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VETERANS BONUS PAY BACK ATTACK 2016: "Veterans Under SIEGE" ... Tell WASHINGTON to Donate a F-35 Fighter Jet to Our VETS ... The "Double The CASH BACK" Edition ... (VETERANS SPOTLIGHT PT.45)

Soldiers told to repay enlistment bonus ... Thanx to CNN

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This posting will serve as Part 45 of the "Veterans Spotlight" series of this journal/ blog. It is to focus on the bonuses pay back issue that is at top of this posting in opening CNN video ... also there is a petition to our loved ones in Washington above to sign. The good news is, that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter already ordered the Pentagon to stop clawing back excessive recruiting bonuses paid to California National Guardsmen (USA Today) ... but understand, many have already been milked, and this I assume will only be to roll this matter over till 2017, much having to do with these elections ... I mean, there is going to be a thorough investigation on who's at fault or not, which I expect to go on for some time, it is way past due, because Congress already knew so much, but failed to act (an old familiar tune), so pressure needs to continue to be applied. But first I wanted to start with some news background on this linked below, and after a video interview with former Iraq War Veteran Mike Prysner ... then after below, I wanted to add my two cents.

***** NPR/ KERA: U.S. Soldiers Told To Repay In Signing Bonuses From Height Of War Effort: The Two- Way ... (newsread)

Pentagon Demands Repayment of Bonuses From Cash- Strapped Veterans ... Thanx to THE REAL NEWS





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This is a perfect example too, of how loose defense spending is in this country and lack of oversight, this should NOT be difficult to avoid with proper oversight, and is an incredible blemish on how things are done in such a so called efficient world leading country ... I mean ... it's shameful, more of our "American exceptionalism" I reckon. Good that this came up during a critical election time, to at least force it to be addressed ... but sad, being at a time, when we have a Presidential candidate (Donald Trump), who has a mission day one going into office of eliminating 80% of all regulations and oversight in the country, so you think were in tough shape now, imagine how food, drug and environmental safety neglect, fraud, corruption and crime would run wild under his vision in these times, eh? You have a small handful of people in the military recruitment ranks that orchestrated this, under pressure as well to do this recruiting, the majority of those who received these bonuses and other incentives, done so with no criminal intent, they were made an offer, many tight on funds trying to earn a living and support themselves and families, you do a job and expect to get paid what's promised, that's business, after all, we pride ourselves as capitalists, eh? ... well then. Yet those who served are under siege by the Pentagon, many already paying back with interest by the month, and barely able to make ends meet in civilian life after their services rendered, so promised payment/ compensation was due ... Washington fucked up on this, not our veterans. Military bad apples like Master Sgt. Toni Jaffe, is already convicted and serving her 30 months federal prison sentence for her part (as well as ordered to pay back $15 million), and some others will be charged I'm sure, who will also pay something and some time, and have tax liens or wage garnishments on them for life, anyone else is innocent until proven guilty in our democracy, bottom line. Also understand that this is just focused right now on California, can you imagine how long and deep this will be when all states are investigated, and the costs? ... bottom line for me ... forgive the debt overall, like you would on any loss, and simply charge those who committed criminal offenses, and tighten up existing oversight, it's already done ... dont cry over spilt milk.

But there is a history as well in this country of screwing veterans on pay/ benefits time after time, back in 1924, when President Calvin Coolidge vetoed a bill to grant owed bonuses to World War 1 veterans, he said that "patriotism is not bought and paid for" ... then, dont offer what you dont intend or expect to pay, it's that simple, perhaps President Coolidge should have forfeited his pay check, eh? ... President John Kennedy kept a dollar of his paycheck and gave the rest to charity ... that's patriotic, eh? ... maybe some of our multimillionaire Congress members and their corporations should sacrifice some pay ... maybe G.W.Bush and Dick Cheney should chip in, they made a bundle on these wars! I support our veterans 110% as you can see in this journal/ blog, what I dont support is some of our intervention and missions that our vets are sent into by Washington ... when we are not under attack, I dont see any reason to attack, if we are under attack, attack back with tremendous strength ... regardless of it being in the interests of multinational corporations based in America, but wanting our financial and military support abroad for their endeavors, yet not wanting to be American when it comes time to pay taxes, I know alot of people would disagree with me ... but I would tell those folks, to dip into their deep wealthy pockets and pay some of their own way ... they're sure as Hell not strapped for cash! With all the interest, tax liens and wage garnishments on veterans, it is also like getting double the cash issued out back if/ when all are paid up ... like one of those cheesy too big to fail bank tele commercials you see in prime time programming, that are aimed to screw bank customers through a gimmick. What has been done is done, and just milking these vets is not a smart solution, or the least expensive way to deal with this, which can cost more in the long run if too lengthy, since they talk about getting back the taxpayers money. For the amount that these bonuses costs, you could pay this off simply by donating the cost of an F-35 fighter jet ... leave it all right there and costs settled, simple ... not spending several years and millions trying to squeeze blood out of turnips, eh? The DoD and related Washington budget and expenditures is enormous, the waste on things like inoperable multimillion dollar gas stations in a place like Afghanistan or whatever, the loss of billions in shrink wrapped U.S. currency on skids that just mysteriously vanished from Iraq, or any of the over-bloated infrastructure money we spend to rebuild what we first destroy from bombing, etc, in these places, that cant even be properly maintained and utilized by the citizens in those countries ... this is what really needs to be tightened, regulated and cracked down on more.

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