Monday, May 16, 2016

UNEXPECT: "Unfed Pendulum", "Summoning Scenes", "Desert Urbania" & "The Quantum Symphony"

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This posting for the music/ arts honour roll society of this journal will be to highlight and honour some of the work from the outstanding French Canadian septet crew out of Montreal, Quebec called "Unexpect". Officially they disbanded in 2015, all continuing in their music endeavors with individual projects, although I hope to see a reunion of this crew sometime in the future. Between 1996 and 2015 they were active, they had 3 full albums and 1 EP as far as I know over their span, starting out doing their own independent label and marketing depending on online support, then they were on "Galy Records" and "The End Records". They had some member change- ups too over the years, but when it comes to versatile composition and full sound ... they are the creme de la creme in my view, I like everything about their chemistry and sound, lyrics and composition across the board ... with 2 vocalists, 2 guitars, a unique 9 string bass player, keyboards/ sampling, violinist and well rounded drummer. As far as what genre they are in ... well, according to members of this crew, they were a "metal laboratory mixing elements of Black, Death, Core, Symphonic, Progressive Melodic Metal, Classical, Operatic, Medieval, Goth, Electro, Ambient, Psychotic, Noise and Circus Music with an occasional jazzy touch" ... so I'll leave that to the viewer/ listener to figure out. Even though I would like a reunion of this last crew, I wish them all the best on their solo projects they are involved with. Below I selected some favourites of mine from these guyz, and I wanted to focus on live work from this crew on these ... Enjoy!






Unexpect- Unfed Pendulum music video (live footage) ... Thanx to ROCKAPARTIE

Unexpect- Summoning Scenes- Live On Fearless Music ... Thanx to FEARLESSMUSICSHOW

UneXpecT- Desert Urbania (live) ... Thanx to CHAINE DE MALICIOUSILLUSION

UneXpect- The Quantum Symphony ... Thanx to Эдгар Оболенский **** live video here @ Heavy MTL (Montreal) 2013 with studio- audio synchronized/ mixed in, I chose this one with audio mixed in for sound quality purposes on this particular piece.




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