Monday, June 6, 2016

INSIDE SAUDI ARABIA/ EMPIRE FILES: America's Baloney Matrimony & OILY ASS WORSHIP FETISH of Saudi SUPERIORITY ... The "Hypocrisy & Theocracy" Edition ... (ARAB WORLD TENSIONS PT.8) & (ABBY MARTIN PT.2)

This posting will serve as Part 8 of "Arab World Tensions" and Part 2 of "Abby Martin" series for this journal/ blog (I been following Abby's work for several years and wanted to have a series in this journal of her) ... to look at a piece Abby done on Saudi Arabia and the decades old history of the United States marriage to this theocracy, the constant fetishistic ass kissing behind oil ... and the rest of the baloney that comes out of our political mouthpiece puppets here. The Arab lobby power here in the U.S. is incredible just by itself, which is behind all the business we do with them and their influence on even our elections and Presidential candidates, yet, we havent a thing in common with these folks besides money/ oil/ arms business interests ... it's one thing to have a business relationship with someone that you may not have much in common with, but another thing to give 24/ 7/ 365 ass worship service to them, hold hands, wine and dine with them ... and actually praise them for their so called reform on human rights or whatever else related. The hypocrisy of our politicians is incredible as well ... they tell us how they are for rights of women, gays, workers, etc ... then they condemn people like ISIS for beheading executions, rape, oppression, dictating, etc, then praise another country and regime doing the same thing, and call them their best friends out of the other side of their mouth and treat them and their theocratic values as superior to us, nothing beats the American bullshit that comes out of some of the piece of shit politicians that we have so called representing us and our country, many of which are just weak ass kissing individuals, and of no value to our own country and people ... and in my view are an embarrassment to our own country. Some may think that we may influence folks like Saudi Arabia to change their wayz, perhaps be even halfway of a democracy or whatever ... after dealing with and supporting them 110% for well over a half century, how much do you think they have changed? Is this what we call sharing and spreading democracy? ... so you can see my point on just how full of shit and hypocritical America is, eh? Some American's will think I am just naive, and dont understand how the world worx ... which is fine ... but I question "why is this acceptable if we are advocates of freedom and democracy?" ... and "why in Hell should we support it?".

I met a guy several years ago here in Dallas that I'm still in contact with, he does pretty well here as an entrepreneur of sort, basically he buys homes/ townhomes in the Dallas- Fort Worth area and leases them out, before he came here he had worked for the Saudi government for many years, and over a decade of that service in Saudi Intelligence ... but when we first met ... I told this man (I wont mention his name), I figured that Saudi Arabia must be a great place to live as far as living standards and the abundance of wealth, impressive world class infrastructure, college kids driving import luxury vehicles, etc, etc ... he told me that what I read in American newspapers and see on the tele is not what Saudi Arabia is about and basically a smokescreen. But what he told me of this country as far as the extreme poverty, heavy oppression and much else was shocking to me ... I never would have thought this from what little I knew about Saudi Arabia that we see in the mainstream news ... we talk alot about politics and about what goes on in that part of the world, so it has been interesting and enlightening for me. My wife many years ago touched on it in small chat with me as far as women's rights only, my wife spent a couple years in Iran (Tehran) until the late 1970's revolution when she left, but visited Saudi Arabia too. When I talk to this guy about our ass kissing to some of these regimes in the middle east and the Saudi's, or our interventions/ occupations/ wars and related, he agrees with me ... but when I talk with some Americans and give my views ... many look at me in a negative way ...they seem to feel a need to kiss their asses too, and I dont fit in with their neo- liberated 2 faced views I guess. I frankly dont see how we can praise these folks, it's bad enough that we have to defensively support them and beg to do business with them ... no, I am not understanding when it comes to these things or their culture ... in fact ... I dont want it anywhere around me, I do not have values anything close to that, I wouldnt support any government who would treat my mom, wife, daughter, friends like this if they had their way.

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Infidel753 said...

Sausi Arabia's treatment of women and gays should make it as ostracized as South Africa was in the apartheid era. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia has oil.

But we won't be dependent on oil forever.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hello Infidel ... when I look at oil, I see how much the industry, market and technology has changed over the last half century, yet the major players have NOT changed. I also see a much larger choice as far as our current needs to choose to do business with, I realize that there are deep rotted obligations as far as original oil deals made with the people of Saudi Arabia that we need to honour, but I also think that we could use more of our own reserves and western supplies, instead of ratholing and storing which will clearly be not needed as much as it was in the past for our energy needs, just as you pointed out in your last sentence. I also feel that sometimes, even though much middle east intervention and occupation is on behalf of these oil interests and to secure the flow to market/ consumer ... that we are just trying to make a bundle off of some of these countries and even indirectly promoting destabilization in an arms/ defense 'sales' race ... which will also be in less demand in the future as far as what is needed for adequate defense because also of technological development of defense. Thank You for your voice here Infidel ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing I wanted to add here Infidel ... is when you look at the math as far as the business/ capital gains are concerned ... I have to question "who is the biggest hustlers and winners?" ... sure, Saudi's (a limited few within the royal hierarchy) are making a fortune ... but compared to the gains/ profits that are being made by the oil companies, the Saudi's are just getting a small fraction, while another hand comes at them from the west, to get back a substantial percentage of them profits/ gains by peddling overpriced high tech defense equipment and making money off of destabilization in the region ... and even the America taxpayers are getting burned (not just the Saudi's) because we have legislation designed by these energy giants to subsidize any significant losses and investments ... in an odd way we are both getting fucked and milked by these corporations, which we may say is 'great business' ... but how great is it when we still depend on smaller business and middle classes for 3/4 of our GDP and to sustain growth ... most of the big gains are not going to any of our countries, but to a handful of corporate controlled oligarchs globally, while country after country are having to cut and forced into making austerity measures to feed these oligarchs ... sooner or later ... the globe (not just an individual country) will wake up.

As far as rights for women, LGBT, workers or anyone ... the top corporate crust loves t keep the struggles all going, to play us a piece at a time ... rights that shouldnt even have to be challenged, because they should be guaranteed in any civilized society just to function properly ... this is why the top crust also loves religion ... to keep as far as the struggle and at war and each others throats ... because they gain more capital off our miseries, and religious theocracies and their societies are still dumb enough to not see they're getting burned in the process.