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LABOR DAY 2016: America's GROWING FRUITS of LABOUR ... In the Form of STOLEN WAGES ... & Reinforcing the Force to FIGHT BACK ... The "WAGE THEFT" Edition ... (AMERICAN JOBS PT.4)- (The AWAKENING PT.44)

'US prospers more with labor law protections' ... Thanx to RT AMERICA


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First of all, Happy Labor Day to American workers ... and Thanx to Ed Schultz and John Nichols for the opening video above, which is straight to the point. This posting will serve both the "American Jobs" and "The Awakening" series of this journal/ blog, and in this posting to focus on wage theft in America, and the need to press this issue more and more, because the growing fruits of our labour here in America, are getting increasingly stolen. It is a positive though to see so many around the country that has also increasingly been fighting back against this, and also Thanx to the labour movement/ unions/ action groups all over the country that been reinforcing this force to fight back. For the last few decades wages have been being chopped down, along with benefits ... and many in business using their political influence to try to block any worker organization, which is bad for business, because organized workers make the best workers and consumers ... today they use lobby powers that would rather spend millions on lobbying or even in courts, than simply saving money, if they would just do straight business and pay fairly ... which is ill decision making in my opinion from a business perspective even ... but this has became a viral culture of sort more and more ... trying to take us backward instead of forward, so it's importante to hammer it. Still some folks are reluctant to challenge their employers when getting screwed, so that is why it's importante to inspire and motivate those as well, for the benefit of the overall workforce, from minimum wage positions to more well paid positions, because this wage trend can have a ripple effect to different pay scales and occupations over time ... and it also inspires others now around the globe to fight back as well. And there is a variety of scams in use today to steal wages, and big corporations like WalMart use contractors to hire for services for example, to try to not be accountable themselves for it, temp agencies and others are part of it too, so you need to stay informed and vigilant. Right now in America, tax incentives and profits are at all time highs ... there is no reason that wages should be cut and stolen ... this is not just normal greed, but extreme greed, which is an illness and addiction, and should be treated like such ... like a bad drug/ alcohol addiction is harmful to you ... this is harmful to good business. So if and when you decide to sue some of these bastards or report them, look at yourself as doing society and them a favour, you're being patriotic even.

I linked some newsread and other info below that pertains to the wage theft and your rights, what you should and can do. I also included a lengthy 25 minute documentary video from Al Jazeera America, that I wanted in this journal anywayz in some series, but well worth the view, to show that this is not just your largest employers like McDonalds, Chipotle, or WalMart, this goes on increasingly and been for years in the restaurant/ food industry and many other smaller companies. In the video below, a waitress, Gloria Lewis of the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area, who legally fought/ challenged 3 employers ripping her off and successfully won all 3 cases, and later became a sort of advocate for workers too. Gloria points out some of the scams like, when she won her cases, she also had a type of court ordered or arbitration tribunal gag- order against her to collect her money, that she cant talk about it with anyone ... of course, this is to try to stop workers from exposing employers and inspiring folks to question and do the same, she also points out how even after they're exposed and told to pay up, how they try to nickel and dime her/ you in other wayz, like break times ... 30 minutes here and there type cheating ... or beating/ scamming you another way ... or like a Chicago dishwasher Alfredo explains too below, and some of they payroll/ debit type cards they give employees with multiple charges, and more. Also below, Florida State Senator David Simmons tries to say that the system is already overregulated on business, and the usual talk about how we should be grateful that we are the best country to work in (Huh?) ... that we should compare our conditions and wages to Southeast Asia, China and these developing countries, which is passive bullshit talk they alwayz give, or their political mouthpieces. Here's the bottom line here (and I explain more in Part 3 of American Jobs linked at the bottom of this posting) ... this is NOT Southeast Asia or China ... we are talking about our country and what we worked to establish over decades, and what we/ workers, as well as our consumers/ customers expect from employees and quality of service/ products ... so save that talk for some piss poor developing nation to tell that to. They also tell employees if they dont like it, go find another job ... what I suggest, is that employers that cant stand their own ground and run a business to take care of the employees and customers as well as the shareholders ... perhaps ya'll should find another business, or better yet, since you talk about the great cheap labour in some of these countries ... Hell ... go start up a business there (WITHOUT America's tax loopholes, home base or tax paid subsidies) ... I'm sure there are others in this country that would love to take care/ over your customer base here, eh? ... Enjoy your Labor Day and the fruits of your employment, you deserve it ... more below.

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