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2016 U.S. ELECTIONS ... REFLECTIONS & PROJECTIONS: Dealing with Disappointment in a Disintegrating Democracy ... The "Politically Depressed" Edition ... (POLITICAL CORRUPTION & ETHICS PT.11)

After Election Losses, Democrats Need To Clean House ... Thanx to THE RING OF FIRE


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This posting will serve as Part 11 of the "Political Corruption & Ethics" series of this journal/ blog, which I will also explain why I chose to include it in this series as well. I wanted to open with the top video from Farron Cousins, because Farron is just straight common sense and reality, with no bullshit ... let's face it, even though the Democrats/ Clinton got the popular vote, you rank low as far as performance and strategies, and are losers as a result ... you can blame it on the Russians, the polls, the right wing fundamoralists, electoral vote, Martians, the Devil, the weather, etc. ... but it is what it is, and ya'll are what ya'll are in the establishment and DNC, eh? I never planned on doing a post elections follow up on this blog, because I was disappointed in the results (not angry at all though), I mean ... I'm an independent who supports and votes Democrat is why (a Bernie Sanders supporter in the primaries), so I felt no victory or joy, this is just a spontaneous reaction because of the peoples response, that dont want Trump. I wasnt even watching the elections as it was going down election night ... why? ... because I just assumed from all the media, polling, pundits, big money spent, etc ... that this would be a slam dunk win for Clinton and Democratic Party ... so I was totally wrong in my assumption. At the same time, despite my disappointment, this also shows that there is still a certain amount of actual democracy left in this country, not just the power of multimillionaires and billionaires ... which is a positive. I received a text message from my daughter election night, probably around 10:30pm (CST) saying "... Hey dad, you watching this election? ... it's crazy ...", so I got to a tele and turned on PBS network, and I believe that it had Trump at about 240+ or so, and Clinton about 215, with the news folks covering, looking worried, and coming up with all these twisted scenarios and strategies on ... this state may do this, or swing this way, or asking for recounts, and other nonsense ... I simply just threw my hands up and said "... that's it ... fuck it, the Republicans got this ...", before the elections even got finished, turned off the tele, texted my daughter back and told her the Republicans got this, and went to bed. My wife was in the bedroom sound asleep from a long busy day, and I sure as Hell was not going to wake her and tell her, because I know when she finds out, she will be sad or whatever ... being she was so excited to see a woman/ Clinton get the nomination, and she despises Trump, she told me a few months back when we were watching the news on the tele ... "I dont care if she lies, they all lie, I want a woman President! ...".

Abby Martin: A New Resistance Born Out of Trump ... Thanx to teleSUR English

As far as Trump being our new President come 2017 ... it was not so much Trump as President that concerned me, as much as it was the Republicans having such a stronghold in the Congress and Senate, because most people will vote straight party, and not only on Capitalism Hill (Capitol Hill), but this growing strength state to state, I mean, the Democratic Party is the only strong enough party to challenge them, the Green or Libertarian Party cant. The talk about Trump being evil, scary, reincarnation of Hitler, wanting to put women in shackles/ bondage and rape them, or shit on people of colour and muslims, etc ... he does business with anyone, whether they're gay, muslim, christian, latino, women or whatever, he's a fast thinking hustler out of NYC ... not a politician giving speeches for 100's of thousands of dollars a pop, expecting corporations to pay his way, eh? I had no evidence to believe that he is the monster he's being painted as ... I need evidence, not just million dollar election propaganda via media, and bad mouthing from Trump to think that, which is about as useless to me as a preacher on sunday and religious garbage. Trump had to sell a product (himself), and is a good salesman and hustler, he was going for the crowd of people that were sick and bloody tired of political establishment insiders ... he was saying the shit that many people are saying among themselves, the concerns of Americans, like Bernie Sanders did ... while Clinton was looking more like a smiling robot of political establishment correctness, who also carried a rep with alot of baggage, as well as her husband. I think that Trump is one that "can" be moderate as well, he is a negotiator when it comes to the business game, and knows how to negotiate, but that is up to him, and how he deals with Washington and his party. The concern I have is the Republican Party and establishment, because he doesnt know Washington, and will depend on them for alot to learn from and for advice ... and I know how persuasive people like Paul Ryan can be, Ryan can politically hustle the shirt off your back, and you wont see him coming, with his cute all American puppy dog look and sales pitch ... Ryan is a real leader type, then you have this Mike Pence at his side, more bad news. The Republicans didnt even want him, but they are fair to their base voters, and dont use superdelegates, well, at least not officially, or how the Democrats delegate system seems to work (used in the Democratic Party) to override their peoples choice, they wanted to distance themselves from him, many didnt want to endorse him, or be affiliated with him, like Democrats didnt want Sanders, but they stuck with Trump, and now they should be kissing his ass, because the Republicans were in the shitter too, if it wasnt for Trump, same as Democrats would be in the shitter even worse, if it wasnt for Sanders, because Sanders is what fired up the Democrats this year, the only other thing you had going for ya'll, was a female candidate, without Bernie jumping in, ya'll wouldnt have known whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind your watch by election day ... both these parties establishment are pretty much worthless leftovers, and about as much needed as tits on a bull.

Many people are in the streets coast to coast daily, protesting against this new President and the elections results, and for good reason too ... they feel let down, so it is healthy in a therapeutic way, mentally and physically to have this ritual of retaliation, as far as any anger or violence is concerned, it comes with the territory, and is the roots of what this democracy has been and should be about, while exercising our Constitutional rights. The people have been let down tremendously year after year, decade after decade, by this conservative, neocon, and neoliberalism vermin, that has contaminated democracy and our political structure ... a clear result of the money in politics, which led to the legalized/ legislated bribery and political corruption, a deterioration of balanced ethics, and the disintegration of our democracy. But this resistance is the only way to deal with these people, and by means other than just holding up a sign, praying/ hoping while lovingly holding hands, etc ... you deal with them by raising Hell and force as well, closing down freeways, disrupting business, etc, etc ... as far as those politicians in their bubbles in Washington like President Obama, Secretary Clinton and others saying "we want a peaceful transition" (which they have to say, because they know protests will break out) ... what the people want and what ya'll want in Washington is 2 different things, eh? ... ya'll speak for yourselves, you sure as Hell dont speak for these frustrated people. President elect Trump has been quick as well to talk since the election, he said he definitely wants to select pro- life nominees for the Supreme Court, but I also think he would consider moderates for the high court, just because one is personally pro- life, doesnt necessarily mean, they will try to overturn the right for a woman to choose, making balanced acceptable law and ones personal choice while on the bench, is 2 different things and jobs ... when you go to work, you leave your personal life at home, we all know, including those in Washington, how importante abortion rights are, as much as marriage equality, whether we agree with it or not. Trump said now, after the elections, that he is open to renegotiating a wall vs. fencing as well on the Mexico/ U.S. border, and only looking to deport illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds (which is a little tricky, because any low level offense these dayz can give you a criminal record), he is also in support of some of ObamaCare/ ACA, he is calling for term limits in Congress, he is saying that the money is contaminating politics and he wants it out and limited, not deporting muslims, but vetting some immigrants more closely, cut this outrageous war spending, which he says now, that the amount we spent, could have rebuilt our own infrastructure 2 times over, he now says that he will keep only a dollar of his paycheck as President, and give the rest to charity (watch Trump on that one though, he's a hustler, and if he can write it off on taxes, he will ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-), he wants to "negotiate" better deals on healthcare costs, and our loose foreign spending (something Congress never even attempted as a whole), opposes TPP, and wants to renegotiate past trade agreements such as NAFTA (and Canada and Mexico said they're open to renegotiation), so it wouldnt surprise me if he is not as hardcore and evil as he's being painted as is my point.

If he is all for what he has been saying publicly since he won the election, his opposition may be from his own party, without even need for Democrats to oppose him, because what he is saying now, many establishment Republicans are not going to go along with easily ... only time will tell, what Trump will actually do, and really how strong he will be at standing firm ... Obama for instance didnt stand firm enough against Congress who relentlessly obstructed everything he proposed. And just Supreme Court nominees is not the only issue, there will be over 100 additional judicial nominations for Trump to make to lower federal courts (NPR/ KERA), so that is a very big issue. If Trump is anything like what he is looking like right now, I think the Republicans will be first to challenge him. I also want to point out though, before the elections he said he wanted to cut up to 80% of all regulations and oversight, which is a huge negative for consumers, business, health and safety, and the environment, and he also in pre- election, refused to acknowledge the scientific evidence, that global warming is human caused (at least drastically by a hundred fold accelerated in my view by human activity, despite the scientific/ paleoclimatologist evidence of the Earth's warming and cooling trends), this is also a huge negative, science and common sense sayz otherwise ... our activity over the last century, can no way NOT effect the air, water and land. The other problem is, because of his lack of political experience, the Republicans are going to pressure him big time on what to do and who to pick for advisers and cabinet choices, Stephen Bannon for example was a lousy pick/ appointment to be chief strategist and senior counselor to Trump ... he already has several Wall Street types in view, and he wants them to deal with Wall Street, because as a businessman, he looks at those types as the kind that actually know Wall Street ... the trick is ... trying to get them to change things ... this is something that Clinton would be good at, since she was in bed with Wall Street and knows how to politically move them, but business wise Trump is a good hustler, so if he's sincere about wanting to tighten them up, he will deal with his advisers as a strong businessman, and stand for what he wants to accomplish too, like he does in the non- political world ... otherwise they will fuck you big time Mr.Trump, especially Wall Street, in a New York minute, and you know it ... so you better be as damn strong as you say you are. As far as the Democrats opposing him, that is their job, I just hope that what the Democrats do oppose, will be the peoples and nation's needs, not just the party's and corporations needs, there are already enough Republicans to do that. I agree with Farron at the top video, where he sayz that the DNC needs to be flushed out, cleaned up, etc ... and no, choosing Donna Brazile to lead the party is not wise, or even Howard Dean, you dont get rid of an asshole in last minute desperation like Debbie Wasserman Schultz ... and replace them with more assholes and incompetent losers, unless ya'll wish to remain losers. A closing video below I wanted to add, of opinions of people on the street protesting Trump in Berlin and NYC.

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Protesting Trump's America: Nationwide Demos Continue Against Racism, Xenophobia & Islamophobia ... Thanx to DEMOCRACY NOW




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