Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ANA KASPARIAN: On Shooting the Messenger, Hashtag Activism, Sex Workers' Rights, The Job, Boobs, & Marijuana ... (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.19) & (PUBLIC PATRIOTS PT.42)

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This posting will be for the "Public Patriots" and "Beautiful Girlz" series of this blog/ journal to highlight Ana Kasparian and Thank her for her work as far as using her straight views and opinions to enlighten so many on issues that too many in particularly mainstream network media are unable to do because of all the heavy restrictions they have, mainly due to shareholders of the major corporations that fund them ... sadly many really good journalists in the country that do an excellent job are so restricted. Ana does well on her own with viewership on YouTube with a couple channels of her own and being the co- host and producer of The Young Turks, which TYT gave her much exposure and the freedom to be able to simply be herself. When folks like her though are able to give a more clear view to a large growing audience and do such a great job at it ... I look at it as a type of public patriotism and service to our country ... it's Americana at it's finest to me, at the same time it makes folks think for a change instead of just following what they're told to, and being politically correct, we need more of this especially in these times. I see more and more a society that is today saturated in political correctness, left/ right programming, and as Ana would agree I'm sure ... a type of corporate political force- fed neo- Puritan society ... bowing to and kissing the asses of worthless leadership, incompetence, and stupidity ... with no value or substance. Ana is in the category of a progressive when it comes to her values and politics, although she came from more of a strict conservative type grooming as a kid, and had her own conservative values. I myself side more with those who politically call themselves progressive these dayz, simply because of the current serious issues we face right now concerning our future. The fact is, that none of the mainstream in politics are making any significant progress for our nation as a whole, within any acceptable time frame (which ANY job requires of their employees ... after all, they are OUR employees), we have gave them decades to get their shit together. I have been voting for instance for these mainstream politics for 40 years now ... and besides the really great folks in politics with real leadership qualities and action, that more or less get pushed off to the side ... the majority (or what they call the establishment) are collectively worthless as far as working for the people ... overly showcased, pampered, protected and paid/ financed by us all ... but frankly a waste of our time and energy unfortunately.

In journalism there should be more freedom for journalists to do their jobs and give their real views, besides just reporting a script, and try to do more to break away from what it has become recently in mainstream media, and it's good for business I feel. No doubt the in- depth detail coverage of stories and reporting they do focus on is better than ever, really commercialized and big show production ... but it lost something, while so many try to reinvent themselves because they are losing viewership, despite doing all the elaborate producing they can ... but what they miss is how far off base they may get as far as being in touch with viewers sometimes, and losing touch in trying to be too complex or perfect, they lose much in the long run. Ana doesnt view herself in definition as a journalist as she wants to be, as far as doing much more of what journalists are in the trenches doing, but to me she does and will do just great, I like listening to her commentaries and points she makes ... and going straight at the throats of those who deserve nothing less. By using her skills on YouTube, she is also able to reach that audience that has just plain got tired of business as usual when it comes to issues that they are most concerned with, and that many media are unable to cover much, and she delivers to a new growing audience. At the same time, because she is a beautiful attractive lady, she can get alot of guyz to zero in on her ... and if they listen, they can get something out of what she sayz and get enlightened as well, besides just looking at her boobs or whatever. Hopefully she will be able to grow and expand with the least amount of corporate interference, and she is surrounded right now by some good folks that she is fortunate to work with ... I think her head is on the right track to not get too contaminated ... at least she has what it takes to. But, folks like Ana contribute significantly to good journalism and the way it should be, and she has the leadership qualities that she hasnt fully touched on yet, she is smart enough to make things happen ... so I look forward to see where she can take her work, and to be in her own way a public servant of sort in doing so. I see the potential of really being a great journalist at that as she moves on ... below I chose a few videos to highlight off YouTube ... and there is much out there as food for thought from Ana available ... I also wish her the best!

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Infidel753 said...

Thank you for posting about her! Why have I not heard of her before? The video on marijuana was probably the most sensible exposition on the subject I've seen yet.

Not only is it not credible that marijuana use would lead to violence in any direct sense, but just look how many case of violence have alcohol as a contributing factor. There's no question which of the two is safer.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Infidel ... I though figure that you may have seen her somewhere like RT, TYT or related channels, maybe didnt recognize her or something, I been listening to her for several years on different shows/ channels. Yeah, alcohol really has contributed to violence big time though, you have to be careful when drinking of what kind of mental state you are in, environment, etc ... say for instance, the average person that just goes to the club on the weekend to party with friends, check out some bands or whatever, they get drunk, but they're in a party or cool comfortable atmosphere, and the only thing they have to worry about is not to get behind the wheel if they're too drunk. Then take another situation where a person is in a bad relationship with their spouse/ partner, get drunk, but still that negative friction is there ... they are quicker to escalate/ resort violence that they wouldnt indulge in if they were sober or on pot/ marijuana. Another thing I noticed though in the video, was how some comment was made connecting opiates with violence ... opiates like heroin related (downer category) wont necessary invoke violence at all either, especially like alcohol can ... opiates lay you back much more than pot as fact, ONLY with withdrawal from opiates (being not having any in your system, but a need for a fix/ bump), with none in you, can make a person angry and cranky ... cocaine 'withdrawal' can make a person very edgy as well. On the other hand, drugs like ice/ meth/ speed can easily invoke violence at the spur of the moment under bad conditions ... so atmosphere and surrounding/ environment are a contributing factor in any kind of substance usage, it can get a little complex. But no, I have never seen a person smoking just pot have any negative reaction ... I seen people get paranoid on pot, but never aggressive in any way. Anywayz ... enough from me ... and Thanx for your comments here Infidel ....