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This posting will be Part 6 of the "American Trade" series (the TTIP deal) of this journal/ blog and also Part 44 of the "Public Patriots" series ... in this case to highlight Dr.Paul Craig Roberts when it comes to these trade deals ... I see Paul as a type of public patriot for what he brings us, not just on these bunk trade deals. Paul is someone that I recommend to read on various issues that we face, he is a guy in the trenches and alwayz asks those questions that folks dont like to ask or talk about too much. To some, Paul may fall into the ranks of a conspiracy theorist because of a few things he talks about, but understand, anyone in our society that 'questions' too much, is a conspiracy theorist, a radical, troublemaker, or mad/ insane, etc ... what's importante is to hear these folks like Paul out ... for me ... he is straight up, trust me. You cant say that he dont know a thing about how business and the world worx, here you have an economist, even served as a former Assistant Secretary to the U.S.Treasury, a journalist, wrote several books, and even was a former columnist for 'Business Week' and 'The Wall Street Journal', Paul knows a 'bite/ scam' when he sees it. In todayz society we have to go through alternative medias just to get in detail about these subjects, because unfortunately the mainstream media are not allowed and restricted to do much in these areas ... which is sad, because we have some great programming and journalism in American mainstream media, that do a great job on what they do cover, and if they were allowed to cover much more, they would do an excellent job on bringing these serious concerns to us. Sadly to get interviews like the video below I have to go to an Iranian, Russian, French or other foreign government sponsored channels to get them ... they sure as Hell dont have any problemo reporting on issues we have and exposing our country on the things we dont like to talk about. But some read from Greenpeace on leaks, as well as Paul in his piece on 'American Economic Imperialism' which points this scam out simply and straight, and also some video below with Paul and economics editor Sean O'Grady of 'The Independent' ... then I will add a little after, with an extra video closing the posting on so called 'job creation'.



***** PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS/ IPE: TTIP- American Economic Imperialism ....

The Debate- Leaked TTIP Documents ... Thanx to PRESS TV NEWS VIDEOS

***** GREENPEACE EU UNIT: Leaked TTIP documents released ....


Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

One of the things that Paul questions here, is if this/ these trade deals are Constitutional? ... and how they are 'defined' as non- treaties, I think everyone knows that this is corrupt in these dealings, they just prefer to look at it as bending the laws a little. No doubt they spent decades to get where they are now as far as global markets, trade and the rest, and they are on the fast track now for everything, because of the power and wealth they have been able to accumulate. When these political leaders around the world push this and keep it secret, they are looking at it as for the good of the globe, and what we have spent decades to try to achieve with all the new market, and largest money investments ... they are not looking at it as something damaging or having a negative impact on societies, but something beneficial to economic progress only. Sean O'Grady above sayz that we look at the short term sacrifices, and ignore the long term benefits ... the thing is, we been sacrificing a little more and more for several decades and allowing without question for these entities because of their value to do everything to only benefit very few, yet we have bent over backwards and made all these banks and corporations strong off our backs ... so how long is the short and long terms? ... and when will anything pay off? Even President Obama knows how twisted this is, but like every other leader and President is pressured to do things one way ... what Paul calls coercion and bribery ... because it is. I been writing myself since the start of this journal, the whole purpose of these mega- mergers, monopolization, privatization by the few, and draining what money/ assets we have to all get ratholed by the top ... there is a reason for that, to make us depend on them and to lower our standards, because they are not needed as they were in the past, because of a changing world and technologies ... and they know this, they dont want to compete, they only want to control everything. I have only been online since 2008, look where we have went in just that last 8 years, we have lost more and more rapidly from year to year. I was talking to a guy here in Dallas a couple weeks back about trade, jobs and the rest ... he looks at me and sayz this is all the new way of the global economy, and it's been in the works for so long, it has to go on, he was basically looking at it as acceptable. No ... this is new horseshit is all, you could have basically similar trade deals, and the same amount of countries involved, and to where banks, corporations and your largest investors could still make a healthy profit, broaden competition and the market to really expand, bring nations and people together and expand more peace throughout the globe even ... without just only largest banks and corporations writing all the rules ... so this is all a lie, and a money/ power grab only. Sure, banks and corporations are importante in designing this ... but governments, consumers, workers are equally importante, so all you have is a one sided plan here ... which is an inferior plan at that ... to create more cheap jobs and wages, more cheap products, to cheapen our expectations, regulations and protections that are for all our good and just to keep us cheap across the board ... not to expand wealth the way it should work by design. Many people are disgusted with capitalism today and the corporate/ banking world, simply because of these players, they gave it a bad name basically ... I am confident that with well balanced capitalism combined with well balanced socialism and more regulation instead of deregulation ... that we can eliminate the poverty you see today, most wars, balance our population explosion, and expand wealth and competition, while tackling the climate change issues all in one pop ... this is a realization that we will eventually come to ... in time.

Paul said that if people knew what were in these secret negotiations and it was all in the open, people would drag the negotiators into the streets and probably kill them, which is true ... it is 'natural' for us to get rid of that which just steals all our resources/ assets ... it's not only the intelligent balanced human reaction, but even a society of chimpanzees would have enough sense to cut out that which is clearly robbing them (ITNJ/ International Tribunal for Natural Justice). We dont even think sanely for that matter, like the guy I was talking to I mentioned above, simply looking at this as acceptable ... even at the least, many of these folks should be charged with crimes actually and tried if anything, and if found guilty, to be sentenced and punished ... that is natural, intelligent, civilized and sane. Also as Paul sayz ... things like health and environment regulations are NOT barriers to trade, as some of these corporate entities complain about ... Hell, you would have less recalls, less illnesses, accidents, property losses, market crashes, and a healthier trade flow with regulations and proper oversight from a neutral body ... regulations contribute to prosperity in business ... you cant achieve a damn thing without discipline and balance in the long term anywayz ... Paul sums it up perfectly when he sayz it's the worst of economic financial imperialism in history. Sean O'Grady sayz that none of this been signed, so he acts like, what's the big deal? ... you have too many people being paid to sign is what the big deal is, this is one of the reasons President Obama is so gung- ho to get this through ... he owes ... will President Hollande of France keep to his stand on rejecting it? ... well ... time will tell. When Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suddenly said that she needs to look into release of her Wall Street speech transcripts when asked, in particular GoldmanSachs, my first reaction was ... of course she will be reluctant to release them, and it's been several months now since she said that ... what in Hell do you think she was talking about to them for that kind of money? ... mega- investments, trade policies and the path that they are taking in Washington to assure investments, mergers, future allies, changes and possible plans for expanding Social Security with investment accounts, and related to the global economy and investments ... you can bet they didnt pay her that kind of money and even financing her hedge fund son- in- law and husband Bill to talk about womens rights, LGBT and minority rights, voter oppression, their Republican opposition (both parties financed by the same few), or anything related to most people and what we want or need... and she and the Democrat party owe them as much as the Republican Party ... they are not spending millions on these 2 for no reason. Would Clinton reject something like TPP? ... from what I see of her, I have no reason to think that she would, more likely to just sugar coat it and repackage it for a sell ... so I would depend on the 2 houses of Congress to reject it, but only with enough of public pressure from us, and thank goodness for the rejection from those in other countries now as far as trade ... would a guy like Donald Trump reject TPP as he sayz he would? ... I have no reason to believe he would either, regardless of what he sayz in these campaign speeches daily.

 As far as the 'dollar' and our economy for the future in the U.S.? ... central banks (Bloomberg) and your largest countries like Russia, China and India (Forbes) are buying up and ratholing all the gold on Earth ... what does that tell you on how they think, and how much trust they have in things like the dollar or the U.S.? ... while President Obama sayz we need to lead the way or China will write the trade laws ... lead the way? ... and China will just lay back and accept that we are the global leaders? We made China what they are, we also owe them and continue business with them, while we talk about our infrastructure repair needs, our money and trade practices has built a world class infrastructure in China, why worry about China or Russia when we played a major role in making them serious competitors. Our leadership in our country is who is weak and been the fools ... pushing these bunk trade deals for corporations interests only, just even makes us bigger fools ... President Obama just as much as former Presidents Bush or Clinton are all equally responsible for these trade deals ... and the President knows exactly what he is doing, he has a choice, and he is the master of his own legacy ... dont make excuses for him, I supported President Obama both terms, I made a political support commitment and kept it ... he made some commitments to the American people that he did not keep, and he had a choice. Our biggest threat is these trade deals and the largest corporate/ banking that made themselves our enemies ... they also look at the Chinese as a threat to their world economic goals ... China has been stronger on standing their ground, after all, the government still owns a majority of their businesses. The trade deals are not just secret while in negotiating ... look at what the EU Commission done on imposing a 30 year ban on public access to TTIP negotiating texts ... look at how they threatened our own members of Congress that were able to view texts like TPP, saying that they can criminally prosecute them if they discuss or copied what they read, while we should be challenging them in the courts and prosecuting them instead ... the no debate rules on the floor of it, besides less than a minute and a half, the sudden push to rush and fast track everything ... all those corporate interests are running the clock and desperate as Hell to quietly get this through. This is the big enchilada ... this is one of the most importante moves of this country, and the least talked about in the media ... what does that tell you on how serious this is to keep it so quiet? ... there is too much resistance growing and they know it. We in many countries today have very weak leaders ... well educated and groomed in the proper institutions, but lack leadership qualities, I guess that is why the big money spends so much trying to get them elected, because they know they can intimidate them easily, and pump us full of fear through them. That is why it is importante for us to stand up to this, since we are what makes this all work. Keeping us in this left/ right mindset and battle is also a weapon against us ... we will also get past that way of thinking in time ... when it comes to prosperity, progress and business, you dont think left or right, you take the best of both sides and all you have available, and throw in the trash the parts that have proven as no use or benefit to us, you dont keep doing the same thing, unless you want the same results, eh?

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Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer "Rich people don't create jobs" ... Thanx to PROGRESSION OF HISTORY **** I wanted to add an extra video here, since so much talk about these trade deals are about 'job creation' ... just a little food for thought, eh?







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