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Curtis Ellis

This posting will be to look at the efforts and work put forth by Curtis Ellis on enlightening American's on these toxic trade deals. I also wanted to include Curtis in the "Public Patriots" series of this journal because of his work ... he is mostly handling the conservative arena of American's, being that he is a conservative, although what he addresses is importante for ALL American's to know and question, Curtis is with Obamatrade and American Jobs Alliance. This posting is for the "Trans- Pacific Partnership" series of this journal as well, this series title will change now to the "American Trade" series, since it will cover various postings related to trade, not only TPP. Part of the title of this posting as far as "liberalism vs. stupidity" and "toxic trade" was inspired by Thom Hartmann, and I recommend his YouTube channel as well for quick non mainstream news briefs, of course with somewhat of a progressive liberal slant. Thom invites Curtis to frequent his channel for discussions too, which is how I found out about Curtis roughly a year ago. Below is video and links with Curtis and others, importante enough to take a look at, the first video from the Thom Hartmann show is an example as well of what many Americans have been facing as far as their jobs and production plants being shut down and moved to other countries. Incredibly at the same time, these huge companies like Carrier/ United Technologies ... I'm sure get plenty of government contracts as well, from our taxes and business along with other treats, and of course are booming in profits, this shows their appreciation and willingness to let their good fortune, which largely our people/ customers and government helped build, trickle down into the economy. This should also be reason enough for any American who has issues with this, to avoid any business possible with Carrier, whether you're a homeowner or small business ready to start up on choosing your HVAC needs, there are plenty of competitors out there price and quality wise to choose, and at the same time you're doing your country a favour ... remember, supply meets demand as well. Boycotting products/ business to signing petitions and pressuring our political representation is very importante too. It's also importante to know where a U.S.Supreme Court nominee stands on these issues of trade, campaign finance, Wall Street and the economy, not just social issues, when one gets nominated.

**** update 02/ 19/ 2016: Trump said last night the 18th in a CNN Town Hall, he will NOT do business with Carrier anymore, credit to him on that ... I would hope that he is sincere in that statement and sticks to it, due to the large amount of business he's done with them ... you could bet your ass, I would do the same if I was in Trump's position. Nothing against Mexico, but to send a message to these mega companies due to the times and condition.

Watch Workers' Outrage At Jobs Being Shipped Overseas ... Thanx to THOM HARTMANN

***** FOX59 NEWS/ INDIANAPOLIS: Union: Carrier said they will pay Mexican Workers $6 an hour (newsread/ video) **** this company has also received over $5 million in Federal stimulus, as well as a tax free ride and other continuous incentives from Indiana of tax payer dollars. The move is NOT to be competitive or for quality, or related bullshit ... bottom line is, it is to pay workers in Mexico a fraction of U.S. wages without the benefits, instead of paying folks in Indiana $20 dollars an hour and benefits. You can also bank on it, that their prices for products and services WILL NOT go down either, if anything they will probably go up.

TPP & China- Curtis Ellis ... Thanx to AMERICAN JOBS ALLIANCE

***** OBAMATRADE.COM ... this website has various pieces of read and video that are well worth the read and listen

***** WWW.AMERICANJOBSALLIANCE.COM ... more healthy food for thought with various pieces from this independent, non- partisan, non- profit group





Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

What also inspires these postings is from those I've talked to here in Texas that I heard stories from ... related to their jobs/ careers, some students that have went to trade schools and borrowed money to do such, with lousy results when they went with their new trades into the workforce as far as wages, others with small businesses and finding themselves being squeezed, etc, and so many folks that know that there is some kind of problemo, but not exactly sure what is going on (?), and dont really have much time to spend researching these trade deals or whatever, the mainstream news doesnt cover much of this, and of course, you know why. Some people today dont get laid off/ dismissed from their company with notice, yet every company wants advance notice if you quit to go elsewhere, to have adequate time to adjust to your move ... today, they may just lock the doors to employees one morning and/ or send you an email. This morning for instance in mainstream media, the BIGGEST story was endless talk about little bitch fights between folks like Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, I'm not joking either, they actually have group panels set up on CNN for instance discussing petty fights between their families (he said/ she said related talk), even trying to analyze why Trump may seem hostile in language and use swear words, and are they acceptable to people in whatever state?, personally I dont give a shit what kind of language a candidate uses as long as they're straight to the point. But also speaking of politics/ elections this year, I dont really favour "Donald the Great" (Trump), but I will credit him here for at least speaking out about this trade as a front runner in the GOP. I have listened to him closely on trade and spending, and have some agreement with him and his views, for example ... instead of these large corporate designed trade deals, to slow down a tad, think, and try randomly picking and choosing individual countries to try to talk trade relations with. I think that Bernie Sanders as well is sincere about bucking this trade, as far as Hillary Clinton though, I have more reason than Trump to have reservations on her sincerity, even though she recently sayz she questions it ... which is great, but that is not good enough, this is another issue of many she has flip- flopped on, and her track record shows me that she will say any damn thing to get a vote while on camera.

Curtis also points out how these trade deals of this type been going on for decades, much longer than what some progressives even talk about as far as all this just popping up after President Ronald Reagan and "Reaganomics", and I believe this is the case, I also believe that President Obama was somewhat coached into this. For example, when former Presidents meet with a new President, such as when the former 2 Bush President's and Bill Clinton went to visit Obama for a private talk after Obama moves into the Oval Office over tea or whatever, they are not discussing things like women's, minorities, LGBT rights or humanitarian goals in Afghanistan, but coaching the "new" President and wanting somewhat of a reassurance that the new President will try best to sustain previous ongoing efforts such as these trade deals and large defense spending and foreign military occupation. The largest special interests with wealth, dont care about things like human rights, or sexual preference/ identity, race, class, labour rights or fair pay, or freeing women and gays from oppression in some place like Afghanistan and related issues that we are fighting for ... they care only about creating a reality and environment for the globe that they see fit. This is why it is also importante for us to be more politically diversified when challenging things like trade issues and align ourselves with those on these issues that are speaking in behalf our OUR interests, and to downgrade and dissolve these political dynasties such as the "Bush- Clinton Dynasty"/ Bush- Clinton Forever fantasies (a hilarious link, but to take serious as well, because America has enough saps to support shit like this on both sides), which is our stupidity and not liberalism, conservative or independent. Your largest special interests of wealth have to consolidate, merge, and buy out a good percentage of the lesser competition to preserve their stronghold only ... I mean, they all know that they are no longer needed in the 21st century as they were in the 20th century for example ... I mean, they are "realists", and we need to be as well, they know that only their wealth is keeping them from being devoured by our jaws, nothing else, because they have nothing to offer, or are even decent challengers in competition ... I mean, without their wealth, many are just basically good only as fertilizer or feed the way I view them.

The largest entities of wealth and their corporate/ banking monopoly affiliates/ flunkies (political and private), know that the globe has many problems, many problems we ourselves are going to have to deal with, whether it's immigration, food supply, global warming, population increases, medicine/ healthcare, energy needs and on. They also know that we are going to grow more globally closer and dependent on each other to a degree, all they are doing is trying to rush it, to get head start on their endeavors to working sooner since they are alwayz 2 steps ahead of us in planning and have a stronger edge to run the show is all. They feel that they are the most qualified to solve the issues over any governments ... and who knows business better than them? Their vision and reality they want to create is to eventually have a cease to all war/ conflict ... although they use war and conflict to clear out what they dont want in the meantime, and to be able to supply all the needs of those in the upper level who service them and make the world economies work, and at the same time to have better control/ track of everyone ... to make a standard average worker pay scale across the globe, with standard global cost and quality of living for the masses of the lower level as a whole ... I guess in an odd way, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... they are for EQUAL PAY in that respect. They envision a type of Utopia combined with a Puritan society type control over it, with better control of the population and better control over everything, of course to their advantage. But even if you're a low end millionaire to moderate middle class and think that this is freedom, free market, true capitalism or robust and healthy global trade, you need to re- evaluate your thinking, no doubt we all have the same challenges, but there are more than one way to deal with issues, this is more enslavement than freedom and less healthy for good flow of business or capitalism. It is most importante for us in America and other countries in this time, to look out for our own countries, environments and economies, to strengthen our own domestic economies, infrastructure and production, to take more charge of our goals and creating a reality that best suits us, and to spend less time worrying about trying to raise wages for those in some place like Vietnam, Afghanistan or wherever, and focus more on our decline and those lowering our standards of living and expectations, with less concern to appease a bunch that dont give a shit about us any way you slice it, but only to take anything from us ... that were stupid enough to give them.

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