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EMPIRE FILES/ HILLARY CLINTON: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents ... (HILLARY CLINTON PT.4) & (ABBY MARTIN PT.1)


This posting will be Part 4 of "Hillary Clinton" series of this journal ... and much credit to Abby Martin here for what I thought was a well done piece, Abby is a long time favourite of mine that I been following for several years online for her investigative reporting and related journalism, and she is throughout this journal/ blog as well ... and this posting will kick- off a new series for this journal of Abby Martin. I also want to make clear as a Sanders supporter, that I do not hate Hillary Clinton, because I know she has folks that outright hate her from much I read ... but I strongly question her stand on many things just researching her past as I have detailed in Part's 3, 2 & 1 of this series. And it wouldnt go well in my marriage since my wife is a big Hillary supporter ... my wife even said once when viewing the tele one night, and they were talking about Hillary lying ... "I dont care if Hillary is a liar, they all are ... I want a woman President!" ... which I certainly can understand is way past due, for women like my wife all over America. I could be totally wrong in my views and questioning where she stands, because she has a solid record of changing so much on many issues as well ... for all I know, she could really be the progressive champion that she has been saying she now is, and made a complete turnaround on her stand whether it's Wall Street, defense, incarceration, or anything else, she certainly knows the issues of concern in our country better than anyone, and has a mass amount of background/ briefing on such, mega political and financial support/ backing, and experience and knowledge on affairs domestic and globally to potentially be a great leader, even knows on a personal level, heads of all the countries that are importante to U.S. relations (which was why she was appointed Secretary of State, to groom her for the presidency to come several years later), she has shook hands with the top of the food chain globally, and been very strong on defense and foreign occupation/ intervention especially, as you can see below in the video.

One thing I do agree with Clinton on, is being strong on defense (when actually needed though), but, what I mean by defense is ... defense of our 'country' and allies, not what we been seeing with this babysitting/ policing especially this middle eastern region or pouring billions of dollars into it of our goddamn money that we need here ... basically if you come down on us, we will come down on you hard, but I dont feel we should be into all this regime change and occupations that is basically just to kiss the Saudi's and oil/ mineral companies asses ... they can pay for their own shit as far as I'm concerned, ya'll are the dictating regime with so much wealth and power ... why in Hell should we be your flunkies and fund you?, as far as I care, ya'll can go fuck yourselves ... clean your own shit up! Nor do I give a shit about their religious wars and hangup's over there which been going on for ages, or care to be involved with their affairs. In my view also, nosing too much into some of these countries shit and constantly doing these random drone strikes that kill thousands of innocent folks to get a handful of people, is just inciting resentment, and when we leave all this equipment and weapons in some of these countries like Iraq, these groups use them to kill more people, then they have the red- ass and want to do individual terror attacks in our regions in the west, and use what we done mixed with religion to justify it. But this posting again is only to question, and to even look at her background since she is the top candidate in our country (she actually blows away Trump in mainstream media popularity), dont take anyone's word as gospel truth whether it's this video or my opinions ... listen, read, research for yourself ... and come to your own decision is all I'm saying. Part of what inspired this series is when I went to a Bernie Sanders rally last year here in Dallas .... and a lady I know (Brandi) who is a Hillary supporter asked me if I would go to a Hillary rally as well (since Hillary was also doing a tour through town, and I intended to go see Hillary as well) ... I told her ... "yeah, I would like to just for the experience ..." she then asked why I didnt? ... I told her that I couldnt afford the $2700 luncheon it took to get in, and probably couldnt have passed the screening, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) But anywayz ... on to Abby's piece below .... Enjoy!

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