Wednesday, April 13, 2016


"We Are Not Afraid" LGBT rally @ 'Legacy of Love' monument Oak Lawn/ Dallas

This posting will serve 2 series of this journal/ blog ... "Sexploitation Nation" and the "Self Defense" series. This is a local posting here in Dallas, and I havent seen any national coverage of it, but it should be of concern to LGBT communities nation wide, because this is happening at increasing rates more than the past, I have lost count on the attacks in North Dallas' Oak Lawn neighbourhood, and there are so many that are not even reported ... either the victim dont want to deal with reporting it for some reason, and just accept that they got targeted for strong- arm street robbery, in some cases, I see it legally as attempted murder. It should also fall into 'hate crimes' category, because these robberies, beatings and stabbings are so bad, there is no sense in this type of violence, and after the robbery occurred, and the suspect already got what they wanted as far as money/ property, plus the fact that many times while being beaten, stabbed or whatever, they were verbally attacking the victim about their sex orientation ... which makes a case for hate crime 100% solid. This is nothing new to me, since as far back as I can remember, whether it's Dallas or any other large metro area around the country, gay or transsexual males in particular have alwayz been targeted for what they used to call "rolling fags", it was looked at as a easy score/ money, they figure they're sissies and will not challenge you, so gay districts have alwayz had this problemo at some time or another, I seen it time and again in several major U.S. cities ... but it's more widespread today than the past. At times in past, some charged with criminal offenses of beating a gay person, or in some cases killing gay's, say that their reason was because the victim made a pass (sexual) at them, yet no proof that this happened, and no reason to resort to a violent response ... so they say the victim had it coming, and there was some sympathetic and homophobic cops and courts to let off the offender with a slap on the wrist type of punishment, even though the excuse was bullshit. In the 'Towleroad/ Oak Lawn' link below is an audio recording for example I was listening to, of a suspect saying he feels sorry for homosexuals, he didnt mean it, his mom was dating a transgender or whatever ... that's no damn excuse as far as what the Hell your mother is doing, or that you feel sorry for homosexuals or other nonsense, it's about what you done, the fact is, that you had intentions of doing a robbery/ mugging and also inflicting severe battery assault and bodily harm, with no regard if the person lives or not ... it was an excessive act/ crime any way you cut it, and totally intentional, and some take pleasure in beating gay's, or their own girlfriends for that matter, period. I dont see any reason whatsoever to have leniency for the accused in these cases, period.

This rise of assaults and robberies in Oak Lawn of gay individuals started last summer 2015, it still is going on week after week, many cases not reported, many cases not solved, although the nightclub and entertainment area of the Oak Lawn District has a large gay population and gay businesses, and has had a history of armed commercial business robberies/ hold- up's, murders from time to time, and sexual assaults of women, or just those others who may not be gay visiting restaurants, shops, clubs in the area, but just fell victim to everything from muggings, vehicle break- in's to car- jackings, etc. Many folks that live in Oak Lawn, dont drive to go to the clubs/ venues ... they walk to the clubs late at night because it is close, and walk home in the wee hours through the neighbourhood, many had several drinx, many even may walk home at night while constantly on their phones and not paying atencion to their surroundings, simply feeling at home and safe in their community ... this is what these muggers look for ... passive looking folks relaxed, out having a good time, slightly intoxicated, a phone they can steal and whatever else is in your pocket, purse, or jewelry you wear, in the meantime, they are also looking into parked cars for anything of value laying in sight where they can break the vehicle window, grab and run. The lesson, is you dont leave shit in your car seats, like phones, cameras, or anything of any value, they will break a car window for just a few bottles of beer in view. When walking at night in any entertainment district especially, even if you're in more quiet surrounding residential areas where your apartment/ home may be, you dont focus on your phone ... you focus on your surroundings and getting from point A to B, especially if you are relaxed and had a few drinx, you make time for phone stuff later, if you can, walk with others, and if able, carry something that you can use for defense and practice and research how to use self defense, many people going out to clubs and related dont carry guns, and guns are illegal to possess in venues that sell alcohol, these muggers know that, they alwayz look for the most vulnerable locations and victims.

The Dallas Police at first because of the busy work load they have when it comes to robberies and related, didnt pay special atencion to this neighbourhood, because there are many entertainment/ nightclub districts all over Dallas with several crimes to cover, so didnt zero in as quick as was needed, that what was going on here was strictly targeting gays, it took people from the neighbourhood to hound and protest at Dallas Police Headquarters downtown, because they had weak results in the North Dallas division in their area asking for more police patrol and protection, they had to hound for more surveillance cameras and lighting throughout the neighbourhood, before they were even listened to, this went on for a few months before this got any proper atencion. When muggers know an area is good for making a score, they increase activity to get all they can while they can. The police/ DPD presence is stronger now, cameras and lighting are more than before, and still, these crimes are fairly frequent. Folks in the neighbourhood have been coming together with all people gay and straight of the neighbourhood in solidarity, and forming their own patrol teams, some even armed with guns, and even free self defense courses are given at a local venue, it's just a matter of time, before one of these attackers are shot or beaten to a pulp themselves if caught ... if they continue to rob and assault these folks ... and if so ... it is in order and justified. Those who target these gay people in particular, have no regard for your life obviously, taking a basic robbery to such an excessive level of violence included ... I dont see any reason why the victim should give their assailant any special consideration either, when defending themselves and neighbourhood. People are deciding that they are no longer scared, and are getting sick and tired of the shit ... several will take the defense measures necessary that they need and fight back ... which is moral sense! More below in the links and videos.

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Infidel753 said...

Glad to hear people are standing up for themselves including with armed patrols -- at least in Texas they presumably can get guns pretty easily! Aside from robberies, I suspect a lot of this violence is motivated by the knuckle-draggers' resentment of the greater acceptance and visibility of gays these days.

some charged with criminal offenses of beating a gay person, or in some cases killing gay's, say that their reason was because the victim made a pass (sexual) at them

I've heard of this dodge. Aside from the fact that usually it didn't even happen, just imagine if women could get away with killing any guy that made a pass at them. It would be quite the mass carnage.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah, I agree with you Infidel about that knuckle draggin, I mean, there is just alot of folks (mainly guyz) that get all bent out of shape about gayz, I reckon it's some kind of culture or something. Damn, I havent even thought of that, as far as a woman getting to shoot a guy for making a pass, the only thing I ever got was the cold shoulder ... Hell ... I would have been dead years ago! Thanx for your voice on this!