Thursday, September 8, 2016

KELLY STONE ... "DEAR FACEBOOK: IT'S A BOY!": INFLATED, INVESTIGATED & PROBATED ... Facebook Photo Censorship of Mom & Son ... The "Algorithm Puritanically Correct" Edition ... (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT.33)

**** Kelly Stone/ twitter ... (bottom to top) Kelly Stone and her son Mayne **** this photo considered as "nudity" & "sexual activity" by Facebook, pending investigation of course.

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**** I chose the above photo here ... as proper social media photo attire in America, if you choose to post a picture of your boy/ son on Facebook ... you know ... for "puritanical correctness" reasons.

This posting will serve as Part 33 of the "Sexploitation Nation" series of this journal/ blog ... of a mother, her son, and friend enjoying a day at the San Marcos River in San Marcos, Texas (between Austin and San Antonio). This is simply another case and posting that confirms some of the sexual stupidity (or I guess what some call morality) we have, and the type of neo- puritanical society that we are becoming in our force- fed puritanical correctness ... in todayz society now having our morality censored and regulated by a computer algorithm ... um, um, um ... imagine that! The Facebook photo at the top of this posting of Kelly and her son Mayne, that was taken by her friend Chris Cardoza, was censored, inflated and investigated for having content that depicts "nudity" and "sexual activity", following (while under investigation), Kelly received 7 dayz probation by Facebook from being able to use her Facebook. Sadly, Kelly like millions of others depend on Facebook (I never had much use for it), in this case Mayne's mom depends on it for her career as well, which she explains in the video/ newsread linked below, she is a local comedian, a sex health educator and college lecturer too ... millions like her, depend on this communications/ social network tool. Even 8 year old Mayne had enough sense to see this is wrong ... of course his brain hasnt been institutionalized yet like many adults. I heard rumors in the past about this censorship thing of Facebook, but never really looked into it much ... while reading up on this earlier, I seen that there is really alot of this going on ... maybe we should make our sons wear a bra like our daughters, eh? Enough from me ... more in the link below ... Word Out ....

***** KVUE/ABC24 AUSTIN: Facebook removes photo of shirtless boy with mom ... (newsread/ video)


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