Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIT/ F- U to EU 2016: Reliance on DEFIANCE & Garnishment 4 the ESTABLISHMENT ... w/ INFIDEL753 & RT NEWS ... The "Anarchy in the UK" Edition ... (The AWAKENING PT.42) & (THE END MUST BE NEAR PT.8)- (INFIDEL753 PT.2)

#BREAKING NEWS*! BREXIT HAS PASSED! Britain Leaves EU! World Going Mad! The END Is Near! ... Thanx to DOCKIDDS

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It's really time for another posting of the end must be near, and this posting will serve "The Awakening", "The End Must Be Near" and "Infidel753" series of this journal/ blog ... to take a looksy at a fairly historic piece that broke out when the Brit's left the EU yesterday, basically telling the EU establishment "Fuck You". The Mainstream media all over U.S. today is full of hysteria, listening to them can make you bite your nails to the bone, so instead of linking to anyone like CNN, ABC, NBC, etc ... I chose to let the opening video at the top of the posting handle what has been hours of doom and gloom in MSM, this guy done it in 1 minute, and of course as usual ... the end is near! {:-) I also heard the usual propaganda this week, that those who want to exit the EU are neanderthal type morons, racists, nationalists, nazi's and the usual. I rely on defiance to keep the flames of change burning, bottom line here is this ... many people are sick and tired of the shit, the corporatized neoliberalism of today, the passive ass sucking to the establishment way of business as usual, sick of pay cuts, union busting with jobs being contracted out to cheap foreign labour, austerity, unfair trade deals, pre- paid politics, etc. An establishment of so called democracy and free market, that does nothing but rob and regulate the world, while the thieves doing it deregulate themselves through buying politicians, alwayz needing austerity measures and to garnish the people of anything they can get their bloody hands on ... and with this politipop- culture of thinking ... they have us thinking that this is the way to make us all a big happy familia globally, by screwing the people to make these ingrates at the very top of the food chain a load of money/ capital/ assets. And when folks fight back and resist this type of behaviour, I'm all for them ... I think it's time to impose austerity on these overfed ingrates and garnish their funds and assets! ... which is one of the reasons I started this "Awakening" series, to have a chronology of it. Below I chose Infidel753 who done an excellent piece on this Brexit called "Independence", then some video from RT with views from global market financial expert Patrick Young, Ed Harrison of 'Boom Bust', and Max Keiser of RT's 'Keiser Report'. At the bottom of the posting a little song/ video I wanted to dedicate to our UK friends.

***** INFIDEL753: "INDEPENDENCE!!" ... (blog article read)

'Here's the Twist'- Patrick Young shares optimism about UK economy ... Thanx to RT

Financial Outlook: Market, currency questions rise after Brexit ... Thanx to RT




***** PD/ RCJ: "INFIDEL753" PART 1


Motley Crue- Anarchy in the UK Live @ Carnival of Sins ... Thanx to memberofamotleycrew **** a song I wanted to dedicate to our UK friends, one of my favourite covers of the Sex Pistols classic here by Motley Crue ... this will be added also in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"




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Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the link! Yes, it's astonishing, all this hysteria, name-calling, and total incomprehension from people who should know better or at least be open-minded. Astonishing and profoundly disappointing.

Ranch Chimp said...

No, Thank You for the posting. Disappointing and astonishing? ... it is ... simply because alot of folks wont take time to think out of the box for a minute. I can understand especially the younger generations wanting more peace and global acceptance, understanding, interaction, etc ... and I am confident that this will come about in the future ... these ingrates at the top use our desires and needs to take advantage of us ... we want something ... they devise a fancy bundle package of bullshit to sell us ... that is designed to make them the winners ONLY. Thanx for your voice here Infidel.