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PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES 2016/ DEMOCRACY NOW: First Presidential Debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump & Jill Stein ... with "GREEN VIEW On The ECONOMY" ... The "Spirit of Democracy" Edition ... (Out of LINE with JILL STEIN PT.4)

This posting will serve as Part 4 of the "Out of Line with Jill Stein" series of this journal/ blog ... and Big Thanx to "Democracy Now" for the work they done here, I thought it was impressive work, that I wanted to have in this journal, and it's a treat for those Americans who enjoy fantasizing about what would America be like, or what the debates may look like, if we had a REAL Democracy ... instead of the corporate communism we have through neoliberalism, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... and Thanx to Jill Stein here, because you look great and done great in the debate Jill! For me, I had no interest in watching the debates, until I seen this one where there was other than just Clinton and Trump, with the usual talk between them 2 that been going on for months ... because I already had a good idea of what it would consist of as far as Clinton and Trump were concerned, and I was accurate in my assumption, having watched it now with Democracy Now. Jill was actually escorted by police from the debates site, as well as others exercising their 1st Amendment right, which you have to expect as well in our state of corporate controlled politics ... I believe she also still has a warrant for her arrest in North Dakota too (The Nation), for standing up with native Americans trying to protect their land and environment, which I also commend her for, and my advice to Jill would be to not even turn herself in, not unless you feel it's in your best interest ... otherwise, make them come and get you if they want you, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... what do they call it today? ... "civil disobedience"?, "puritanically or politically incorrect"?, "radical or extremist"? ... that'll work ... sounds good to me ... we need more of it too! {:-) Of course, Jill Stein is NOT going to be our next President, but hearing alternative views and ideas is healthy. The fact is, that 3/4 of Americans want open debates, just like 3/4 of Americans want some kind of national healthcare as well, which would NOT put insurers or medical providers out of business, but make them more competitive, nor will free colleges put your major private universities/ colleges out of business, but create a better educated new generation, and even if we were not in a climate change crisis, trying to clean up our air, waters and land, would not put oil companies out of business, but prepare us for an energy future that is coming.

The whole point here is to have other views on why our nation and politics are ill, and where are they going? ... and to have a vision that is alternative to the pre- programmed institutionalized corporate only vision for the country ... Jill Stein makes some points that are worth hearing out, they may call the ideas "radical" thinking ... or use the common responses like "it cant be done" ... "who's gonna pay for it?" etc, etc (you've heard em all) ... but we certainly have a lack of vision in much of our leadership today, and like the mainstream media, they are held hostage and kept in fear by the multinational corporate and banking powers. I'm sure some would like to talk about other wayz to make change, but they simply dont have the courage to, and are afraid to stand up against that which controls them ... an example here of how Wall Street boldly told Hillary Clinton, if she chose Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a running mate, they would finish her and their campaign support, making her pick their choice ... it is sad actually, and makes politicians weaker and weaker over time. These ideas though for real change are NOT radical, it is just common sense, that when things dont work, you try something else ... there is plenty of money out there, especially in America, to do more about education, infrastructure, healthcare, class and racial injustice, the environment, etc. ... and the proposals made to pay for what is needed, will certainly not drive the wealthy into poverty or the poor house ... they will still do very well, it is the financial responsibility as well to those who prosper most, to contribute their share to what makes their prosperity, gains and growth happen, they at the top would be first to tell you that "nothing is for free" ... so it should apply to them as well, since they are so glued to that idea. Below is linked the debates from Democracy Now with Jill, Hillary and Donald, video as well as transcript. I also wanted to close out the posting with an extra video from Jill and RT America a couple weeks or so back, where she talks about a green view on the economy ... which is something I point out in the "Global War'n'ing" series, because it's a view of how to grow employment, economy, and transitioning to renewable energies with the infrastructure that will be needed ... this is big business as well for the future investments ... the $500 billion proposed plan in my view, is one of the best plans for the economy and environment that I have heard ... Word Out ....

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Jill Stein's 'green' view on the economy ... Thanx to RT AMERICA




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