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TULSI GABBARD PT.1: Her Support for Bernie Sanders & RESIGNING her Position to SUPPORT her Position ... The "DEFIANCE or COMPLIANCE" Edition ... (VETERANS SPOTLIGHT PT.43) & (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.31)



This posting will serve 2 series of this journal "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" and "Veterans Spotlight" both ... but will not have the usual Bernie Sanders highlighted speeches. What inspired this posting is several reasons ... the morning news from last nights Super Tuesday Democratic wins (NY Times), some folks that are Sanders supporters here in Dallas and their opinions they shared with me over the last several months, and Sanders supporters opinions that I have read online, various talk in the mainstream media today that Bernie Sanders is basically finished, etc ... even my daughter who is a Sanders supporter texted me on the way to work this morning, asking me how many states Bernie won last night? Well, for Bernie supporters ... it's NOT good news, and in some cases, Clinton is winning in big numbers ... but NO reason either to just throw in the towel, I havent seen Bernie giving up yet, eh? I wanted to highlight Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI) for this posting as inspiration, and also put her in the Veterans Spotlight series for her service as a veteran to this country, as well as serving our veterans in civilian/ political life, and representing the people in this country. Tulsi back a few weeks ago had some conflict as a vice- chair on the DNC, and with Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz ... but thanx to folks like Tulsi and others, at least we got more debates, town halls and such as Democratic voters, if no one would have spoke up about this and bring it out in the open, nothing would have been done, believe me. Tulsi had to also step down as vice- chair, because she was supposed to stay neutral in that position, not favouring one candidate or another, which she done ... it would be great if everyone was that honest ... and I commend her for her strength against what she dont see as balanced and fair, and standing up to it. And no, for the record, I do no way support Wasserman Schultz at all, I believe that she is not only damaging to the Democratic Party, but also a sell out to the corporate money, even in her own state of Florida and selling out the Floridian people. While Schultz may be dividing the party now ... if Clinton gets the nomination ... she will soon have to be making a 180 to try to unite Democrat voters ... and if you do lose some Democrat voters ... you have no one to blame but yourselves in the DNC.

I noticed though that many Bernie supporters that I talk to and view online are angry at what they see and experience, and many of them are younger voters, some even saying that if Clinton got the nomination they would go as far as supporting Trump. As for myself, I can tell you I would never vote for the Republican Party choice though in these times (nothing personal against Trump, only the party, even the establishment Republicans despise him), regardless of how disappointed I may be, I mean ... I just dont go that route, but to each their own, and I would certainly never encourage one to ... if anything, you could go to the Green Party (a party that actually deserves votes). Some say they would write in a candidate, but that can get tricky on how the law varies from state to state, so you better check before you go into a voting booth expecting to be able to do that ... I'm fairly sure (been awhile since I read the rules/ law) that in the Texas general election for President you cannot do that. I dont even try to influence my own daughter on how to vote as some parents or familia may do, if my daughter told me she voted for Ted Cruz, I would have no conflict with her choice whatsoever. On the other hand, my wife supports Hillary Clinton as a voter ... my wife dont keep up with politics at all, the economy or much else like I do, she is just a straight lifelong Democrat voter ... but she just said she wants to see a woman President, and I understand how her and other women thinx it's past due ... because it is. I tell anyone young whether it's my own children or grandchildren, or those younger people I talk to in life, to do what is in their heart and be strong and determined. My daughter for instance chose Sanders on her own will and choice, my stepgrandson who also favours Sanders the same, this is what they told me, without me giving my own opinion and views ... I would NEVER try to influence them on anything that I feel they should choose on their own and experience on their own without my interference, period ... I dont see dictating to kidz/ young people what they should think or believe, as healthy parenting/ adult advice anywayz ... how would you ever learn or think freely? But when people young or old, familia or not, say they reject the garbage that is fed to them politically ... I couldnt agree with them more. Personal choice especially in voting is very importante ... and the young voices are the backbone of the future of this country. I also agree with Tulsi Gabbard below especially on this out of control military intervention and spending, the cost as far as lives of our troops, inciting terrorism retaliations, and what we spend to police the globe ... in these so called regime changes, occupations, invasions, the corporate communism behind it, and the rest, which I write plenty about in this journal/ blog.

I also noticed that some establishment Democrats that support Clinton seem to think that many younger voters, which some are even first timers that support Sanders, are just dumb kidz that dont understand how the world worx (which is their point, they do understand how corrupt it is, and want real change), they say these young people just stay in the basement of their parents house, dont work, and just cause trouble for the mainstream society and politics. Many young people work damn hard on part time jobs while trying to get higher education, and hope that they can get out of debt just on their education by their 30's, and are railroaded as a whole by both of these political parties and corrupt system ... many who also serve our nation in the military. Perhaps ya'll older voters are in the dark and stereotype these young people, young people that are ignored, disenfranchised, and used as a commodity or bargaining chip. NO, many young people may question and disagree maybe because their brains havent been totally corrupted yet, and they see how disingenuous and corrupt some of these candidates are. I take these stereotypical opinions of our children and grandchildren as an insult ... you disrespect not only people like Black Lives Matter, but most of our kidz that dont fall into compliance with your corrupt decades old mentality. My daughter who supports Sanders does not live in a goddamn basement! ... she worx hard in her career and marketing firm in a management position. My stepgrandson does not live in a goddamn basement either, he is at UT@ Arlington working on his degree in civil engineering and the environment ... both worked hard and scored well in grades and received scholarships. Obviously Congresswoman Gabbard does not live in a goddamn basement either, eh? ... and is a strong and determined decorated veteran, and one of the first women combat veterans to serve in the Congress. If you want to insult someone on them grounds, you can start with me, I'm 60 years old, been on my own since the age of 14 (so you know I didnt live in my parents basement) ... and I was really a defiant SOB!, completed 8th grade as far as education, and grew up on the streets in urban America, alwayz into mischief, juvenile detentions, etc ... and I'm white, so there is plenty to insult about me. When compliance is without reason and out of order ... defiance, questioning and rebellion is alwayz in order, you will never achieve change without it. More from Tulsi below ....

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***** POST NOTE: I know a guy, who I've known for many years, retired now, but less than a decade ago worked part- time around elections (on payroll) in the Latino Democratic Party branch here in Dallas County, and he is a lifelong establishment Democrat. Well ... just recently while dropping by to visit ... he told me that he thought Clinton was such a bad choice for the Democratic nomination, that he actually said he feels that Trump may even be a better President than Clinton, although he dont like Trump because of his criticism of Mexicans (he is Mexican American), but said ... that Trump would probably be alot more honest and focused on America's needs, than having someone like "Hillary and Bill Clinton" back in the White House.



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