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Well ... it looks like it's time for another posting for "The End Must Be Near" series of this journal/ blog. This posting will take a look at some of the customized paranoia and bunkers that are being built here in America for our privileged "loved ones", of course many with NDA (non- disclosure agreements) contracts between the prestigious preppers (survivalism wikipedia) and the builders of these magnificent underground (or even above ground) mini mansions ... so them or their locations are not publicized. These are not your average everyday bunkers and/ or preppers that you commonly see and hear about from average preppers across the nation or even the globe, I know a few preppers here in Texas actually, within 100 miles from Dallas, of course on a much lower level, independents and contractors that build and plan their own survival strategies and alliances for both "bunk- in" and "bug- out" situations, and are armed to the teeth ... just in case it's needed ... no, I dont have any bunker myself ... am I scared? ... absolutely, I'm biting my nails, pissing my pants, and farting as I write this! heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) What's hilarious about this is ... there are many of these prestigious preppers, some of which are even the most corporate media praised as being powerful or even heroes, people of the affluent erudites category you can say ... some that have made so much on the backs of others ... without doing much of a damn thing ... that actually think they're "elite" when they hit a certain monetary mark, someone like this for example, that does nothing, knows nothing, see or hears nothing. From Hollywood to the Silicon Valley to Washington DC to Wall Street ... there are folks that also casually mock and insult with their herds of mouthpiece flunkies under them, average preppers, calling them paranoid nutcases, extremists, and rural bigots ... yet these wealthy folks are doing the same thing, despite the fact that they all have more protection than anyone as it is. Still, it is alwayz good to be prepped, but not let paranoia take over as I explain on Jade Helm 15 in the last 2 paragraphs.

No doubt though, these privileged preppers spare no cost when they feel their balls are in a wringer ... and handle their fears with fashion and fad. I wouldnt doubt it if some of their upscale bunkers are subsidized indirectly by tax payers, tax write- offs, etc ... after all ... we alwayz pay to babysit their asses whether it's over- subsidizing them financially, mass military usage or personal security ... to protect them from the ruthlessness of the global jungle and shelter them from real competition. They all have different reasons for their fears, some fear a Trumpocalypse, fear of Trump as a President starting a nuclear war (kind of dumb though, I mean, what billionaire or even mega millionaire, that thrives on money/ wealth, would want to chance so much destruction, which would hurt the world of wealth that they exist on, eh?), some are afraid of civil unrest, in response to the way people are robbed by them and their monopolized financial institutions and related, or killed in the streets for no reason by their lawful militarized goon squads ... which is mostly paid for with our money and lives. Some, their gut tells them that they are not as loved as they fantasize they are ... and they need even more protection from the masses ... some just do it as a fad of sort, to impress their circles of associates ... and are not really in much fear, kind of like when they focus on their house being bigger than their neighbours, or more flashy I guess. I chose some video and links to read below, and I wanted to open it with Lori Harfenist (aka The Resident), because I love the way she expresses herself in her commentaries, and she alwayz puts a smile on my face {:-) ... I wanted to close it out with a music video, which partly inspired the title of the posting, to dedicate to these privileged preppers.

Word Out ....

Bunker sales up 700% in 2016, politicians demand NDAs ... Thanx to RT AMERICA

***** PRET- A- REPORTER/ INGRID SCHMIDT: Bunker Builders Anticipate Lucrative Trumpocalypse ... (newread)

***** DAILYMAIL/ UK: World's super- rich are buying luxury underground bunkers to avoid natural disasters ... (newsread/ video)


Iron Maiden Run To The Hills Live in Bogota  ... Thanx to nahueblack666 **** a little song I wanted to dedicate to our bunker buddies, which is fitting (lyrics HERE), from Iron Maiden out of East London, singer Bruce Dickinson is also one of my favourite vocalists ... I caught their show once years ago when they opened for the Scorpions, so this will be also included in the RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY of this journal/ blog


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