Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BAD BRAINS: "I Against I", "Soul Craft", "Right Brigade", "Rise" & "House Of Suffering"


This choice for the music/ arts honour roll society of this journal, is to honour and highlight some of the worx of "Bad Brains" over their 4 decades as a crew ... and a crew that brings back great memories for me! {:-) Out of Washington, DC, they were early pioneers on influencing so many in the hardcore- punk genre, they changed the face of punk basically, while introducing the hardcore punk sound that was coming into the punk genre, giving it more complexity through their compositions and instrumental work, lead guitar, rhythms/ riffs, with outstanding percussions and bass, as well as the vocal versatility of lead vocalist/ frontman H.R. (who originally started as a guitarist in the crew), who can cover a wide range of vocal work, and liked doing backflips on stage in the early dayz. The band influenced by music from classic soul like Stevie Wonder to the Sex Pistols and just about everything in between of contemporary music, started as a jazz fusion group called "Mind Power", who also worked in reggae, hip- hop, metal to funk ... and ended up with the name "Bad Brains" inspired by the Ramones song "Bad Brain". Although the crew broke up a number of times and had a changeover with other musicians and direction differences, the original lineup came back together and still active. But they really had some ups and downs throughout all, from break ups to health issues and even getting ripped off contractually at a point ... yet still managed 9 albums, I even still have some of their early work on audio cassette, that was only released on cassette. But all and all, just a really tight crew that kicks ass!

I first seen Bad Brains sometime in the mid- 1980's is why this brings back great memories, because I seen them at the "Theatre Gallery" in Dallas, which had to be one of the best underground venues I have been to and frequented (totally independent and unregulated), and I have been to many. This place was where you hung out with the performers/ band and partied all night after hours, and all ages ... it was not officially a nightclub, it had no liquor license (so you basically bring anything you want and just about anything goes), so off the chart, and even the Dallas Police Chief's daughter worked there underage, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-), kind of place where everyone knows everyone ... or will. Several buddies I knew had worked there and played music there ... Jimmy Heath worked there even as a soundman ... who later became known as "Reverend Horton Heat", the "Butthole Surfers" recorded a live album there, many large acts when they first started came through there, from the "Red Hot Chili Peppers" to "Jane's Addiction" and so many others before they got big and still was touring the dive joints, students/ musicians from the arts high school downtown (where my daughter later attended and played music at for 4 years in the early 2000's along with "Johnny Arco") would pay extra money just to try to give the place financial support ... wow! the memories! {:-) Bad Brains was really a good raw and loud show, and Thanx to these gents for their music and inspiration to upcoming musicians! ... Enjoy!





BAD BRAINS- 'I Against I' ... Thanx to MEOWYAP

Bad Brains- Soul Craft 1990 (Videoclip) ... Thanx to MRVIDEODISASTERZ

Bad Brains- Right Brigade ... Thanx to HUMBERTO 42

Bad Brains- Rise ... Thanx to BADBRAINSVEVO

Bad Brains- "House Of Suffering"- Daytona Beach 1988 ... Thanx to CORRUPTED




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