Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Day in the Life of an ARSONIST: Dedication in DIRE Conditions & Getting the JOB DONE ... The "FEEL the BURN" Edition ... (HELLUVA F'N DAY PT.11)

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This will be a Part 11 for the "Helluva F'n Day" series for this journal/ blog ... to highlight a young man, who was so dedicated to getting the job done, that when he caught fire, he acted quickly to find some grass next door to roll around on, then threw away his burning tennis shoe after ... "feeling the burn", limped back to the hair salon, so he could finish the job ... now that's dedication in dire conditions, and what I call "getting the job done", eh!? I cant tell you the guyz name, or even what his reason was ... it was a hair salon though, so maybe his lady accomplice may have inspired the job, who knows ... but leaving that tennis shoe behind wasnt wise, and possibly prints on anything left behind he handled, surveillance footage of the vehicle and a female companion ... I would guess in a town the size of Madisonville, it wont be long before he and the lady are captured. Lt. Willie "Poe- leece" Poe of the Madisonville PD credits the security cameras ... so you know they will be dead on your ass too! Nonetheless, this day must have been a Hell of a fucken day for you guy ... read and video below! ... Word Out ....

The Worst Arsonist in History Sets Self On Fire ... Thanx to POLICE CENTER

***** USA TODAY: Bungling arsonist sets himself on fire in Kentucky ... (newsread)




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