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President Nixon Declares Drug Abuse "Public Enemy Number One" ... Thanx to RICHARD NIXON FOUNDATION

This posting will be to highlight the American Drug War 45 year anniversary, since it's been that long since President Richard Nixon introduced it in his speech above in June of 1971. And this is not just the worx of Nixon, he had to respond as President to a concern, every President ... Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W.Bush Sr, W.J.Clinton, W.Bush Jr and Obama has contributed to the growth of this, and only 2 parties in American politics have pushed all the legislation ... the Democrats and Republicans. This posting will also serve 3 series of this journal/ blog ... "Profits & Potfits", "Incarcerated American" & "War on Drugs" ... and this is another issue that there can never be enough focus, political pressure and media on in these times. While we alwayz hear in the news about the war on drugs, wars on other nations to occupy them usually for corporate/ banking/ political reasons, wars on what should be basic rights in any so called democracy ... or even a half- assed democracy like America, or many of the other wars that are manufactured and directed against citizens of our country and of the globe, the talk of who our number one enemies are, whether it's a terror/ resistance group that we inspired, armed and financed in some way ... or these so called drug cartels that we also create from our actions, etc ... our true enemy are our own legislators and leaders that are drug cartels by definition in their actions. First of all, there are FAR MORE effective wayz to deal with the drug issue in this country ... one of several examples that come to mind would be Seattle's approach with their LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) alternative method, this saves taxpayers a bundle, it allows police to not have to waste time on jailing/ booking to where they can focus on actual crime and protecting the community, it reduces unnecessary incarceration and has some control over the addiction issue and actual rehabilitation. The system we have now simply is out of control expense, and feeds people through a system that keeps them in a cycle and environment that is destructive to the addict as well as our country and communities. This system we have of dealing with the drug issue, has been simply a cash cow for people exploiting this to line their pockets with our tax money, and legislation that allows this. Below I chose some videos and links from mainstream and alternative media that show the evolution of pollution that this created simply because of our monetary gateway addiction to these manufactured wars ... and where we stand 45 years later after this particular war and cesspool of misery that it made our nation and other nations fall into. After I will add my part to it ....

War On Drugs: What You NEED To Know About Mandatory Prison Sentences ... Thanx to Learn Liberty

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Civil Asset Forfeiture: The Police Perspective (Ted Nelson- retired Michigan State Police) ... Thanx to Mackinac Center **** original video changed out

***** NEW YORK TIMES/ WORLD: Global Debate Over War on Drugs Heads to U.N.General Assembly ... (newread)

***** CNN/ POLITICS: Report: Aide says Nixon's war on drugs targeted blacks, hippies ... (newread/ video)


***** PD/ RCJ: "PROFITS & POTFITS" (Cannabis Entrepreneurialism & "Growing" Markets) ... PART 1





Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp & daughter Bear

These dayz you have more lobbies than ever to fight against the legalization of a simple and harmless herb/ product like marijuana, it's not the parents these dayz complaining about something like pot/ marijuana so much, it's the beer/ alcohol distributors, prison guard and police unions, pharmaceutical corporations, low level bullshit defense attorneyz who make easy money off bundling low level plea bargain drug cases, private/ corporate prisons milking local and federal tax dollars ... a long list of folks that want to have things like marijuana illegal. But due to the mass corporatization and addiction to squeeze that extra buck/ dollar ... they have spread this addiction far and wide globally over the years, now many countries are wondering if they should have even followed America's advice and manufactured war on drugs, American citizens are sick and tired of the money milking, the asset forfeiture laws and their thin grounds that make it where anyone, even innocent of criminal drug activity, can have their money, property or children taken. We have made it a common practice, that if you dont have a law enforcement drug task force that is official or funded by federal, state, local tax dollars ... well Hell ... just create a task force in the name of the classic 'good vs. evil' excuse to focus on new wayz to rip off citizens of their property and money, and lock their kidz up on bunk charges to rake in more revenues on top of it ... so you created a 'gateway drug' of addiction to making a buck/ dollar ONLY, nothing else ... nothing of any benefit overall has come out of this for societies except for those that peddle/ push these policies for their profiteers. We have pharmaceutical companies raking in billions nowadayz peddling their opiate based drugs and amphetamines to millions, of course all 'good' drugs ... not 'evil' ones ... then when the person runs out of money, insurance or whatever, and they cant pay the over- inflated prices no more of the pharma drug ... they have to run to the street to get that cheap bump/ fix of meth or heroin ... the pharma company dont give a shit, they're doing what they are supposed to do, which is maximizing profits for their shareholders, the same as the private prison industry that makes a fortune over incarcerating folks on related addictive or recreational usage/ possession/ transport/ delivery. Many politicians dont give a shit or cant stomach to think of it and turn their heads, because they need to peddle the legislation to get politically financed ... nor are some of them even aware of the reality and condition in society that they help create.

But 45 years after clearly shows that the whole thing and policies have been a total failure like much else and an enormous waste of money. Some folks like lobbyist Paul Curry of the California Correctional Supervisor's Association use the classic excuse, that if marijuana wasnt dangerous, the federal government would have changed the law ... an excuse that you would have to be totally brainwashed or high on drugs to buy, on the other hand they are quick to keep the federal government out of their lives and states on other issues, so the hypocrisy is enormous as well. As far as the jobs it creates for law enforcement and revenues it creates, and those detention officers ... there are plenty of jobs available for detention services and law enforcement, and still plenty of work for these low budget plea deal bundle attorneyz ... even without the war on drugs, so that is fear bullshit as well, or people whining that it cant be done, remember, that people who alwayz make excuses as to why something cant be done, are people who dont get anything done. Also, drug addiction is a disease and illness, marijuana doesnt fall into that category though ... and marijuana can be used for not only medicinal purposes, but recreation too ... so its damn good business, more harmless than alcohol and generates plenty of tax revenues. There is also plenty of business expansion and job creation with serious drug problem needs, in having more social services/ agencies to help people with serious drug addictions, it's a 'business' too, so you dont need to lock them up, as a matter of fact, there would be a decrease in crimes across the board with treatment instead of incarceration ... penal institutions should be for crimes, not for diseases/ illnesses, so the whole approach to the drug issue is all ass- backwards, and fiscally irresponsible as far as where spending needs to be added and where cuts need to be made. Credit to those states who have made progress on legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, it simply needs to be all legalization though on a national level. New legislation needs to be force- fed on government, after all, that's their job ... and reform of all the laws that incarcerate folks on non- criminal offenses, 3 strikes out laws and mandatory minimum sentences, should only be for serious habitual crimes, not everything that they applied them to, so this is what needs immediate atencion since were all concerned over spending and the problems that comes from drugs. There now are growing numbers of movements and awareness with people, that are starting to focus on this stronger than ever ... Hell ... this crap has went on for over 4 decades and dont even serve any purpose that it was meant to. So the real war like on much of our other issues should focus on a war against those in government that legislate this rubbish in our own country.

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