Wednesday, June 15, 2016

LGBT DEATH SENTENCE 2016: Radical Islam & it's cousins Radical Christianity WAR ON LGBT's ... Know & Expose Your Enemy, For What They DO UNTO YOU! ... The "ANTI- Religious ASS- SUCKING" Edition ... (HUMAN MORALITY PT.19) & (RELIGIONS OF PEACE PT.2)

Pastor Robert Lee of Ten Commandments Church in Milledgeville, Ga ... "Homosexuality Is A Death Worthy Crime" **** what if a gay person felt like hanging this piece of shit, would the gay be a called a racist?

***** ORLANDO SENTINEL: Orlando nightclub shooting: Read about the victims ... (newsread/ video)

Daniel Ashley Pierce abused by family for being gay ... Thanx to Zane Wv **** the 'son' being attacked in this video is Daniel Ashley Pierce (read) ....


Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

This posting was inspired by the victims of the Orlando Pulse Club attack ... so I suggest to read the top link first from the Orlando Sentinel to find out about them ... and my condolences to all. I know alot of folks are blaming the AR-15 on this (and no ... it is NOT an 'automatic assault weapon' ... it is a 'semi- automatic rifle'), the shooter is who's to blame and the radical religion that he embraced ... he may have even had his own inner battles with his own sexuality, and between the religion, his failed marriage and his personal sexual feelings, could have all contributed to it. Some of these religious inspired views and cultures ARE radical, period, whether it's Islam or it's ancient rival cousin Christianity ... I dont hold it against the ancient writings either, but how it is used, interpreted and taught to follow in generations of cultures ... I would never try to sugar coat or re- write a book, whether it is the Quran, Holy Bible, Crystal Tablet of Set ... the Satanic Bible/ Rituals or even politically inspired books like Mein Kampf, ... these and others are the kind of books that line my bookshelf as well. But the religious clergies and their political pals for power and personal reasons of some kind are what destroys the art, literature and cultures. New cultures come and go throughout history, I dont see where killing homosexuals is acceptable in our current society of today ... advocating to do this to our citizens is not acceptable, it doesnt matter what some ancient middle eastern culture and religion done ... how would you feel if homosexuals decided to do unto you as you do unto them, eh? If you are gay/ lesbian/ bisexual/ transgender ... understand that these folks and their religious ideology are your ENEMY ... no reason to debate with them and try to get them to understand ... they DONT want to understand you, and some want you dead, you shouldnt have a damn thing to do with them ... you havent a bloody damn thing in common with them, except that you're flesh and blood like them. It is not natural or what you may call God given 'reason' if you are a bloody victim, to love the bloody jaws that want to rend you limb from limb ... it is an eye for an eye that is natural. The kid in the above video has no reason to try to explain to his parents what he cant do nothing about ... they chose to disown and condemn him with their Christian wayz ... which is the same as aborting your own child. Or to try to understand and make excuses for a parent like this piece of shit Egyptian immigrant here in the Dallas area, Yaser Said, who murdered his 2 teen daughters as an honour killing, then fled Texas ... currently on the FBI's 10 most wanted list.

It's also political season 2016 too, and as usual, the politicians are using this incident to highside and talk shit ... sadly in our country, the only break from having to hear about Clinton and Trump 24/ 7 in the news, came only when this tragedy happened. I was listening to Donald Trump yesterday giving a speech in New Hampshire I believe(?) ... he was pointing out how this is all about radical Islam, and he refuses to be politically correct, which is fine, however, he also was upholding Christianity, and clumping it all in with love and the LGBT community, as if the Christian religious beliefs is all about loving gay people ... Trump's crowd/ following obviously dont think so, when they went silent the minute he talked about the wrong done to gays, but cheered every time he mentioned radical Islam ... that's because many that follow Trump have lesser and disrespectful feelings about gay people, but dont want to say it ... they will cheer on the evil of Islam, and turn their head on the evil of their own Christianity. The other popular Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, had her own sales pitch as well ... and much about the AR-15 that killed and injured these folks ... yet not much talk about these religious ideologies ... what I find most hypocritical out of her ... is that the Clinton's accept millions in donations/ gifts from countries like Saudi Arabia, even funding her campaign, while she speaks of gayz and womens rights, look at what some of her donor friends do to women and homosexuals in their countries ... how in Hell could you even accept money from people as gifts that do this and are totally against your values and culture, and tell your own people in America, that you represent their best interests and are their champion? ... and NO ... I dont think Donald Trump would turn down millions from these middle eastern parasites either, this is where him and Clinton seem to have something in common, they both suck the asses and sleep with the same circles of money. Pastor Steve Anderson below sayz he dont advocate violence on gay people or murder, and that he obeys the law of the land ... well ... the law of the land allows gay marriage and protections from discrimination ... so why dont you follow the law of the land? ... yet he like Pastor Curtis Knapp wants the government to execute people for homosexuality, which is common in the countries of Islam that he condemns for their beliefs, so you are saying that you would prefer Islam Sharia Law for homosexuals, and Christian Laws for everything else. Anderson also condemns animal rights/ protections openly in his sermons, and also calls Iceland a land of bastards, because of children that are born of unwed mothers, so he condemns the children as well for something that they have no control over. I just dont see any excuse for people or politicians to relentlessly suck the asses of these Pastors or Imams or any of their religious cults. Some video and read below ... Word Out ....

Christian Pastor Supports Killing "Sodomites" ... Thanx to The Young Turks

Muslim Imam in Orlando called for death to gays before nightclub attack ... Thanx to EARTHWATCH21

***** KRMG/ TULSA: Pastor calls homosexuality a "death worthy crime" ... (newsread)

***** WASHINGTON POST: Here are the 10 countries where homosexuality may be punished by death ... (newsread)


The men are blindfolded and then thrown off the roof

Gay man blindfolded tied and thrown off roof in Palmyra, Syria **** why should these muslims throwing gay people off of the roof top NOT be executed themselves in a horrible manner?

***** NEWSWEEK/ OPINION: What Does the Koran Say About Being Gay? ... (newsread)


Kansas Pastor: Curtis Knapp, "Government Should Kill Gays" ... Thanx to REVSPITZ6

Imam Tells Gay Muslims He Should Be Killed ... Thanx to MARKEDMANNERF







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Infidel753 said...

That is exactly right -- people like this are the enemy. And the holy books that guide their thinking are also the enemy. What they say about homosexuality is quite clear. No interpretation is needed.

I do understand why Hillary and Obama don't put things in such blunt terms. There's nothing concrete to be gained by doing so, and a real risk of alienating more moderate Muslims who are our allies, such as the Arab and Kurdish soldiers who are doing the ground fighting against Dâ'ish (ISIL). But I think they know the reality of the situation even if there are practical reasons for not saying it out loud.

Thank you for posting the Muslim anti-gay rhetoric. Everybody has seen the Christian ones, but not these. Their hate is very real, and yes, the death penalty for homosexuality is still very much a reality in several Muslim countries. (Not all of them, though. Jordan repealed its law against homosexuality in 1951, before most Western countries did. Some Muslim countries are less Muslim than others.)

Ranch Chimp said...

Religion as you know can be a real damn mess the way it screws with peoples heads, and many allow it to screw with their heads ... and I treasure literature, art, music ... so no way I would ever want to sugar coat a thing. Some are led/ coached to believe that if they dont follow a book word for word that they are going against God, when the books were wrote by mankind. But others like a deist for example, believes in a higher power/ God of some kind, but most believe that common sense and reason that is given from birth is the only religion you need basically ... not a series of books, and they see the corruption and manipulation of these religious institutions, priests, and their political or personal goals. These folks that simply attack folks that are attracted to the same sex, ought to look at some of their own twisted pedophile sexual habits ... and there are plenty among so called heterosexuals. What about this Bacha bazi thing in Afghanistan, dressing up young boys as girl dancers to entertain grown men in more than dancing wayz ... I mean, would that be like homosexual pedophilia? I read that Saudi Arabia now wants to extend punishment and censorship to even people that are not gay for supporting rights, they think the imnternet is turning folks gay or whatever, many Christians in our country think that gay people asking for rights is an attempt to try to make us all gay ... imagine that! ... it's crazy guy! Thank You for your input here Infidel ....