Tuesday, May 31, 2016

DALLAS FREEWAY SIGNS HACK ATTACK: Cheap Freeway Political Ads for the Early Morning Dallas Commuters ... "DONT BE ALARMED PT.19" ... You're in America {:-O

A popular thing these dayz is hacking into these electronic freeway/ road hazard info signs you see across America. Early this morning over in South and West Dallas there were some cheap political ads for those folks on the way to work this morning about Bernie Sanders and Donald "The Great" Trump ... and even one that said work been canceled and to go back home ... which sounds great after a 3 day weekend, eh? These were in construction zones, and needed so to know what's going on as far as construction though, I didnt see any of this, I live in North Dallas which is several miles away from this. They say this is a distraction and of course it is illegal ... the mainstream news is saturated with politics right now ... and the freeway signs are no exception I guess, but dont be alarmed, you're in America. Some newsread and video linked below ....

Hacked Texas Road Sign: "Trump Is A Shape- Shifting Lizard" ... Thanx to WOCHIT NEWS

***** 5NBC/ DFW: 'Trump Is A Shape- Shifting Lizard': Messages Altered on Electronic Road Signs in Dallas ... (newread/ video)






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