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TTIP- US/ EU BARGAIN BASEMENT DEAL 2016: Peddling Regressive SWAYED Progressive TRADE ... The "TRASH for CASH" Edition ... (AMERICAN TRADE/ TTIP PT.5)

Obama pushes controversial TTIP trade deal in Germany ... Thanx to USA TODAY

The Lies We Were Told to Pass "Free Trade" Agreements ... Thanx to ECONOMY IN CRISIS

Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

This posting will serve as a Part 5 for the "American Trade" series, to take a look at the response in Europe to this TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), all part of these dime a dozen trade deals that they been working on for years, that they have been trying to rush through now since they had the opportunity to buy up a bunch of politicians globally to put it on the fast track. But it was funny watching the response such as in Hannover, Germany when President Obama showed up to take his shot at peddling it alongside Chancellor Merkel, while thousands took to the streets to protest. I voted for President Obama for both his terms, although I disagree with several moves he has made when it comes to trade, offshore drilling, and doing little to nothing about this behemoth banking, a few issues where he been a disappointment in my view ... otherwise I think the President done a pretty good job considering he came in office during a recession, had more issues to deal with than most Presidents, and received so much congressional obstruction, despite trying to be fair to them and bipartisan. I shouldnt laugh I know, but listening to the desperation of these folks that peddle these bunk trade packages reminds me of other lower level folks that peddle lousy deals, or try to sell lemon cars, or peddle junk deals to you over the phone/ online heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) But folks all over in Europe dont like what they can see so far ... plain and simple, and these lousy sales pitches dont make it any better, especially when you are selling any product that is kept in secret from the customer/ consumer, where only corporations and banks and their lawyers and lobbyists draft all the rules and push all the legislation, I mean ... they have basically reduced our political leaders to nothing but flunky peddlers ... sad and embarrassing but true {:-) Anytime you get a sales pitch for any product/ package/ deal, where you cant even examine it for obviously nonsensical reasons, you're fixin to get burned, whether it's on the small street level or some large deal, that isnt even worth the money they put into selling/ marketing it, and all you end up with is trash for cash! When consumers buy foods and products, they want to know what is in what they are buying, as any customer would ... nor do they want to be milked dry of their taxes and surplus by lawsuits from some corporation that wants to sue us simply because our cigarette or drug restrictions/ warnings/ safeguards ... may cut into their so called projected profit estimates, etc, etc.

You got Merkel trying to tell the German people that their quality of living will go up with the trade deal, and the usual talk that others get about the $100+ billion or so in GDP growth, 700,000 jobs or related ... sounds great, eh?, NAFTA sounded great to Americans when they pushed that through here, remember all the prosperity talk out of both Democrats and Republicans here? ... why in Hell should you trust these deals looking at the recent history of others, especially if the details and negotiations are kept secret from you? ... how many trillion does those who are designing these trade deals look to make, eh? ... ohhh, I'm sorry ... after all ... dont they say that this is all designed to give us abundant opportunity, prosperity and enforcing environmental and labour laws? ... it's ALL of course for us ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... we should feel blessed and grateful for all the love they give us, eh? (out of our money at that). The German people arent that damn stupid, they already have good standards for labour rights, medicine, food/ produce inspection requirements for consumers, environmental regulations and much else, what you are selling them here and all the EU, is opportunity to reduce their standards, which are higher than ours, to be more equal with ours in the US ... and even lower ours in the US more, to try to catch up with some place like Vietnam, Honduras or whoever at the bottom of the barrel, it's more like what folks call a race to the bottom basically. Before you know it, if ya'll let this happen in your European countries, you will basically end up with a corporate only control communism over your healthcare, pharma and everything else like you have in America, with not much say so on a bloody damn thing, let that happen and next thing you know insurance companies will want to sell you another deal. As is, this is basically across the board reductions and going backwards ... it's not progressive as President Obama sayz, it's just regressive. Corporations win all the way around and it makes them have more leverage to merge and monopolize the marketplace and financial arena, to create their corporate Utopian society, while telling us we should worry about China's economic power. If it was so damn free as far as trade, they wouldnt deny any country to trade that refused to join their bargain basement deal.

Trade is alwayz a good thing, this is nothing but trash though, whether it's in European countries, American, African or Asian countries, people have damn good reason to reject the garbage that is in these, once again, the people are the producers and consumers, and that's how trade deals should be made and negotiated by ... every individual country and looking out for their concerns and unique economic climate conditions, not some corporate law type chop shop, cloaking and peddling this garbage in the name of love and globalism through their flunky politicians. Just the ISDS (Investor- State Dispute Settlement) deal in these alone by itself can be devastating to all our countries, products, environment, etc ... so this questioning and skepticism, is not simply hypothetical pronouncements as President Obama puts it, people in Europe and America care about more than just making sure that workers in some impoverished dictatorship country have labour rights like us, which they WILL NOT, as long as those dictators and pocket puppet politicians are running shop, bank on it! And BIG Thanx to all those on every level global wide that question and reject these deals ... it's damn well in order! A positive for example may be more access in stores to EU goods at lower prices because of easier trade, removing tariffs/ costs, etc ... meaning an alternative to strictly the saturation of Chinese goods you see now in many retailers. At first I just thought maybe these deals like TPP, TTIP or such can be revised and touched up ... but the way these look, maybe they should just be trashed and start from scratch, those who spent years putting these packages together, will talk about how much money and hours over the years they put into it ... that's not our damn problemo, nor should we care how much time or money they spent to draft up this scam. You can also bet here in the U.S., whoever the next President is, they are going to be pressured as well to carry this through. But enough out of my mouth on this posting, I elaborate further on trade in Parts 4, 3, 2 & 1 ... and I detail it a little more clearer in Part 3 here. Below some newsread linked from RT News, and the 2nd link is a good pdf read I found, that I wanted to put in here called "TTIP: Why The World Should Be Aware", the 3rd link added to be fair here, from the European Commission Trade/ Q & A, that makes this all sound like the greatest trade deal ever, and claims that what opponents to this deal are concerned about and dont trust is a myth.

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***** RT NEWS: 'Time for US- German leadership'? Obama, Merkel pushing EU into unpopular TTIP free trade deal ... (newsread)

***** ttip_world_beware.pdf: TTIP: WHY THE WORLD SHOULD BE AWARE ... a lengthy read here, but well worth the read, laying out the likely hazards of these trade deals that are all connected to each other for one goal.







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