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SINGLE- PAYER HEALTHCARE DEMAND 2016: PAYers Horrors & PLAYers Happiness ... 1970's Radicalization vs. 21st Century Corporate Communism ... The "Single- Payers vs. Insurance Players" Edition ... (HEALTH CARE REFORM: another "FORM" of "REFORM" PT.9)

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This posting will be Part 9 of the "Health Care Reform" series of this journal/ blog. This will focus on the recent push for a single payer plan by many physicians nationwide, the positive to this, is that it is coming up again in this election year ... the pressure again, just like back in 2009 is back in swing, and once again folks are demanding a single payer system/ programme. It was politicians that partly inspired the title of this series, being they are the ones that alwayz talk the words "reform", however, when they talk reform, it usually is dictated to them to act on by special interests, lobbyists, etc. ... of course to weasel something out of us financially. No doubt reform is needed is this country ... but ... another kind of reform, way past due and been put on the back burner time and again ... and it's fitting to put single- payer back on the table ... I mean, what did they expect?, for people to just passively throw in the towel like President Obama did in 2009 (Think Progress article) and weep in self- pity saying 'it cant be done' and forget about it? ... kiss corporate healthcare providers asses some more? Private insurance and healthcare in the U.S. has no reason to be as outrageous in price as it is, just look at a country like Ecuador here for a quick example, and the fraction of U.S. cost's, with good quality healthcare ... the U.S. is just a rip- off scam. Some video and link below on the new push for single payer, I also in fairness wanted to add an article in the 'US News' link below from earlier this year by CEO/ President of the Pacific Research Institute Sally P. Pipes, on how horrible single- payer is, along with the horror that they experience in the UK, and how the proposals of single- payer is just Bernie Sanders trying to stir up people with his '1970's radicalization', after I will add my part.

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***** US NEWS/ OPINION: The Ugly Reality of Single- Payer .... (newsread)

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Look ... I'm not a hard- ass, and Lord knows I wouldnt want to be seen as some commie radical extreme anti- capitalism and anti- insurance company hatemonger like Bernie Sanders (no offense Bernie, I luv and support ya guy), I even spent 6 years working at the billion dollar insurance company "ICH Corp" back in the late 1980's to early 1990's, it was a good company to work for and good benefits. Folks that think like myself, are not out to shut down the insurance industry, medical providers or related corporations, I also realize their importance in the current economy. In a 'real' capitalism environment without the corporate welfare, bailouts and subsidies from us taxpayers, they would destroy themselves anywayz for their incompetence and reckless management ... Hell, I'm being fiscally conservative if anything. I do feel though, that there is alwayz room for progress, change and competition is all, I'm opposed to the mega- corporate monopolization that we have seen growing in recent years. I see no reason why at least a 'partial' public option or single- payer healthcare system cant be implemented on a national level, I see no reason to fear that it would put insurance companies out of business or any related business, if anything it would make them more competitive. But I do think it would tighten the belt and trim down on some of the reckless spending and oversight, and enable us to even negotiate better rates for everything from pharmaceuticals to medical services ... some shareholders/ investors may take a little hit to an extent as far as profits, but not enough or even reason to drive anyone into actual legitimate bankruptcy. When a majority of Americans back in 2008/ 2009 supported some type of public option, and even folks like President Obama campaigning on and introducing his 20% public option concept, once it came to the table in Congress ... all Hell broke loose and the political flip- flopping began. You cant blame this strictly on the Republicans either, it was key Democrats like Sen.Max Baucus (MT) and even Governor Brian Schweitzer (MT) that pressured folks from the President on down through Congress to trash the idea of public option, while bringing in Republican Sen.Olympia Snowe (ME), to devise a deal called the 'trigger plan' with President Obama, which was basically a corporate SNOWEjob ... that was to warn the health insurance industry, that if they didnt get their act together and for everyone to cut the waste in healthcare within 5 years and give decent coverage, they would put the public option back on the table. Well, it's been 5 years and the expense, waste and coverage now has just got bigger and worse ... so where are they all now as far as politicians who talked this tough talk during negotiations back in 2009? ... they walked off and are hoping that everyone forgot what they said they would do.

In some sort of psychologically masochistic way, some American people seem to love having the shit scared out of them, and fear that without us kissing the asses relentlessly of some of these monopolized industries 24/ 7/ 365, we will fall into doom and gloom ... no really ... they act like they fear these corporations and some of their sock puppet political flunkies, and there is no one these dayz better at creating fear than them in America ... I mean, they are so good at it, they ought to be nominated for one of those Hollywood awards they give out for best picture, story, actor or whatever. It reminds me of them commercials they have in prime time tele in between programming, where some pharma company or related corporation has a commercial, where they say something like (fictional example) ... "do you sneeze when you scratch your ass at night? ... you could be suffering from 'ASSininesneezeittitus', which can lead to bowel disorders, erectile dysfunction, sleep disorder, kidney failure, cardiac failure and eventual death ... call our company for a free brochure, or see your doctor today and ask about ASSininesneezeititus so we can help" ... before you know it, you wake up one night scratching your ass and sneeze, and get scared shitless! heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) Some of us may think that there is too much money from these giants in our politics and too much lobby power to get anywhere, no doubt money is an issue in Washington and more than ever in 2016, but we also know that we are the payers being played by nothing more than insurance investor players, but there are many groups, physicians/ nurses and even some politicians still with enough backbone to challenge and address this ... at least something to take us on a real path of healthcare reform. We can actually beat the money and lobby with the right representatives elected and their influence ... for an example ... if you were a congressional representative or even a President, being pumped money into your campaign and party ... you can just let the money flow in since you cant legally stop it, then when you vote and make legislation, throw the single- payer option in to anything proposed and push it hard within your political circles, make it a real challenge ... later, if the corporate lobby comes back to you and sayz something like "what have you gave us for all the money and support we gave you and your party?" ... you simply tell them ... "we let you do business in our country ... and be grateful for that, not everyone would". In time after these lobbyists and their corporate allies continue to pump millions into our politics and realize that they are not getting any special favours in return, they will probably stop pumping so much money into politics and take their rhetoric down a notch, and be happy with the generosity we do show them already ... knowing that we will do what we need to do.

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