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U.S. HEALTH CARE CRISIS 2016: Need for RADICAL REFORM on the Health Care Commodity & Monopoly Industry with Dr. Jill Stein & Dr. Margaret Flowers ... The "STRIP- DOWN SKIMPY SCRAPS INSURANCE" Edition ... (HEALTH CARE REFORM: another "FORM" of "REFORM" PT.8) & (Out of LINE with JILL STEIN PT.3)

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***** Dr.Jill Stein & Dr.Margaret Flowers

This posting will serve for the "Health Care Reform" and "Jill Stein" series of this journal. I wanted to record this in here, because we have 2 physicians here that are very politically active as well, and a good piece they wrote together linked below in the Truthdig link that is very straight forward concerning health care in the U.S., and after a follow up video interview with both on TheRealNews. This is an issue that we need to hammer and talk about, because here in the U.S. we are getting burned/ ripped off, period ... and that includes talking about the ACA (aka ObamaCare), instead of just brainwashing ourselves into thinking that we have anything even close to universal health care, or whatever other nonsense that is peddled off on us. I been posting on this since early in this journal, especially on this Health Care SNOWEjob (related series), because I suspected it was going to turn out to be a sham, and it basically turned out as I expected it to. My sister-in-law Margie and her husband Fred are in town for a couple weeks visiting from Toronto,ON (Canada), Margie worked in the Canadian Health Care system for over 3 decades in nursing, she doesnt keep up much with politics or health care issues like Fred, but Fred and I had got into some heavy conversation sharing with each other on the subject of health care and social, public needs, services and related, the benefits there for health care and even job benefits and retirement are different than here as far as security, Fred explained to me after a job related injury/ accident ... how he as a citizen and company employee was well taken care of.

In Canada, both liberals and conservatives support and accept the idea and necessity of some type of national health care (and you can buy also private insurance, hospital rooms or whatever you choose), not like here in U.S. where liberal and conservative politicians are telling us corporate dictated stupidity like either ... "it cant be done", or "it's the end of choice and democracy ... and a road to communism and euthanasia", etc. You hear excuses that Canada is easier to cover since we have nearly 10x times the population, look at it like this ... it would also have 10x times more folks paying into it here, eh? I havent lived in Canada in years, since back when I lived in Montreal,QC (early 1970's), so it was interesting and educational having Fred enlighten me on Canada today on these issues, and Fred was actually blown away when I explained to him what we have in the U.S. when he asked, because he didnt quite understand it, he was so confused at first, on how we do things here ... and surprised when I gave him the reality and rundown on why it is like it is. Even though we are next door neighbours as far as bordering each other (Canada/ US), when it comes to health care, prescription medicine and other social/ public services, we are like an ocean apart. Even in Mexico, another American country like Canada that borders us, which I'm more up to date on their health care system these dayz than Canada, also has national health care ... But the U.S., in the middle of these 2 American countries, sayz "it cant be done" despite being the most prosperous and wealthy country of all ... explain that. But on to Jill and Margaret below, and big Thanx to both ... then I will add a bit to it after, much of which I was explaining to Fred.

***** TRUTHDIG: Finding a Cure for Bernie Sanders' and Hillary Clinton's Health Care Plan ... (2 page article)

Green Party on Sanders' Health Care Plan ... Thanx to THE REAL NEWS

***** PHYSICIANS FOR A NATIONAL HEALTH PROGRAM/ PNHP: The Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act (H.R.676) ... (related)


These are NOT a joke below, these retail stores are actually going into the health care industry ... inside of their stores! Like who's next? ... maybe "7- Eleven", "McDonald's"?


$1,000 toothbrush? ... Thanx to CNN


***** PD/ RCJ: HEALTH CARE REFORM: another "FORM" of "REFORM" ... PART'S 7 THRU 1

***** PD/ RCJ: "Out of LINE with JILL STEIN" ... PART'S 2 & 1


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally


I like to think of our insurance in U.S. as "Care Bear" insurance, since we have ObamaCare, we had RomneyCare in Massachusetts ... and Hillary Clinton sayz she came up with HillaryCare long ago, in a recent debate. Being that you would have to have the education level of a toddler to think that we have anything remotely close to universal health care {:-)

I have to resort to folks like the Green Party for straight talk on these issues, because unfortunately in our country, it is others out of the mainstream of the 2 dominating parties that will address what needs to be more. As for where I stand politically ... I'm not a Green Party voter, but do admire Dr. Stein and several ideas that the party stands for, I been voting Democrat here in Texas, and support Senator Bernie Sanders for President (and years back voted Republican), but I dont really connect much with the mainstream Democrat Party ... to better understand, look at me as an independent, since that is a popular simple identity/ label to understand. I dont like to label myself as a liberal because I'm much more liberal than most American Democrats on social issues ... and I sure dont like to identify with Republicans, because I'm much more conservative on fiscal responsibility, spending, free market and defense than most American Republicans who claim that they embrace this and conservative values. When it comes to health care reform plans in the Republican Party ... they have none whatsoever, their ONLY agenda is to destroy ACA/ ObamaCare (a petty bitch fight they been pushing since Obama was elected), and replace it with whatever hundred insurance companies we can shop at across state lines, vouchers, an increasing amount of doctor and corporate owned for profit upscale over- priced medical facilities/ hospitals, retail store health care services and faith based religious groups to burden with it, like Salvation Army type soup kitchen joints, or who knows what ... maybe even try to market it at McDonalds in the future ... get your health care while you eat some of their junk food, from working poor people to middle class people with a healthy income ... they are out to only milk you out of every dollar they can squeeze from you, bottom line. Democrats dont have much of a plan either for reform, not even have they reformed any of the over- costs and out of control unnecessary treatments and services, medical providers that are only out to milk each other and us and make a buck, nor have they done a thing about the out of control skyrocketing drug prices ... instead, they will scapegoat some smaller potatoes like Martin Shkreli, to blame the whole system failure on during campaign speeches, ignoring the serious big players that finance their elections and line their pockets on both sides. Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders for instance is only talking about embracing ACA/ ObamaCare in his campaign, because if he didnt, the establishment DNC would try to get rid of him even faster, especially under the questionable leadership ethics of Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, they only like him there to put on a show to make it interesting for Clinton's run, and for Clinton to simply copy whatever Sanders sayz, to try to get the large following he has, Sanders is more likely to take real action than anyone in either party, when it comes to pushing for universal health care and coverage of everyone.

Surprise medical bills are stacking up for many adults (12 March 2016) ... Thanx to PBS NEWSHOUR

***** TIME/ HEALTH CARE: How You Could Get Hit With a Surprise Medical Bill ....

I call this a health care crisis we have now, because what we are not looking at, is what we have and what it will do to us in the future without actual reform and change, this will drive a whole new sort of economic crisis in America as we have it now. This will end up like the mortgage or lending problems, the massive credit card debt issue, or even more massive, the student debt crisis in America which I believe is still in first place. We are spending in this at an out of control rate in just the last couple years alone, wait till 5 to 10 years or so pass and see what happens without reform, mark my word, there will be millions in the U.S. (especially if we have another even mild recession) of people in heavy debt, which will effect other parts of our economy, they wont know if they're coming or going. All your mainstream politicians will only blame it all on their opposition party, and if we only make small incremental changes ... we may waste decades on this, which will take us further in the hole. The great things about ACA like no spending cap limit, or free screenings or whatever, are great to us, since we had nothing balanced to begin with as Americans, most folks in other countries who have national health care for all, would be outraged to get a deal like we have. The corporations and insurance industry had to give something, which is only a small fraction of ALL they're getting in return with tens of billions in new profits and premiums, they're so cheap that they even have complex legislation attached to cover their ass from having to spend too much one way or another ... who do you think wrote it ... the people and taxpayers? At the same time for true reform, we cant just gut the insurance and medical provider industry, the reason why is because like much else of our problems with these huge businesses, we have allowed them to get too large ... you attempt to do that if you had the chance and power to do so, you would even bring about another huge economic crisis. What looks like it would work though, is to simply start with the idea that President Obama proposed when first in office and while running for President, being a partial public option/ single payer plan, that people can voluntarily buy into, that is instituted and monitored by the federal government, and national coverage for every state, and give the people the opportunity to actually choose and purchase which they want, and hopefully it will force real competition to these giants and gain a strong customer base and grow ... you know ... free market, eh? ... law sayz we all must buy insurance as it is, give people a "choice" of what they want to buy simply. And YES, there will be ENOUGH Americans that would buy this, with enough money coming into it to get a good start, and I'm confident we have some of the best people to design the system. The largest insurance/ medical providers/ pharma say this will drive them out of business? ... how can that be when they also claim that they have the best health care system in the world? ...so which is it, eh? If they dont like their profit margin in the new arena, do what we all have to do ... get off your ass and compete ... simple.

The savings in health care spending to consumers as well as to business and government across the board with even only a partial public single payer plan would be enormous, with much of the waste we spend on now, going to other sectors of the economy and generating new business and having money to spend on much of what is needed. Just to the individual family, they would be able to save thousands per year instead of paying multiple co-pays, premiums and other wasted spending ... what will they do with the money they save? ... of course they will spend a large portion of it, and climb out of the hole instead of more into it. As far as people employed in the health care service industry now, many of those will be able to find new jobs within the new system as it expands, especially all those contractors like x-ray techs, dialysis providers, nurses and others that are contracted out now at some of these hospitals for lower wages and benefits, moving from hospital to hospital daily, we can give more stable employment, benefits packages and competitive pay rates, meaning the huge entities will have to also be more competitive on that level to keep their staff's, right now they have a cakewalk and monopoly, which makes them weaker and in some cases less efficient, not stronger and more competitive. The out of pocket alone as far as payroll deductions that will be deducted will be less, and instead of all your money just going to some mega for profit entity, you will have a more secure plan and can count on it no matter what to give you the necessary health care needed, without having to negotiate rates and prices with a dozen different people/ agencies with tons of paper work to smother you ... meaning more time to live your life and less scamming to worry about. At the same time during this transition/ reform ... all those who have plenty of money to blow, and love to spend more on health care than what they need to ... there are plenty of people out there in the private sector who will gladly accommodate you and sell you whatever specialty services you choose ... you dont need to get single payer, choose what you want. For those who say it's too radical or we cant do this or that ... step to the side and let those who want to do and reform do their job, and stay out of the way ... we have the tools available to make whatever reality we want, it's a matter of starting to build it, not sitting on our asses waiting for these lightweights to tell us what we can do or not. Fact is, that most Americans want something done about this, whatever survey or poll you have left or right ... even during the 2008 elections, the majority of people in our country on both sides wanted something done and had an interest in national health care of some kind (Reuters) ... and not your deadbeat repetitive excuses. As far as politicians and such that cant do their job and only kiss the asses of these corporations ... time to spread a movement to get rid of all we can through voting, they dont represent America, and force the others who remain to address actual reform and change ... not listen to their repetitive bullshit and keep on being saps by supporting them.

Word Out ....

***** POST NOTE: I had a conservative guy ask me recently ... "why should we expect government to take care of us or our health care?", which is a popular mainstream neoconservative question. However, I answered part of that with questions in return, which were ... "Why should we trust our money, retirement, taxes and health to a billion dollar for profit industry, and pay too much on top of it, and get less return for our investment? ... is it not our money and choice? ... are we not the customer? ... should we not expect to get what we pay for, and be truly conservative on our spending and waste? ... should a governing peoples body (a peoples government) decide?, or let a corporation decide and dictate what kind of health care we need?, who oversees themselves and spending priorities for the most part, governing themselves, instead of our oversight and demands as paying customers, since WE ARE the customer, why should we pay a premium price for an inferior health plan? ... why in a free market and so called global economy, should we not be able to buy our prescription drugs across borders and negotiate better prices?", he had difficulty answering these questions and basically had to change the subject. Many people miss the point in their thinking ... we are the ones who do everything and pay the salaries and benefits of our politicians, doesnt matter which party you side with, we pay for everything, including our social security/ retirement, public services and so forth, we produce, buy/ spend, and basically do everything ... why do we need "middle men" who basically do nothing, to decide what is best for us? or to decide how much we spend, or on what and who?, it's supposed to be our choice. And as it is, much of our money is wasted on welfare and subsidies to multi- national corporations and interests, that frankly doesnt do a goddamn thing for us or our country. My point here is being conservative on our spending priorities as well.




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