Wednesday, February 24, 2016

AMERICAN VOTE 2016: How SOLID & SECURE is the Vote? ... From Electronic Voting to Finger Counting to a Coin Toss ... The GOP Dream Come True to REDUCE VOTER FRAUD ... The "Paper or Plastic?" Edition ... (AMERICA'S VOTE BOAT PT.4)


Part 4 of the "America's Vote Boat" series will be to look at voting in America today and how votes are counted/ collected. Some of below may seem funny, but it should also be questioned like anything else of importance ... I mean, when we vote in these folks, it is a serious issue, especially with how this country has been on a decline with so many domestic issues we are up against. The GOP (Republicans) are alwayz saying that they are out to reduce voter fraud and make everything more straight and secure ... so this is something they especially should look into, especially Texas Republicans, being so patriotic and having so much "love" for their country and state, etc ... I mean ... isnt this what ya'll want? I have voted for 40 years like clockwork, probably for at least the last couple decades I been using these electronic voting machines, and I alwayz walk away from the booth wondering how do I know my vote went through and is it counted, or even correctly? I push a button or touch screen, it lights up and sayz my vote was counted/ cast, I have no way of finding out if it did though. When I asked folks working at the voting polls about verification or security, they tell me that those corporations who have the contracts for the voting machines, take care of everything ... wow!! ... I feel so relieved!, eh? (just kidding) ... boy oh boy ... nothing like putting my faith and trust in them!, in America it dont get any better eh? ... BUT IT SHOULD! Many voters dont even know much about the voting in this country or the companies involved for that matter, a buddy of mine who is a registered voter asked me a couple weeks ago if I could explain delegates and super-delegates to him, the 2 parties have some differences, as for myself, I like "1- vote" from each voter person instead ... a neighbour asked me yesterday who voted early (yes, we have early voting in Texas), if there is a way to tell if her vote actually counted? ... many folks have many questions. I wish it was like in the market when you're "asked" if you want paper or plastic bags for your groceries ... I prefer paper please, and many voters would also choose some verification and a tighter secured and solid method of voting.

The voting system to me in this country, like too much else ... is way too complex, and history shows when we make things too complicated, it widens the chance for errors. I like to make things more straight and simple, we know people dont have the damn time to spend hours researching this shit, anymore than we have hours to spend online shopping state to state for health insurance coverage that dont screw us. Some ideas that I have heard of are a start to get on the road, instead of just talk out of political mouth pieces. I'm first of all for at least a mandatory VVPAT (voter verified paper audit trail) for ALL states ... you know ... since we call ourselves "united states", people like to know and even have a paper receipt if anything of their vote. Making voter registration easier, perhaps to automatically register everyone who turns 18 to vote, or who go to get a drivers license/ or state, county official ID card. Figuring out a way to maybe even bring back the paper ballot in all states if that's what it takes to secure our voting and eliminating fraud chances even more ... although some politicians will say "it cant be done" or "we should be grateful with what we have". Dont tell us what the Hell we should be satisfied with or some sap- headed garbage like how grateful we should be ... as far as I'm concerned, ya'll can kiss Wall Street's ass all you want in your own time, but as long as you're getting a bloody damn paycheck from us with life long benefits, pensions and protections ... YOU WORK FOR US! Making a national voting holiday, so that everyone can be more patriotic, since that is what ya'll preach you like to see ... and enable all people who choose, to have the day off of work and focus their thoughts on who they want to see in whatever office. Making early voting easy and expanded all across the country, for those in positions/ careers such as law enforcement, medical emergency providers, etc, who cant devote a certain 24 hour period to the national day, are able to have time with less stress to be able to get their vote in, otherwise as far as OUR vote, will be simply more of this. As far as my thoughts otherwise on voting in America, I point out in parts 3, 2, &1 of this series. Below some video and read ... Word Out ....

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