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PHARMAKON/ MARGARET CHARDIET: Live at NYC's Webster Hall & Interview

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**** Pharmakon- Sacred Bone Records

This entry into the music/ arts honour roll society series of this journal/ blog is to showcase the work and art of Margaret Chardiet, through her music project known as "Pharmakon". Ms. Chardiet is at the top of the list with me when it comes to post modern industrial music, today I guess they call it "noise music", although she dont consider it to be in any genre, for me, it is personal, philosophical and a reflection of the human condition ... I'm old school myself, so this is more in that line of what I remember of Throbbing Gristle, Nurse with Wound, Ruth White, etc ... even Diamanda Galas experimented with industrial/ electronic, incorporating some of it into her music, to large production classic rock musicians like Pink Floyd ... so it has quite a history going back several decades. I have an extensive collection of older industrial myself, much even out of print. Margaret comes out of the NYC area (Queens and Brooklyn), she grew up in the arts environment and New York's underground music scene, both her parents were into the arts, and were part of the punk scene, where she got influenced as well, but taking her own direction ... and instead dabbling in experimental, electronic, industrial elements ... and is a one woman show. She been at it for several years, starting at around 17 years old or so in the New York scene and has established quite a reputation, and rightfully so ... formed in 2007, with a couple albums and an EP, while touring worldwide ... even her misfortune with a serious medical condition and emergency surgery didnt slow her down. Her music is emotional, intense, and is combined with the sounds of everyday life that she picks up/ records here and there, mixed in with thrashing sharp electronics and keyboards with a pulsating deep beat and intense vocal work, where she is very interactive with her audience as well ... confronting them eye to eye, face to face, and expressing not just her feelings, but the feelings inside others. Instead of going with any studio cuts from this artist, there was a good selection of 'live performance' work that I sifted through, so I wanted to highlight a live set she done ... after there is a link with an interview with her from Dummymag I wanted to include. I look forward to her progress and future of her music career, and wish her the best ... Enjoy!

Pharmakon Live at Webster Hall on 3/ 7/ 2015 Entire set ... Thanx to ROBERT MIZAKI

***** DUMMYMAG.COM: Pharmakon interview: "You're supposed to ignore the fact that you die" ....







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