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This posting will be for the "The Awakening" and "Public Patriots" series of this journal/ blog ... most importantly though, to honour all these people as public type patriots for their week long march and allegiance to democracy, and demanding with civil disobedience, while awakening so many others ... it's not easy what these folks go through, and they deserve to be honoured ... this is what democracy needs to flourish in any form. There isnt much mainstream media coverage of this, a little I added below in a link of CNN, but it had no problemo spreading in other alternative media sources and even globally, and Thanx to all those as well in various media for covering it. When I started this series of the "Awakening" back in 2011 (Part 1 here), it was to just compile a history of an upcoming movement on what I was previously posting bit's and pieces on since the start of the journal. The Occupy Movement was so strong, and it inspired other splinter groups to grow and resist as this country was being ripped to shreds by some of these politicians and their donors. Today we have had several years now of this 'Citizens United' Supreme Court ruling, which has dug even deeper at destroying our country and representation, and the great thing is that it got people off their ass, there are millions more now wanting to vote and many newer younger voters. There is several pieces of legislation already for Congress to move on and address ... Thanx to all these patriots on every level that they act, and people wont let up until these issues are addressed. BIG Thanx to folks like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as well, and how they pushed for issues that others dont want to talk about, putting establishment politics on the spot ... and giving more exposure to the day old rehashed political mouthpiece rubbish that we are fed in America ... and there are several politicians that do want change and progress, and will challenge the establishment. Dont accept this half assed political talk, that the American people ask for too much ... set them straight, because it's the other way around ... the people are NOT asking for too much, you have TAKEN TOO MUCH that belongs to them!  ... give them Hell and relentlessly hound their asses on every level you can.

I have had folks tell me over the years that they dont vote, they no longer care, they're in so much debt or whatever and trying to keep their heads above water, they see no hope, many think that the system is just so ruined and corrupt that nothing can change it ... I never believed that or will. I have had folks ask me how can I be optimistic?, some folks think I'm nutz/ crazy and unrealistic ... because there isnt a thing anyone can do about it. How can I possibly have optimism? ... it's simple ... look at history, the peoples will, and the progress that's been made all over the globe for centuries, that's it. I hear others say online, that it's over ... this is the new normal, etc, etc ... they see no hope, democracy has ended, etc. The spirit of democracy dont end, until you let it end ... it's not dead at all ... it's what you make it, look around at the resistance, it's just that we took a long nap, got lazy and let our nation get taken advantage of ... too many simply politically inactive, too many reluctant to vote and utilize the tools we have. Those who corrupt everything in the world and chip away at our liberties while basically robbing us, are so financially intoxicated themselves, that they lost common sense ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-), and just figured that masses of people were going to just be dazzled by their politipop culture and stayed glued to their iPhones while absorbing their rubbish, they missed the fact that people know how to organize and network better than what those at the top give them credit for, and are smarter than they think, they figure the young never knew real freedom and wont question new so called freedom. They also assume that people will be frightened of getting arrested or whatever, and will simply do as they're told, some will of course, but the resistance will grow even stronger, many people have an allegiance to disobedience as well when it's 'in order' ... and IT IS, it's part of our American fiber since the start. Now in 2016 the new Democracy Spring movement carries on, and motivates people to get in gear for the next round. I added some links and videos of the new Spring ... enough from me.

Word Out ....

Democracy Spring: Over 400 Arrested at U.S. Capitol Protesting Corruption & Money in Politics ... Thanx to DEMOCRACY NOW

***** COMMON DREAMS: What I Learned From My March With Democracy Spring ... (author/ activist Frances Moore Lappe shares her experience)

***** HUFFPOST- POLITICS/ THE BLOG: Why I Plan to Get Arrested for Democracy Spring ... (some read from musician/ writer Christian Chiakulas)

***** RUSSIA TODAY: More Arrests at US Capitol as Democracy Spring meets Black Lives Matter [VIDEO] ... (newsread/ video)

***** CNN/ POLITICS: Hundreds of 'Democracy Spring' protesters arrested at Capitol Hill sit- in ... (newsread/ video)


***** POST NOTE/ POLITICIANS & CHANGE: Not ALL, but a significant portion of our Representation in Washington "truly" dont want much "Change" or "Reform" ... Why? Because it IS NOT human nature. I mean ... There is no incentive ... they have to be "forced" by the people ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... just call it something like "laying down the law ..." :-) Think about it a moment ... If you had a paycheck of say a couple hundred thousand dollar's a year, the best health insurance money can buy (tax money at that :-), great retirement benefit's, free luncheon's/ dinner's at fine eateries (tax write- off expense :-), a month or two off for major Holidayz such as Christmas/ New Years, luxury car rental reimbursement's, recreation and health workout facilities, and additional financial support in the 100's of thousand's to a million+ dollar's or so annually, no term limit, you write and pass all the law's, locked and cocked for life, etc, etc ... Why would you possibly want much of anything to "change"? Why would you even want "reform"? Why would you want to get out of gridlock, or a 2- party system, especially when it stall's everything and guarantee's you an opponent next election that you can blame everything on?








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