives Matter demanding answers to the systemic racism and unfair and unjustified violence from law enforcement towards many black Americans, or people like Michelle Alexander, civil rights activists and a list of others ... not a damn word about any of this would be in any spotlight during this 2016 elections, nor would have Bill Clinton made a public apology. Both of the mainstream establishment of the 2 political parties dont even want this to come up ... mainstream media has their hands tied on certain issues that they only are allowed to cover in depth if it is okayed by their corporate ownership, alot of great journalists in MSM, and great coverage ... but on what they are allowed to cover unfortunately only. Thousands upon thousands of lives in just a generation have been damaged and even destroyed for life, many have even been killed in their communities by militarized police units, and for no justifiable reason all because of the "actions" of folks like President Bill Clinton and other politicians. Millions of people and mostly of colour have criminal records for life, that were never even real criminals. Despite supposed intentions that the 3 strikes out laws being for only violent repeat offenders, it trickled down to everybody, even for offenses as petty marijuana joint possession or cocaine "residue" only (without actual quantity), to urinating in public or whatever else in many states across the country. Thousands of a majority of single black mothers being incarcerated for petty violations and taken from their children and families, millions are not able to get a job because of this, or when they do get a job, to have to work for below average wages and benefits, while being subject to many violations against them, with fines and penalties escalating to warrants on simply citations for even traffic violations and jail/ prison sentences.

Hillary Clinton's mission to reverse all the damage that has been done and recent acknowledgement of just how contaminated, unfair and corrupt the system is ... and one that she and her husband helped create is a great mission, and a couple decades past due. My question is, how sincere is she about it? ... or can it be done without her going against the same mega entities that she is so in debt to and in bed with? ... I mean ... while she sayz "yes we can" ... on another note, when Bernie Sanders brings up how we must make changes to give the people of this nation what is rightfully theirs ... she sayz "no we cant", or it's too radical, along with her husband, daughter and establishment Democrats ... I mean ... which is it, eh?, can we or cant we? I could be wrong about Hillary Clinton, maybe she would be one of the greatest leaders of all time, she certainly has the experience, qualifications, connections and support to get action in the House and Senate ... and maybe she has made a complete turn around like someone "born again" or whatever and devoted to cleaning up this system (yes, people can change, especially with good advisors and inspiration around them) ... but I clearly have reason to question her ... and so should many others. Of course as far as Presidential choices though in mainstream politics of these 2 sides, I would rather have her as President than any of the Republican candidates ... but still, what kind of REAL change or choice is even that? The politics in this nation that are fed to us, are more like "penal politics" ... a sort of punishment politics more than anything else, so saturated with bullshit, and doing the same thing over and over with the same people headlining the shows, reinventing themselves every 4 years or less for decade after decade, I'm 60 years old and been voting for 40 years, so I seen it first hand. Below I linked some read and video from "Democracy Now" and "The Stranger", with the activist/ author Michelle Alexander piece in "The Nation", Darnell Moore of "Black Lives Matter", former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin and former NAACP President Benjamin Jealous ... Word Out ....



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Death- Politicians In My Eyes ... Thanx to ELVILLE **** a song/ video here from "Death" that was recorded in 1974 ... an African American punk rock band that formed in the early 1970's Detroit, and still around, they were a bit ahead of their time, as well as probably one of the first punk bands in the world considering when they formed ... a great sounding crew and piece I wanted to add, the lyrics HERE ... which are fitting for the posting too. This will also be included in the RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY



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Silverfiddle said...

Ranch Chimp! I stumbled across a link to your blog and decided to stop by. Glad to see you're still keeping it very very real.

We don't agree on much politically, but I admire you as an open and honest liberal. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt old warmonger. She makes Dick Cheney green with envy.

You won't agree with all of this, but any vote for anyone other than Trump or Sanders is a vote for the Status Quo. They are the right and left fists to the corrupt DC Establishment.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Silverfiddle ... been awhile ... yep, of course I remember you. Uhhh ... liberal (me)? ... well, I guess I am liberal on certain things, even more than some liberals on some issues ... however ... I sure as Hell am a tad more fiscally conservative than conservatives as well. I would bet on it that we can SAVE much, much money on our out of control spending, even on things like defense and run a much tighter ship! Understand guy ... that even though say food stamps are considered as a waste in spending by most conservatives ... I look at it as economically stimulating to OUR economy, I know those recipients are going to spend that money one way or another in our local economies. On the other hand, when we subsidize CEO pay, bailout of risky behaviour and non- responsible people that have more money than they deserve ... and no, I dont look at Trump as "great" anything, a man who inherited much, took every tax shelter he can grab and been bailed out one way or another for even mistakes he made, etc, that is not great, elite or any other pop culture label, our pampering and ass- kissing of the Saudi's and their regional bitch fights, over- priced contracting of defense contractors and over spending period ... is NOT conservative spending, but dumb and reckless spending. Keep giving these bastards a free ride they will milk you more than millions of welfare recipients could ever, and keep all their freebies offshore and in foreign markets, so you can say I'm more of a nationalist. And Yes, I believe that health insurance companies should have competition, and a partial starter public option and medicare offer to our people is a great start and a way to break up those corporate entities that are too big and too weak without our legislation and babysitting, that charges way too much anywayz.

No, I dont generally wear the badge of a liberal though, I even though I have been a straight voting Democrat, I try to distance myself to a degree from the politipop culture of the establishment of these parties. As far as Hillary Clinton, she like many others are caught in a web that has molded them into what they are and forgot their country and where they came from, I dont look at her as evil or whatever, like some do, I think she tries to be helpful and admire some things about her as well, but I am concerned with people like her and what they are committed to, and who they owe. President Obama the same thing, I voted for him as promised for 2 terms, and think he done a damn good job considering the obstacles and issues he had coming in, but I also think he has some weak areas, and think being bipartisan was great, but he has been shown no respect whatsoever by his opponents, and the bipartisan olive branches should stop right there.

Yes, I support Sanders, and never think that things cant be done, especially without even trying ... Thanx for stopping by Silverfiddle, talk to ya later guy ....

Silverfiddle said...

Apologies for labeling you. I guess I should have said "Democrat" instead of liberal. There is a difference.

I can's argue with much in the first paragraph of your first paragraph. Corporate welfare is a much bigger problem.

Glad to see you're still kickin'

Ranch Chimp said...

No, my apologies Silverfiddle, I didnt mean to sound as if I was offended by what you said or labeling, nothing against what you said at all ... I am liberal Sir ... but REAL liberal, not this candy- ass liberalism we have in America. In America, liberal's get almost as shook up over the most petty things like those on the right, they get all bent over shape over prostitution, which I feel should be legal and those women that choose that profession should have protections, they are wishy- washy about marijuana, I'm for legalization period, not half assed legalization of pot (no, I dont smoke pot either). To me, being pro- 2nd amendment is being liberated and common sense on self defense, some liberals blame guns for everything instead of those using them and committing these foul acts with them. Some liberals are actually offended that currency may say "In God We Trust" on it, they get offended, anyone who is offended by their dollars can send them to me! When some liberals see a Christian nativity scene ... of STATUES & DOLLS, they get offended ... no I shit you not ... they let Barbie Dolls even offend them, as well as even conservatives and feminists.

On the right hand side of American conservatism, they get so bent out of shape over similar petty things, and todayz conservatives are a distant from folks like Dwight Eisenhower, or Teddy Roosevelt, cloaked in institutionalized religious cultism, that hasnt even anything to do with any concept of God or spirituality whatsoever. They actually reject science and evolution ... now, imagine that ... they claim they believe that a God created our planet and universe, then they actually deny the creation process they say they believe in, when science tells/ explains of the evolution process that has been taking place and the expansion of life since the beginning of the universe. Todayz conservatives want to sell off every damn thing this country has to the highest multinational investor, for peanuts of it's actually worth, they are for rejecting the liberties of our Constitution/ Bill of Rights. They say they are against big government, I have had conservatives personally tell me here in Texas that they are against socialism, yet they are first in line to get their social security checks, use the freewayz instead of privatized tollways and take their children to the public parks, libraries and schools ... I coulsd go on and on Silverfiddle. So you can see, how it is very difficult for me to identify with these mass political and religious cults and label myself as such. Thanx again for your input here Guy ....