Monday, February 22, 2016

ELIZA A. WEBB/ TRUTHOUT- "Why Our Government Isn't Listening: How Greed Is at the Root of US Suffering" ... The "CONGRESSIONAL INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION" Edition ... (POLITICAL CORRUPTION & ETHICS PT.9)

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Part 9 of the "Political Corruption & Ethics" series will be a piece wrote by Eliza A. Webb for "Truthout News", this was such a well done piece that I had to include it in this series, and importante that pieces like this continue to be spread around the internet, and Thank You to Eliza! Although when you read this, we are so desensitized to just how corrupt this country and system is, this will not surprise you. Right now we have elections going on and politicians are so desperate, they are lying so much and fast and breaking their previous records for such, that they cant even remember what they were for or against, or what is true or false even, looking like wide open fools in the eyes of a growing amount of Americans in their debates. They are so desperate to keep the establishment and status quo of these 2 parties going, because they see how more and more Americans by the day are getting fed up with it. They are even running out of lies to tell you, they have already tried just about everything there is, so they are alwayz trying to revive their old policies and repackage it, but it's the same old rubbish over and over people are seeing. The establishment Democrat and Republicans no doubt still control the majority, but they have been steadily losing ground, I started this journal sometime in 2008, and since that time, I am not surprised but impressed, on how vast the opposition has become. Thanx to so many independent groups and media this has been really an "Awakening" period of anger, education, retaliation and political reconstruction, which is why I started the "Awakening" series, because many small groups when first coming out like the "Occupy Movement" were laughed at ... that is why I was pointing out how their mission will grow and inspire the new splinters that will come and multiply. Today we see how even the 2 parties are divided almost evenly on both sides ... and it is growing. Thanx also to Senator Bernie Sanders, who was also laughed at ... for starting his "political revolution" movement, which will also continue to grow, especially if he is not the Democratic nominee, the younger generation is really going to embrace and expand on what he started, trust me, and he will be inspiring still long after these elections, just look when he went in to run for President several months ago what his poll numbers were, and going up against such a political power house of wealth and corporate, banking, media and establishment party backing as Clinton, and look at his poll and support numbers now! Enough from me, and on to Eliza Webb below ... Word Out ....

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