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LITTLE RICHARD: "Ready Teddy", "Long Tall Sally", "Tutti Frutti", "Jenny Jenny" & "Good Golly Miss Molly"

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This posting for the music/ arts honour roll society of this journal, is one I been intending to get in here for some time, to highlight "Little Richard" (wikipedia) out of the music capital of Georgia, Macon. Little Richard contributed so much to form the rock and roll music of America in the 1950's, driving the charts and pumping up audiences during intense shows ... it was my mom that turned me on to Little Richard in the early 1960's, she was a big fan of his singing in particular. Little Richard is a trademark vocalist as well, that had so much influence on so many, in particular, he personally taught vocal work and his music to Paul McCartney, and The Beatles at a time in their first start were thrilled to be brought into the scene as an opening act for Little Richard, Jimi Hendrix got a big start playing for Little Richard ... and influencing many noted artists, from Otis Redding to James Brown to Michael Jackson to Bon Scott (AC/ DC), and many others. This era and foundation of rock and roll at the time, was exclusively American, which is mainly what inspired rock bands to form and multiply during the British invasion of the newer amplified blues, hard rock, metal, and gave new dimensions to R&B music. Little Richard played on so many labels, with so many artists, many awards/ honours, spiced up many popular covers he done, as well as his own, and was a pretty good pianist of that genre of the 1950's, starting out from beating on kitchen pots and pans to being influenced by noted gospel singers in shaping his vocal work and powerful voice, started doing vocals as a kid in church and played sax, and just continued to move up, and what a life this guy had, which you can view in the Wikipedia above. Thank You to Richard for his contributions and influence, and the great classic pieces ... more below ... Enjoy!

Little Richard- Live- Ready Teddy- 1966 ... Thanx to CHILSON SIRE

Little Richard Long Tall Sally- Tutti Frutti ... Thanx to MrRaymem ... (from the 1956 musical "Don't Knock the Rock")





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Little Richard with Jimi Hendrix on guitar 1965


Little Richard Jenny Jenny France, 1966 ... Thanx to APPELLATIVOSICK

Little Richard- Good Golly Miss Molly ... Thanx to VIDZONE


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Little Richard & The Beatles 1963



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