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TPP deal sparks protests, central Auckland shutdown in New Zealand ... Thanx to RT

'Steel workers, unions are going to work to fight against TPP'- labor leader ... Thanx to RT AMERICA


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (Pickering)

The reason for this posting, is just to have another posting online of this, every posting on every website possible is a plus. But what inspired this also, is yesterday morning I was trying to catch some of this in the mainstream medias since I knew it was going down yesterday, I flipped through several channels on the tele, while doing some work around the house trying to catch at least a bit of news on it ... NONE whatsoever. I know they try to keep this stuff on the low, but I didnt expect a complete blackout of it, this is one of what would be considered of the most historic and largest trade deals that this country ever made, this is President Obama's prize trade package, like NAFTA was for President Bill Clinton, etc ... so I was surprised that even a sliver of this wouldnt be covered. Mainstream media unfortunately has their hands tied to an extent on what they can cover, but yesterday when this trade signing was going down, CNN was covering President Obama ... but of him actually preaching, giving a bible sermon or whatever on love and Jesus for some breakfast prayer, after that they actually had some discussion panel analysis on why Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are not friends anymore (no, I'm NOT joking), then a whole programme on being afraid of mosquito bites and Zika Virus ... not one word on any major network of one of the largest trade deals historically. While this huge trade package deal was being signed, protestors were raising Hell and shutting down central Auckland, not even a word of coverage about that, without going online to places like RT News, Democracy Now or other online media sources. I myself have talked to many people here in Dallas- Fort Worth over the last few years that had no idea that this was going down, who I recommended various sites to visit if they want to find out more, many even came back to me, some with negative harsh attitudes about it, when they found out and researched on their own about this trade package. This is one that upsets folks of both political sides from lower working classes to middle and upper middle classes of people I soon found out, for various reasons though, depending on who I realized, talking to small business owners, people with good careers, professionals, to folks in the service industry ... many dont like it, and you can bet many will resist it. I dont look at this as an upgrade to trade, but a downgrade.

Now, in all fairness ... this is a sweet and sour trade package, and many like the President who is trying to push this are simply selling the sweet parts to it ... yes ... it would open up a whole new economy of sort, and yes ... it would toss out thousands of tariffs, taxes on goods and services, and have more access for even smaller American businesses to trade more freely and have a wider customer/ consumer base. We worry about American manufacturing jobs of course, especially since we lost so much after NAFTA which is understandable, but also realize that those who are pushing this, dont worry about the middle class America that much, because they know that we are in a transition period, and there are still going to be a strong middle class of consumers ... maybe not good paying factory or auto assembly jobs, but those with careers and degrees into things like financial management, computers, IT's, engineering such as software, marketing promotions and advertising, healthcare and medicine, etc ... basically they like the President pushing this, are looking at the NEW middle class and opportunities that will grow more in America and other countries. They are looking at things like the $100/ $130 billion annual growth in GDP, boosting trade, more universal labour protection standards, and even having some leverage with China, some fear of currency manipulation if we dont. But I disagree with the President as well when he tell's us, that if we dont write the rules on trade, China will ... because it dont have to be that way, and that is one of his weaknesses of throwing the towel in too soon on similar economic issues, we made China's huge middle class and halfway built it to what it is today ... they need us as well, eh? In fact, China as it is already, as well as these multi national corporations and banks, have more input as far as our trade with China or others, and have for awhile. China also has more leverage with these multi national corporations since the government of China has ownership in at least 4/ 5th's of all Chinese business, something we dont have since much of our politics is owned by Wall Street these dayz. And frankly China has been a little wiser than us economically in some areas the way I see it. I also disagree with the President when he sayz we need to be the world leaders ... why? ... leading makes us responsible for things that dont even serve our own interests and costs us every time more than we need to spend, and basically our leadership role has been nothing more than being flunkies for Wall Street and folks like the Saudi's.

The sour parts to this are what those pushing it dont want to talk about, which is a huge serious issue, because this is not going to make us all one big happy global familia, and any true globalization has to be in the hearts of the people that inhabit this arena/ globe ... you cant do that any more than you can make Palestinian's and Israelis love each other, because their leaders sit down over drinx and dinner and get along. We will naturally evolve and globalize also without being influenced by special interests to do so, those multi national corporations who draft all this legislation and trade deals are JUST THAT ... "multi- national" only, meaning they ARE NOT married to a country/ nation, or could care less about our petty concerns, social issues, bitch fights, our rights, etc, etc ... they are doing what they are supposed to do ... selling an idea/ product, and make as much profit possible, nothing else. It is OUR responsibility to look out for our interests, just as those multi- nationals look out for themselves and interest's ... and they are selling a lousy deal and product to us, there is NOT enough sweets or incentives, and it's way unbalanced ... plain and simple ... we NEED to do some "writing" of our own, and candy ass politicians/ representation wont cut the mustard. One of the biggest problems to this especially is this so called international arbitration procedure of this Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) crap ... we dont need any damn corporate panels to override our countries on what is best for our environment, products, agriculture, rights, etc ... we all have courts of our own, thank you. Just as consumers in this, that we all depend on ... many are not going to play or pay in some of this. I have talked to folks over a few years that spend and consume plenty in our local economies, even my own daughters and their husbands who are also middle class consumers with decent careers ... to the average lower income worker/ labourer ... who WILL NOT start buying things like poultry and other products for examples, that dont have labeling on where they came from, plain and simple, people will start to buy that which is labelled, and consumer demand will have an impact on your trade and sales, if companies/ producers dont sell them what they WANT, they will find someone that will, and if we have to ... in our own country. Even on prescription drugs ... thinking that you will have a totally controlled advantage and monopoly over consumers is ill thinking ... people will find alternatives and if needed, create alternatives, you can put all the laws in place that you want and sue every government, consumer and environmental agency ya'll want ... it will only hurt the flow of trade and business in the long run one way or another.

During this 2 year ratification period, it is importante to spread as much question, media, petition's and hounding the asses of our politicians especially, even demanding that they reject this in the stage it's in for now, or make their campaigns and elections miserable. It will take 6 countries in this trade package to make this reality, and 2 of them must be USA and Japan. Below some links and more from Senator Elizabeth Warren and Lori Wallach of "Public Citizen", Thanx to both as well.

Word Out ....

Sen. Elizabeth Warren- Congress should oppose the TPP trade deal ... Thanx to SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN







Lori Wallach: Signing of TPP Marks Only Beginning of the Fight, Trade Deal Could Still Be Stopped ... Thanx to DEMOCRACY NOW!





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Infidel753 said...

The problem, of course, is that even aside from the details of these deals being kept secret, they're so complex and abstract as to be difficult for the average person to grasp. That's why we need someone like Warren -- she does have the knowledge to understand the issues, and she's trustworthy. Her indictment of the TPP is devastating.

This thing is just another gimmick to allow people who already have too much power to do an end-run around democracy.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: I agree 110% about it just being a gimmick ... just like anything they sell with a great sales pitch, they make it complex and stuffed with all kinds of sides (dishes) for a reason. I like Warren alot because she can explain these issues fairly quick and simple, I feel with her I get the best of both worlds as well, being a consumer rights advocate, having a progressive way of thinking on progressive issues, yet still a down home person when it comes to true capitalism and business. Thanx for your input here.