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BRAND NEW CONGRESS 2016- 2018: Introducing a New Political Committee and New Face & Phase of 'Citizens United' ... The "Saving Phace" Edition ... (THE AWAKENING PT.41) & (PUBLIC PATRIOTS PT.43)

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This posting will serve the "Public Patriots" and "The Awakening" series of this journal/ blog, it will look at some good news of a new political action committee that is just starting up now to get ready for the 2018 midterm elections, they call themselves "Brand New Congress", which is one of the newest political splinters upcoming, as others that I talk about as far as the new splinters to come throughout this series and journal. It is a new grassroots face and phase in American politics, of a more organized political revolutionary movement that was inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders of his staffers/ supporters and independents. Thank You to these people that will start this movement, I see them as patriots, I also want to Thank Senator Sanders for sticking in this Presidential primary run as well to the end, for his country and supporters ... despite the obstruction and constantly telling him to concede by the Democratic Party establishment ... Thank You Sir! ... you have stood strong and defiant for the people of this country and inspired millions who will carry on. When I use the term 'establishment politics', it doesnt mean that I am against the idea of well established and efficient politics and representation, although I also understand when people use the term 'establishment politics', they are talking about the top crust inner circle that dominates the parties. I take the word establishment for what it should truly mean though ... being, I am all for a well established political representation, just as much as well established defense and local/ domestic militia ... the question and issue though here, is having an established representation that is now only dictated to by certain foreign lobbies like Saudi Arabia for example and a handful of your largest corporations, international investment banks and the most wealthy billionaires, that have damn near total control over all our legislation, assets and laws ... that is not balanced representation ... get my drift?

Of course Hillary Clinton declared herself the nominee already yesterday on all the mainstream media (PBS NewsHour), in her own words to mainstream media ... "it's a done deal", and we all need to jump on board now, although several states havent voted yet, including the big one California, of course hoping to discourage people from voting, making them think it's over because she sayz so, or she gives inaccurate figures that she is 3 million votes ahead of Sanders ... but still considering the remaining states, it makes me question "How can she claim what hasnt happened or been officially counted yet?" ... what about the several hundred Superdelegates that dont vote till the convention?, how will they vote?, ... are they under an obligation, that they are 'supposed' to vote Clinton? That's really 'democratic' of her to say as a U.S Presidential candidate, eh? ... I actually agree with her that it's a done deal as I wrote here 3 years ago as far as the 'deal' is concerned. And NO, Donald Trump is NOT an alternative, regardless of how many positive things he sayz on trade or American greatness, bringing jobs back from China or related, Trump is basically a 'hustler' is all, and Speaker Paul Ryan only may embrace him, if Trump is willing to put entitlement reform and Social Security cuts/ reform on the table to negotiate, and Trump in his own words is a NEGOTIATOR, who has a past history of supporting Social Security cuts/ reform/ individual investment options, the cuts being to what he call's 'mass fraud', however, how do you make a case for fraud and on what grounds, that are not right now in effect and being investigated right now? ... in other word's, who will 'redefine' through legislation what is 'fraud', especially coming from those who legalize fraud, bribery and inside trading for 'themselves' legislatively. In all fairness, the Trump party line is that he opposes Social Security cuts because he doesnt look at it as an entitlement, but a business contract of sort that should be paid and honoured ... but I dont buy for a minute that he wouldnt be open to negotiating cleverly presented legislation and proposals. Paul Ryan is a much stronger leader, politically sharper, and a real winner politically if he ever gained ground than Trump (I see Ryan as a future Presidential candidate), and you dont want Ryan to run things, believe me, but a man like Ryan would tell Trump what to do. First some newsread and video below, then after I will add some additional input to this posting.

Political Group 'Brand New Congress' Modeled After Bernie Sanders ... Thanx to MSNBC

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**** DONT JUST BLAME the establishment politics for the problems we have today, some of the blame can go to the American people as well, for millions not voting as we should, and for not applying enough pressure and demand in politics ... and you can start with blaming PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF ... as I tell younger folks at my kids or grandkids age ... I AM PARTLY TO BLAME. What I mean by this, is take me for example, I been voting for these establishment parties/ politicians for 4 decades ... there were other political movements and plenty of candidates over the years to also choose from, maybe not as strong as the establishment duopoly of Democrat/ Republican, but they did exist. I didnt even keep up with politics until I got online in 2008, before that time for 3 decades, I just voted what the mainstream was pushing, I never even looked at that much of the background of candidates and the Democrat and Republican parties ... just going on what they said in their campaign talk and taking their word, so I voted the same ole same for years, and just took it that the Democrats and Republicans were the answer to fix everything and keep everything in check, and to move this country in a more beneficial direction for all in our country. Even though I had access to all kinds of alternative political information available to me, and knew a few people personally that were involved with revolutionary political ideas and change, I ignored much and was just caught up in my lifestyle and failed to utilize all the tools that we have as Americans ... by doing this, I feel like I in some way failed my country as a voter. So much blame can go to folks like me and those of my generation who for decades kept supporting that which was clearly taking this country in the wrong direction. In my case for example, I started this blog/ journal in 2008, I been writing about the problems in this country and our politics corruption since then, and you can see that I pinpointed these problems over and over, yet I still up till now in 2016, have supported the establishment politics in my voting habits ... and for this I apologize and admit my mistakes to those younger generations who are feeling the hurt and witnessing what they are experiencing now ... DONT make the same mistakes us like your parents and grandparents made by supporting this political garbage that is peddled on you. I have confidence that our future generations will abandon what we have ... seeing and experiencing what we have allowed to go on for years. The future of our world and country is not so much what I or my generation wants, or what these petty decades old bitch fights between this right and left duopoly wants, or what the establishment committee's of these 2 major political parties and their inside battles that been going on for decades wants ... it is about what our kids and grandkids want, and to try to encourage and support them to pursue their goals and vision, because they are our future.



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The great thing about this new grassroots organization is that they have  a plan and agenda/ platform with a large support block that is progressive to focus on change within the House of Representatives and Senate, there is alot of seats that will be challenged, and this will be starting all over the nation right away, so many will be inspired and work in this, there is opportunity to raise millions in small donations to give financial support to new candidates, so it should be fairly well organized. The reason why this is importante is because all you hear in these primaries and throughout the rest of this voting year is about Presidential candidates, not much about people running in Congress and the Senate, the corporate media is forced to focus on this because that is what they are paid to do, your congressional members on both sides have to spend most of their time telemarketing/ panhandling for money (CBS 60 Minutes) ... to try to get more money than their opponent in their rival party, so it's all basically a race to get all the money you can from banks, corporations and wealthy donors, or they're walking out instead of doing their job when they have the red- ass (pissed off for not getting their way), and take long vacations all through the rest of the year. There are many that need to be discarded and replaced right now in the House and Senate, remember, they all are very critical in passing legislation ... even more than a President in some cases, so focusing on them is a big plus. There are many people that will gladly accept the jobs, and will really work hard for the benefit of the people of our country, for the salaries and benefits that we give our members of Congress and the Senate, we shouldnt have any shortage of applicants ... we have now many ingrates occupying those seats who have no regard for us and just pocket millions on the side, as if what we give them is nothing. The reason that I focus so much on those who call themselves 'progressive' in this journal is because of the critical issues that we face in this particular era, and those are mainly the ones that are taking any action as far as trying to save what democracy and liberties we do have left ... the rest are just playing political games and kissing corporations/ bankers asses, many are corrupt to the core of both the Democrat and Republican establishment and not doing much of nothing for our country. I assume from what I see in the news today that if you have Presidential candidates of Clinton and Trump running for the Oval Office, that much focus for the next several months will be on sexcapades of sort as well, being that Trump is already talking about the various sexual affairs/ encounters of Bill Clinton, which of course will escalate into Clinton fighting back and talking about Trump's affairs, women or whatever, what women are ugly or hot, who's a sexist, or related, which will burn up alot of mainstream coverage as well, because many people that are sexually repressed or whatever related enjoy hearing about those things ... so your corporations and big money donors will try to push that as much as possible in the medias that they own, as well as terrorists coming to get us, to try to suppress serious issues on trade deals, defense spending and waste, etc.

I look at these moves by folks like 'Brand New Congress' to be a real positive, and of course you have many other groups that are popping up and existing ones. Another positive to this, is the 'Brand New Congress' plans to connect with moderate Republican voters and just anyone who is sick of the politics as usual from both sides, because there are many on the right as well that feel shut out ... this is why I look at these kind of movements as a new type of 'Citizens United'. As I have pointed out throughout these series and journal, there is a growing number of folks as you can see talking to your neighbours and folks around your communities and social circles, that are just tired of the good/ evil and left/ right thing, people are now starting to realize after being trampled by this duopoly of power that they are getting the shaft decade to decade ... I myself been voting for these mainstream politics for 40 years now, I have tried my damnedest like millions of other Americans, to give them the benefit of doubt, but yet the corruption of these folks just has grown greater by the year. First to tackle the voting suppression and rigged type systems from state to state that are designed to elect the status quo is importante, as well as cutting as much money as possible out of these elections from billionaire entities, then focusing on trade, education, environment, labour rights and a whole list of other issues that these groups are ready and eager to challenge. Many Americans can find some common ground if they just ignore most of the left/ right game and focus on what this country needs, I am confident in this. I was watching primetime mainstream news last night on the tele as Clinton declared her nomination, and she just basically said that she is the nominee and that Senator Sanders needs to do his job now ... I dont understand what she means by this? ... I assume what she meant was to concede and endorse her, her circle and the DNC or whatever. However, I really dont see any reason why he should just concede right now, after all, the elections are still in progress ... and as far as her saying the Senator should do his job ... he been doing his job for several decades, there is a clear record of it, I would suggest that Secretary Clinton do her job and try being the progressive champion that she been calling herself and really show some work to back it up, instead of just highsiding and selling woof tickets ... if and when she does that, I will be first in line to credit her. I dont see what Senator Sanders owes her or the DNC frankly, especially the way they have treated him and his supporters ... I mean ... speaking from my view ... I wouldnt feel I owe them anything ... what in Hell would I possibly owe you besides my taxes?, but of course ... that is up to Senator Sanders and his supporters.

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