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COLIN KAEPERNICK 2016: Taking a STAND by SITTING ... to the Injustice Among Us ... The "STAND YOUR GROUND" Edition ... (PUBLIC PATRIOTS PT.46)- (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.25)

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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick Refuses to Stand for National Anthem During 49ers vs Packers Pre Game ... Thanx to MARK DICE

***** NBC/ SPORTS: Colin Kaepernick's Protest is Part of Long Sports Tradition ... (newsread/ video)


This posting will serve as Part 46 of the "Public Patriots" series, and Part 25 of the "Police Brutality" series of this journal/ blog ... to highlight a widespread news piece and national outrage this week concerning San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand for the National Anthem before a game, and his reasons. I chose to open the posting at top with a video of criticism of Colin as example of how some American football fans feel about this, many are burning their 49ers/ Kaepernick football jerseys, or buying some just to burn on YouTube, I wouldnt burn my Dallas Cowboys training shorts for instance, if Cowboys done something I didnt agree with, which cost $40 bucks (on sale price at that), but to each their own ... under the above video I added some newsread from NBC/ Sports for a briefing. I even heard from a couple guyz here in Dallas on this where they thought it was not right for Colin to do this, however, I told the guyz that I supported Colin for it 110%, and explained why. I not only support what Colin did, but consider him a type of "public patriot" if anything for using his position to bring this issue more open in the mainstream ... this guy has alot more to lose than many of us who have an opinion on it, I like to see people in a position like him stand up for justice, because there is too much injustice among us, too much political correctness, too much plastic mass produced and packaged patriotism, sweeping our issues under the rug and related bullshit ... this IS the American thing to do as much as an American tradition. A major part of Colin's defiance is because of the police brutality that is way out of control in this country, and much directed at people of colour. Many say that we have a black President, black Attorney General(s), judges, politicians, black police chiefs, etc, etc ... the thing is ... what are any of these people in their positions regardless of their skin colour doing to stop this? ... after all, they make the laws and standards, do they not? ... I mean, if they're not doing nothing but lip service, when they have the power to do something ... then what the fuck good are they on these issues, eh?

As far as the talk about Colin's biological parents or the parents who adopted him and their skin colours or class status, etc ... it is immaterial to what Colin is doing. They say that it was his adopted parents, the NFL or white peoples money that made Colin what he is and enabled him to get the salary he does ... this is all bullshit as well ... Colin MADE HIMSELF what he is from hard work, vision, and discipline ... it is not so much what the NFL pays him ... but how much athletes like Colin make for the NFL (a $13 to $15 billion a year business ... expecting $25 billion by 2027 or so), he like others are their commodity, and everyone indirectly affiliated business wise makes a bundle as well from beer sales to car sales to merchandise. In fact, these players that are complained about because of their multi- million dollar salaries, usually have to retire by or before 40 years old ... because of physical demands and injuries, many also pay up to 50% of what they make in taxes, even paying taxes just to play a game in a city they visit, and Colin is still owed millions by the NFL/ 49ers ... which is more than I can say for some law makers in Washington, their corporate and banking CEO's and these others we are programmed to look "up to", that do everything they can, including manipulating tax legislation to avoid ANY taxation, or having the rest of us pay their corporate welfare subsidies. Some say that what Colin is doing is disrespectful to our military veterans or our flag? ... more pop- culture nonsense ... some of our leaders politically are the ones who disgrace our country, flag, and unfairly compensate our veterans for their service they gave, many of which are as hypocritical on that, as their pretending and giving lip service on what they want to do for America, as well as taking care of our interests, and disregarding their obligation by oath to their positions. Whether or not Colin decides to sit out another anthem at the game in San Diego tomorrow night against the Chargers, I dont know, but I will support him if he does. I chose some video of Colin explaining below what this is all about ... and Thanx to Colin for using his position to speak out.

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Colin Kaepernick explains why he won't stand during National Anthem ... Thanx to KTVU





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Infidel753 said...

The people that are insulting Kaepernick about this are ignoramuses who have no clue what the United States is all about. Freedom of expression is one of the first things guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, and that doesn't just mean freedom of expression that they approve of. His protest against injustice is exactly the kind of thing it was meant to protect.

Trump said that Kaepernick should move to some other country that suits him better, but it's the people bashing him who should move to some country where protests against the existing order of things are not allowed, since the First Amendment clearly doesn't suit them very well.

Some say that what Colin is doing is disrespectful to our military veterans or our flag?

Quite a few actual veterans -- who understand what it means to be fighting for American freedoms -- are speaking up about this.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for the link Infidel ... I didnt see that or heard any veterans responses on this. I did hear that Trump said he should find another country though ... I doubt that Trump would say that to Hershel Walker formally of Trump's USFL 1980's team (which failed) New Jersey Generals. The thing is, Colin was born and raised here ... and America is part of his culture, he is not trying to foster another culture on us, but just exercising what it is to be American and utilizing the rights we have. I know that those right wingers like Mark Dice will twist it though, and only uphold the 1st Amendment or any other Amendment besides the 2nd, when they want to push their agenda/ opinions ... many are like a "one amendment only" bunch, and that's of course the 2nd.