Friday, August 19, 2016


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This posting will be Part 5 of the "America's Vote Boat" series of this journal/ blog, and Part 10 of the "Corporatcommunazica" series. The name "corporatcommunazica" I just made up from combining the words corporate, communism, nazism and America, which I thought was more fitting of what America is today ... instead of names like a "republic" or a "democracy", when it comes to certain topics in this series ... with the usual happy talk and trimmings, I mean ... why not call things for what they really are, eh? It's common talk these dayz out of corporate controlled politicians and media to say "we get it" ... No, you dont get it ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... the American people have alot of issues to deal with themselves, so this isnt just about ISIS, somebody's email, tax statements, or the rest of the pointless nonsense that not a bloody damn thing most likely will be done about anywayz, nor is it about the next terror fear card. When they say about what they have done to make us safe from terrorism ... tell that to the dead victims of foreign and domestic terrorists that are 6'ft under or cremated ... while out of the other side of their mouth, they will tell you they dont like guns, or for you as a citizen to own them ... yet while telling you this, those politicians are surrounded by guns to protect them and their masters 24/ 7, and order others to use guns against those foreign and domestic that they feel are disobedient, or out of order, while innocent people get killed as a result. Sure, you have done plenty to protect yourselves 24/ 7 and the oligarchs that you slave to, but your decades of policies are what inspires much of the terrorism, domestic protest/ civil disobedience and much crime to begin with ... that everyone else has to pay the price for ... so dont pat yourself on the back, and run your damn mouth about how "great" you are, or how "progressive" you are, cause you're not of much value to the majority of American people, until you change things, eh? Sure, you may be highly valued to the corporations, banks and some foreign governments that you kiss the asses of 24/ 7/ 365 ... but there is MORE to America and it's diversity and issues than just those, eh? But opening the debates more will not harm a thing, the 2 major parties already have all the money, media and control and a rigged deck ... what could they possibly be afraid of with all their power, they may actually learn something, eh?

I really never knew much about the behind the scenes of the Presidential debates and how they are orchestrated, so I decided to look into it a little to try to pick up a little education on it. Though I realize that there has been alot of corporate decision making when it comes to producing and media, and the amount of input and control you need to have to at least make it balanced as possible for the viewers, and try to have as balanced of a view of issues possible, with dialogue that doesnt get too out of control between candidates. But some of what I was reading is just ridiculous and rigged and controlled beyond belief ... it's shameful enough alone, that only 9% of Americans even chose to vote for the 2 candidates that we have (New York Times) ... even the corporate mainstream media has tried to diversify things more, having town halls of Libertarian and Green Party candidates, because of how tasteless, plastic, pre- paid and repetitive this nonsense is, they're looking at their polls and ratings, and seeing that even their corporate bosses are making an embarrassment of them and the debates. If there is a time that deserves to make changes in the debates ... this is it, or else you will have nothing left to sell, mesmerize or excite the American people with for these 2 parties in future elections, which are as much fossils as the fossil fuels they try to repackage and peddle off to you in the 21st century. Opening the debates may even get more Americans off their asses to vote, eh? ... folks want to hear more views instead of months and months of the same bland rehashed trash and bitch fights ... at the same time, those and the tax payers that spend out the ass to put on this show, will at least if anything, get more bang for their $$bucks$$. More from Zaid Jilani and Jeff Cohen below ... Word Out ....


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