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PROGRESSIVE PLATFORM PLANSFORMATION: Flexing the MUSCLE & BUSTLE of The SHAKER MAKER ... The "Sell- Out or Buy- Out" Edition ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.32)



This posting will serve as Part 32 of the "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" series of this journal/ blog ... and Thank You again to Bernie for staying in this race to the finish line and beyond. What inspires this posting is a growing concern among Sanders supporters that Bernie may be selling out by not running as an independent, or running with Jill Stein and the Green Party, I also had a few people here in Dallas tell me that they are voting Green Party now ... and I understand totally with the amount of disrespect they have received from the establishment Democratic Party, and just sick and tired of the same garbage. I dont look at what Bernie is doing as 'selling out', I look at what he is doing as 'buying out' if anything ... I could be wrong about his intentions, but that's how it looks to me ... using his muscle and bustle to shake things up in the Democratic Party and to try to attempt to transform it. Bernie is a mover and shaker who been in the trenches for over a half century, he's no rookie or dummy ... Bernie is in a position to use his muscle as influence, the muscle being the millions of voters that he has inspired and took in, this kind of pressure can get some things done. Regardless of the talk out of some establishment Democratic snobs in the party that say they dont need those millions of Sanders supporters (Washington Post), they can use those voters and they know it ... they just have their noses up their asses is all, and think their shit dont stink. They're concerned ... or there wouldnt be key establishment Democrats from the President on down trying to negotiate in conference with Sanders, and even offering to work on establishing a plan for a strong progressive platform at their convention (one that they couldnt create on their own) ... so this talk for several months that he's nothing and a fringe lunatic that doesnt know how things work, and nothing he sayz can work, or related nonsense is corporate/ banking/ media fed bullshit talk ... believe me, he knows well how shit worx in that cesspool up there, and is exactly why he exposes it. Bernie knows that one of these 2 parties is going to win and dominate the houses in Congress, and he knows that if he did run as an independent/ another party he would have to start from scratch, and much that he done would be blotted out of the mainstream, and he could not make the impact that we need under the current conditions and circumstances in the existing Democratic Party. Bernie is what ignited if anything the Democratic Party, what if he never ran with them? ... what would they have on their platform or agenda? ... just some talk about continuing and building on Obama, besides just pointing out how evil the Republicans are? ... which is sweet and nice ... but much more is needed, the Obama Administration had their 8 years, it's time to move beyond that. Half the issues that Bernie is raising alone would have been avoided if Bernie didnt bring them in the spotlight ... and 'if' we can get half of them addressed in the new administration of Democrats, that is an accomplishment from what they have now.

I support Bernie Sanders decision to do this the way he is, and think that it is the best shot we have at this time ... I am confident in him, and been for several years now, even emailing his office several years back and damn near begging him to run for President. There is a good chance that this can work, there is alot of new people coming into the political arena that have more progressive ideas for change, and even unheard groups like 'Brand New Congress' in the trenches that have great ideas for change across the country on local levels ... basically doing what Republicans done so well with their state to state strategy, which the establishment Democrats have ignored for some time ... thinking that only the northeast corridor of the U.S. is the political center of the universe, and ignoring many of the red/ Republican dominated areas of the country ... face it, the Democratic Party has been so concerned with politics and kissing Wall Street's ass, that they lost touch with the people, and simply moved to the corporate right. If progressives can put together a good platform for the Democratic Party, this should really inspire people across the country to contribute and get involved, get out to vote, etc ... which means in turn that the Democrats should have no problemo winning a majority in the houses as well as winning the Oval Office. What do Republicans have going for them, or to offer, eh? ... I mean, look at their platform and agenda that they made clear for years ... I will give credit though to the Republican Party for at least their honesty, they just come straight out and tell you that they're fixin to screw you, and cut into everything you have and worked for ... from our pensions to our publicly owned amenities/ services to our own properties. If it wasnt for several million die hard old schooler Republicans and the evangelical/ fundamoralists, Hell, they wouldnt even have a pot to piss in ... their idea of good business is only making a shitload of profits for multi- national corporations/ investors, who frankly dont give rats ass about this country except for what they take from us. This move to press progressive changes in Washington will take those millions who Bernie inspired the most to apply muscle and pressure in the Democratic Party, and keep the pressure on them. Getting the money out of politics in this country is very importante, and it CAN be done ... right now the Democrats like the Republicans are forced to rely on corporate/ banking money to run any kind of campaign, it dont have to be that way ... and this talk out of establishment Democrats about getting rid of 'unaccountable campaign money' is a silly worthless sales pitch that dont mean nothing ... all that does, is say they want to force the big money to identify themselves and come out in the open ... it DOES NOT get rid of the money. The voting in this country needs to be at the top of the list as well, I have read up so much on how voting and elections are done across the country and how each and every state has a different complex system that is too easy to manipulate, I couldnt believe just how screwed up it actually is ... I was thinking that this country has to one of the top countries with the most undemocratic and corrupt complicated type system. But there are a whole buffet of other issues  as well that need to be addressed as Bernie points out.

I understand as well as anyone who are Bernie supporters who want to vote another Party, write in a candidate or whatever ... I am disgusted myself with it ... and ashamed of how long I've supported some of these ingrates, I been voting in this establishment crap for 40 years and been blogging about this cesspool for 8 years ... you should vote whats in your heart, I honestly dont know how I will vote, and this is the first time in 40 years of voting, that I have no idea how I will vote, that shows how lousy the choices are. But I think careful thought should be given to what Bernie proposes, if Bernie ran as an independent, I would vote for him in a heartbeat ... but he is NOT, and for a reason, due to the current condition and circumstances ... and right now I am going to trust his judgement. If you vote Democrat as a Sanders movement supporter, you will at least have a chance to have progressive ideas heard and negotiated on a national level stage, instead of just social media, you will also be still supporting the Bernie revolutionary movement ... and he is pushing this harder than anyone and has done so much ... he deserves the respect and support for all he has done. If you can get this Democratic Party elected in a majority, you have several progressive watchdogs that will apply pressure on the floor now during legislation, and hold folks feet to the fire while exposing them, and you will get mainstream coverage as well as social/ alternative media  ... in 4 years time, you will be able to see through their/ Democrats actions in Congress and the Oval Office, if they are for real or just go back to playing games as usual ... after that 4 years if they have NOT done an efficient job ... you go to a 'Plan B' and walk. More from Bernie below ... and Happy Fathers Day to Bernie as well!

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