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SMART GUNS, RIFLES & AMMO 2016: The Evolution of The GUN ... and The Resolutions of The DUMB ... The "GUNS & STUPIDITY KILLS" Edition ... (SELF DEFENSE PT.31)

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This posting will serve as Part 31 of the "Self Defense" series of this blog/ journal. I been wanting to do a posting on smart guns for awhile and just forgot about it, but it came up again just this last week as President Obama is pushing for smart guns legislation and development, so this is just as good a time for it I reckon. And of course as usual, President Obama is labeled as the villain that is wanting to take away everyone's guns ... I would guess the President is thrilled to retire at the end of this year, and probably counting the dayz just to get the Hell out of office, and I dont blame him, I would be too if I were him. This is sure as Hell raising alot of controversy too, it got so confusing with all the debates, proposals and fighting over this ... and as usual like most other issues in our country, it is just looking at either a left or right view ... I mean ... you have to look beyond left/ right thinking sometimes ... assess the condition, situation, etc, take the best idea's, that which worx, that which dont work ... and try to simplify, bottom line is that both these sides make some worthwhile points of atencion, and both make some as dumb as a doorknob. There is much more to this technology than just over these small .22 LR caliber handguns though, and also what some folks are missing on both these sides is where this new smart technology is going to take us as far as guns, rifles and ammo too, yet you dont hear much talk about that ... because there is more than just making safe guns here to consider and look at when it comes to adequate defense. There are also advantages for even private gun owners, the technology is what is importante here to get a hold of, and using it to develop further ... example being for domestic U.S. militia groups, self tailored arms and ammo like in the 1st video is a big plus, if we needed to defend ourselves here on our land. I am not saying that we should just go and have masses of folks in urban areas across the country armed and openly carrying AR- 15's, advanced rifles/ pistols, etc ... but I feel it is importante for our militia groups to be well armed. Below I added some links and video to look at what we have, then after I will have some input of my own, which is trying to look at it from a 3rd angle, instead of just left/ right ... good/ evil ... and the related politipop thinking, in other words, trying to use a little common sense, eh?

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Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything, but new technologies move us ahead, dont matter if it's a car, phone, tele/ tv, or guns/ weaponry, I remember when old school cops just liked revolvers, and never would want to carry a gun with a clip/ magazine, and those revolvers and rifles are classics. Gun technologies and every type of weaponry for that matter is changing, and much for the better as far as improved weaponry ... those who may oppose smart guns, may be wanting smart guns in the near future because of the technology. I dont blame the President at all on this one ... there is alot of public concern over guns getting into the wrong hands, this is even a big issue in these elections, people want something done about all the shootings and mass shootings, and the President, no matter who it is or left or right, will have to deal with this. Many of the proposals to me I see no problemo with, and think that there should be stricter background checks as far as sales, the laws are already there too. The smart gun thing as far as this Armatix iP1 (review), I dont see a thing wrong with if someone wants to buy one, to me it's kind of dumb to spend $1800 for a .22 pistol and wrist watch or smart phone to make it work, and all you have to go through just to get off a shot, but if someone wants to buy it, and it reduces accidental killing/ injuries in some way, why not? But I also agree with those majority of legitimate gun owners that want to keep the guns they have, and not be forced by new legislation to have to buy this technology ... I mean ... just let the market and demand work it out ... most people alwayz say they are all for free market and all the rest ... well then, let it go. I dont have any desire for the latest smart gun, phone, tele/TV, a car to auto drive itself and carry me around or whatever, I just basically think and do things myself, I dont even shop or bank online these dayz ... and wouldnt considering how vulnerable and dependent it makes you. When it comes to guns for instance, or even driving a car for that matter ... when you let just technology only do everything, it takes the fun out of it ... why in Hell would I want to do target practice on a range, and let technology make me hit right on target every time? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... how would you hone your own skills? ... where is the fun or challenge? However ... in say a combat/ war situation foreign or domestic, it would be awesome if you could hit a target/ enemy from 10 football fields away with not much experience, especially those who you would not likely have a chance to get anywhere close to them, perhaps because of the security detail around them protecting them, I mean ... you could take down some prime targets with this technology ... so I wouldnt be so quick to frown upon it, eh?

There is also ammo technology to be able to trace where the bullet came from and user/ owner etc ... they say it can solve crimes better ... I dont know, you have forensics, ballistics and DNA that do that anyway too. As far as making cops use these smart guns/ pistols ... I dont think it is safe for cops to use these under the current conditions they face. On the other hand you got cops that just kill too many innocent people today for no good reason, but that also needs to be tightened, and you dont do that by arming a cop with a gun that will almost put the cop in more danger in tight circumstances ... you do that by having more non- lethal weaponry, better training, and make stricter rules on when and why you can use lethal force ... not like it is now, where cops are basically told to shoot to kill for any damn reason, and dont worry, there will be no consequences, you get off with paid leave and the rest. The smart pistol thing is not any issue to me, just a new toy/ fad or whatever ... besides, it makes money too. But no, I dont see any reason for states like New Jersey once proposed, to force everyone to buy them. When Vice President Joe Biden and other politicians sayz to folks to use a shotgun (and a shotgun is a widely known home defense weapon as well), I would simply tell the Vice President and them to use a shotgun to defend themselves and familia ... it would save us a Hell of alot of money for all the Secret Service and all else we spend protecting politicians, eh? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) I mean ... some politicians are so out of touch with the reality that people live in, its incredible how they get elected for decade after decade, term after term. But yeah ... these politicians should spend a month in some of the neighbourhoods where there is crime going on, and if they want to use a shotgun or a broom, baseball bat, knife or whatever ... be my guest, just dont tell us what we need to do to protect our families and communities, since most of ya'll dont know a thing about the reality out there. But the point is that people want you politicians to do something to curb the gun violence legislatively and enforce the rules that are already in place, and frankly get off your asses and do something besides just being celebrities, wasting our damn money and time, and being nothing more than candy ass corporate flunkies, with a Congress that spends 30 hours a week mandatory at phone banks in booths across the street from Capitol Hill, telemarketing/ panhandling for money (this is true, see the CBS 60 Minutes piece here) ... get the Hell to work and do your damn jobs for a change!

Also, since the military/ government is spending and investing our taxes for the newer technologies, this also means that for citizens to have the right to these smart rifles and ammo if they choose, such as your legitimate militia groups that want to be able to protect our country from enemies foreign and domestic ... I mean, dont tell us some shit like you want to stockpile all this weaponry and technology, and just tell us that we can protect ourselves and country, especially in these times with small caliber handguns or rifles, that you can shut down like our damn phones, cars or whatever else. The 2nd Amendment calls for well regulated militias (you can see throughout this series, I support and point out such as HERE and HERE, the importance in these times of militias),  plain and simple, this country was bred on violence and guns, and it promotes violence in many movies, video games and much else. Illegal arms are all over this country in the 10's of thousands being dealt, no matter what laws you make, and how many guns you take away from law abiding citizens, you will still have millions of guns able to circulate, that can be used for crimes. In these times especially, the rights of responsible gun groups is importante ... you have mass shooters running rampant, and more people now, because of this corporate and banking corrupted political system are having their liberties/ rights attacked on every level and our country being ripped off and sold out and borderline tyranny, on top of that, the threat of foreign and domestic terrorism which is inspired as well by much in government and what they do to people in our country as well as the thousands they kill in other countries. It would be nice if we had one of those countries that didnt have the guns and violence that this country has, inspires and was bred on, unfortunately this is not the U.S. we live in, you cant trust much of anything here and were on our own, we have our own unique situation that is way far out of whack, and disarming everybody will unfortunately do more damage than good in our country ... even some that serve in political positions here are corrupt to the core, and a threat to our people, progress, liberties and country ... and if push came to shove, it is our constitutional responsibility to take them on as well ... which means if needed, the same technologies and weaponry that they may use against us, and whatever is necessary to defend what is ours. It will take much time to solve the issue of guns and violence in this country, and I only am speaking of the reality in this country, not others ... this is not an easy issue here what were up against these dayz. Enough from me ....

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