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FORT WORTH BATHROOM SCHOOL RULZ BLUES: Bathroom Bill & Betty NEED TO GO ... but So Does "Lo Hung Ho" ... The "Polarizing Potty Protection Politics" Edition ... (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT.31) & (NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL PT.12)

Patrick accused of 'picking fight' over transgender bathroom i ... Thanx to STARTELEGRAMVIDEO

***** FWISD Transgender student guidelines.pdf ... (policy read)

This posting will serve both "Sexploitation Nation" and "Not Cool 4 School" series of this journal/ blog. It will highlight the recent activity over the last couple dayz locally here in Dallas- Fort Worth concerning the new transgender student protection bathroom policies implemented by Fort Worth Independent School District superintendent Dr.Kent Scribner the other day (Dallas and Fort Worth have separate independent school districts), part of the complaint is that he done it without holding a board meeting, however, this has been in the worx for awhile to try to accommodate the transgender students and to try to cut some of the discrimination towards them. But the shit is about to hit the fan instead of the pan here over the next few dayz politically as well, all over using the toilet basically. Texas Lt.Governor Dan Patrick immediately flew up to Dallas- Fort Worth from Austin to pitch a bitch over this and asking that the superintendent of Fort Worth Schools resign ... many folks here in the community for and against this are raising Hell. But first, I linked some newsread and video below, and above there is the policy to read as well ... after I will add my part at the bottom of the posting, even though I have not kept up with this bathroom bill craze thing that been sweeping the country as much as I perhaps should of, so my views only from what little I know, may not be in tune with what so many feel about this.

***** DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Debate rages over Fort Worth ISD superintendent's transgender bathroom policy ... (newread and video)

***** 5NBCDFW: Debate Over Transgender Bathroom Access Spreads Nationwide ... (toilet timeline of events)




***** PD/ RCJ: "NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL" PART'S 11 Thru 1


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Unfortunately like damn near everything else, it's only a 2 sided political battle (left/ right or whatever you call it) between mostly adults for the most part, although I can understand parents that may have concerns as far as their children being gawked at in the bathroom by someone of the opposite or same sex, with all the sexual repression in our society that leads to sexual aggression, assuming those parents are sincere about their concerns. But I also see alot of insincerity as well from people like Lt.Gov.Patrick, who is basically a corporate owned neo- conservative religious fundamoralist, who shows not much regard for the Texas education system to begin with, besides wanting to privatize it, and is strongly biased based on political and religious affiliation only from what I've seen, I have seen no evidence that he even gives a shit about LGBT students or any students that dont fall into his definition of student, he is very one sided, along with the Governor Greg Abbott. I also feel that in these debates there should be more student input on various issues that concern them, not just over bathrooms and sex/ gender identity ... we seem to disregard what students may think too much as parents, we sometimes feel that our way is the only way and the right way, so we frown upon change being set in our wayz. You also have to look at another view as far as students who are going to be the ones using these bathrooms ... in school, it's common for bathrooms to also be places of socializing too among students, burning time, and talking about things in private ... some girls look at bathroom time as sacred, and to be able to apply makeup, fix their hair, clothes, etc ... chat with other girls about what's happening, being able to talk freely about the guyz they like or dislike or whatever ... some guyz as well look at the bathroom as their space, socialize and groom themselves, have guy talk, etc ... just like the opposite sex. So there is more to the bathroom in school than just using the toilet, people expect a certain amount of privacy as well, yet when folks use an individual stall to actually use the toilet, it shouldnt bother anyone, but for some it would take some getting used to since we are so accustomed to have strick gender separation, and even in sports and much else ... it gets handed down generation to generation. Bottom line is ... it's a good time now to start to break down this phobia that most have and move on ... which will happen in time anywayz.

Caught in the middle of these battles are your transgender and gay kids who are the ones who have been under attack for long, so it's past due as well that they have protections against those who bully or attack them ... and it's been going on for decades in this country, as far as these kids being hurt and harassed by people, other students, and even folks in our own government that dont like them. Some folks that are against LGBT rights today, feel that those who are LGBT are pestering them and trying to force everyone into being LGBT because all the recent concern over these issues to LGBT marriage, etc. But it isnt that, it's being pushed hard now to include rights for these people, because for ages, they couldnt speak freely or even identify with who they were, it was taboo, and being open about yourself could get you harmed or even killed ... they were forced by society to stay hidden away in the closet and that their feelings or lives are irrelevant, they been looked at as like people who are deformed in some way by the mainstream of society, this has been the norm reaction to LGBT people for many centuries in many cultures ... so they have hid in darkness out of fear of persecution. Some folks think that this transgender thing is new ... I dont believe that ... I believe that transgenders been around for as long as recorded human history, and that these people are actually born like this, some even living their lives confused when they look at the rest of society and try to figure out why they are the way they are ... some getting to the point of suicide because they cant handle the way society looks at them. I dont have the answer as far as how to settle the bathroom bill cult battle we been having, while trying to please everyone ... some of it's confusing to me ... I have an easier time understanding the complex deceptive banking and fraud than this. Bottom line though, is these students and people are citizens and deserve to have the same protections as any heterosexual person ... so something needs to be done, and if we cant find common ground, we need to facilitate their bathroom needs in anyway we can ... I dont care if you have to build more unisex bathrooms or whatever ... it needs to get done, since these people are finally not having to hide like they have for centuries already. Yes, the superintendent maybe should have had a recent board meeting, but he didnt, and there has been pressure on him and others around the country to protect all students and citizens in these bathroom battles ... so the man acted on what he seen necessary. As far as Lt.Gov.Patrick telling him to resign ... Hell NO! ... you should resign Mr.Patrick for addressing this based on political aspirations ... what have you done to protect these kidz rights, or to try to find a solution? ... nothing! ... you just toss issues like this back into the closet. LGBT people and students fighting this response from Austin is in order and justified.

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