Friday, April 1, 2016

ANTARCTIC MELT 2016: Introducing the "Antarctic Double Patty Melt" & other (t)HASTY New Antarctican DISHES ... The "MONEY or Your LIFE" Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.40)

This posting will be Part 40 of the "Global "War'n'ing" series of this journal/ blog, to take a look at new scientific information released this week concerning the ice melting in the Antarctic region. Basically it looks like the threat now with further research may even be twice as bad as we were told, which doesnt surprise me at all, because I know damn well that everything we are told is minimal and cross- examined time and again ... after all, that's what science is about, eh? No one, especially the fossil fuel industries want to raise more alarm either ... and spend millions to suppress it, I have alwayz suspected that the outcome of this will be worse than anything most believe, and is why I have a 40 part series in this journal on it. The facts show that even the atmospheric warming may be more aggressive over the ocean warming when it comes to the acceleration of the melting too ... and this is not just in the Antarctic, we are looking at Greenland too as far as the large ice category, kind of reminds me of those advertisements you see for those double patty burger melts. There is much more to this besides just the melts though, there is a whole buffet of tasty side dishes that are hastily coming, from the superstorms and flooding that we ALL see now annually and globally, droughts, small islands and coastal areas being submerged, etc. ... then we have to be concerned about the ecosystem, agriculture, and what it will do to the current and very near future economies of the globe. Either the largest of the fossil fuel investors are blind ... or there is something they know that we dont.

This is one of those things that many folks dont like to talk or think about much whether they're rich or poor ... but it's one of those things that are bigger than all of us ... and in this era, it's kind of like when you're robbed at gunpoint, telling you ... "your money or your life" ... because you are going to pay one way or another. The thing is, environmentalists or scientists havent been nearly as hard on the fossil fuel industry ... as the industry whines about, these folks are only asking to cut carbon emissions and do a little clean up. We need stricter regulations, and we have moved much too slow on it because of the money in politics basically around the globe ... which screws up everything else damn near as well. You have to wonder what some folks think when it comes to business as well ... we know well that cutting emissions and all around clean- up is possible, and only for a small fraction of the profits they rake in at that combined. Maybe some folks just figure, it's too late and we cant stop it, so just make all the money we can, etc ... and someone or something will come along and save us when it gets bad (it's already bad enough, and we been knowing it for decades) ... perhaps they think the damages will be handled by legislation of tax revenues, insurance companies, various governments, etc, etc ... I have no idea. I mean ... these are folks that are even bucking the expansion of the new green energies ... many of which will be standing in line to buy them up when they get large, and trying to peddle to us what they once rejected and fought against. The impact of such large disasters that will hit many of the largest coastal cities will be also financially devasting, many of these major coastal cities around the globe for centuries have been essential for moving trade, oil production and the largest investments, that keeps them all rolling in profits, so even their own investments will take a Hell of a financial hit. The BBC News link below and some input last week from Dr. James Hansen on what we are up against, a man the fossil fuel industries wish would shut up.

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Infidel753 said...

It is getting worse faster and faster -- every year now blasts through all the previous heat records, and 2015 did so by bigger margins than ever. 2016 probably will too.

The loss of the Antarctic ice shelves won't raise the sea level much since those shelves were already floating for the most part -- but reducing them to sheer cliffs will destroy distinct environments that some animals depend on. Not that the fossil-fuel industry cares.

The executives of that industry are neither blind nor possessed of knowledge that escapes the rest of us. They simply expect that the worst effects will not come until they are dead anyway, so they might as well glut their greed now.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: Perhaps you're right, that they just think they will be dead, I just cant understand their thinking, because somebody, whether it's their familia, grandchildren or whoever close ... are going to inherit what they leave, not just assets/ money, but the mess we have too, and you know, we will be living longer in the near future (in more wayz than one), I was telling a couple of our grandkids a few weeks back, that they will see/ experience rapidly changing discoveries in health, longevity, scientific breakthroughs, space exploration, and just fascinating stuff! But yes Infidel ... I have concern as far as damages to large coastal cities (sea level rise, combined with superstorms) ... these dayz with storms like Sandy (which is small in comparison to what is possible), the flooding in a town like NYC area, especially the subways flooding now to the ceiling with salt water, I never remember ... or the flooding in south Florida/ Miami metro, just in the US, this is all over the globe though. I dont think we are able at this point to stop whats happening (in this era of science ... maybe in the future), but I think that carbon cuts, clean up, and doing much more for expansion of green techs more is past due, because it is going to be the energy direction that we will be going to anywayz. I am confident that we can reduce through stricter regulation and other wayz the carbon emissions without shutting down all the companies (it's more like a transformation of energy business if anything) ... and providing strong encouragement, incentive and public/ scientific support, more focus on incentives to divert their investments more than what we currently see ... it's just a matter of of good marketing and financial advice. But yes, it will cost a little more money ... but the return is good in the long haul. Enough from me ... Thank You for your voice here guy ....