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PANAMA PAPERS SCANDAL 2016: Portrait of a Panamanian Offshore LAUNDROMAT ... "DON'T BAIL EM, NAIL EM & JAIL EM !!" ... The "PUBLIC EXPOSURE" Edition ... (How free is "Free Market" ... and where is "Capitalism's" Capital? PT.3) & (The AWAKENING PT.39)

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The Panama Papers: how the rich and famous hide their money ... Thanx to FRANCE 24 ENGLISH

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I  {:-)

Bernie Sanders and the Panama Papers ... Thanx to GREGORY TORCHIA **** this is October 12th, 2011 ... Senator Bernie Sanders speaking out about the U.S.- Panama Trade Deal ....

This posting will serve 2 series of this journal/ blog ... "How free is Free Market & Where is Capitalism's Capital?" and "The Awakening" series. First of all, BIG credit to all these investigative journalists that are bringing this into public exposure ... and they have over 11 million pieces of information to review from what I gathered. I expect this to just be a fraction of what will be revealed as we go along, it's taken 1 year to get this ready as it is, and what more greater time for us in the U.S. than to surface right in another critical election year? ... I mean, if you're an American who is tired of the same old political garbage ... this can be a treat coming {:-) I dont want to try to blame or lay this all on Mossack/ Fonseca ... they were doing what they are paid to do and seem to be cooperating, just like our politicians in the establishment of the 2 dominating parties are hustling through legislation that these corrupted entities (not our citizens) pay them to do, eh? ... which allows this to run rampant. And so far, most major mainstream media in the U.S. been shying away from too much coverage of this, but it's only been a few dayz too. There is also concern from some, on why Americans havent been brought up, and the focus being much on folks like President Putin of Russia, which made Russia respond with saying it's a U.S./ CIA conspiracy, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... trust me ... there is plenty of time and plenty of folks digging away through the documents ... plenty of public exposure should come out ... in time, there is too much documentation for this to be insignificant. Having the vast array of independent media sources we have now is also a plus as far as enlightening folks, not just here in the U.S., but globally, and it will put so much public pressure for those who supposedly represent us to do something or face other pressures as we go along. It can also play a major step in collapsing/ transforming what we have now, politically and economically, again ... which is going to happen in time anywayz, and is already past due. Some still say that nothing can be done, and there isnt a snowballs chance in Hell or whatever, were doomed, etc, etc ... that is unhealthy thinking when it comes to progress and moving forward, and one reason we are so slow today at moving forward, and idolizing folks who frankly arent worth our time, whether it's those leaders in politics, institutionalized religions, or these misfit bankers and affiliates that all do nothing but sit on their asses, damage our societies and themselves, and dont contribute a bloody damn thing to anything ... those who we mistakenly label as elite. You dont defend, bow to, or bail out these types, you nail them, jail them, eliminate them and extinguish their system ... and history shows that all their empires come to an end one way or another ... in time. Also understand that this is why our economies hurt, there is rough estimates that at least $21 trillion to $31 trillion is ratholed in these offshore havens, and a loss to just America of roughly $100 to $200+ billion in annual revenues. These firms like Mossack/ Fonseca handle your large investments/ firms with legal work/ advice moving around such, and only with folks with over a million, and most want folks with at least $10 million and up ... so it's very globally widespread and large.

The talk is of course, that nothing here is illegal ... of course it's legal, who do you think passes legislation to allow this to be legal? ... yet also passes legislation to make everything we do as illegal? ... but I would bet my ass that plenty can be established that will force changes to be made globally, and even in some cases bring indictments, just give it some time and let it take its course. How can this have any impact on our politics in our own country? ... there has to be politicians even that will be connected in some way for something, and I guess in time, to have much connection to Wall Street ... and to folks that finance our elections today. For example ... just say that a figure like George Soros who is being looked into already as far as connections to this ... look at the financing end as far as Soros money that goes into the Democratic National Committee for Super PAC's for instance and how much is pumped into one candidate or another, or find a connection with billionaire Donald Trump's personal investments ... people will make the connection, and it will have some impact on their thinking and hopefully voting and inspire question and resistance from many ... or mega banking folks like Goldman Sachs, major pharma, energies/ oil companies, etc, etc ... so there is plenty to spread around in both these political parties we have ... and to give exposure to those politicians that are too weak to handle our challenges, and certainly dont deserve even half the credit we give them, for they done nothing but take our country and economies on a downhill shit- slope. Most likely American mainstream media will try to focus more on drug cartels, Russia, Syria, etc ... would be likely at first, but they will have to eventually broaden that exposure, because if they dont, rest assured, plenty of others will, and make them look too bought and paid for as well as exposing their incompetence ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... so this ought to shake things up. Basically what you have is simply another money laundering racket exposed, which there are many more, so not to strictly lay it all on Panama either. We alwayz are told that we dont have any money, we need more austerity, we are giving out too many food stamps, etc, etc ... NO, we are giving too many breaks to those at the top and funding too many of their bogus wars, failed ventures, and much else. These are the same entities pushing folks in the U.S. Republican Party for instance (and even some establishment Democrats) to try to privatize our Social Security and hand it over to them, or our Post Office, to obtain the several trillion they can grab and toss it around gambling globally, and these are the same bunch that are doing this to all our so called half- assed free market societies in many countries. All in all, the more exposure the better, the more resistance and raising Hell over this the better ... we are far too laid back and accepting of this ... and this should awaken many more with actual proof instead of speculation and hearsay. I decided to go with these links below after reviewing several.

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