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Donna Brazile: Debbie Wasserman Schultz 'Deserves' to Be a Part of DNC ... Thanx to ABC NEWS

This posting will be for the "Public Parasites" and "Political Corruption & Ethics" series of this blog/ journal ... and of course to put Debbie Wassermann Schultz and her DNC crew in it, and to take a look at the email leaks that came out. I wanted to have a posting on this because it got swept under the rug as fast as it hit the media, and pretty much got spun to blame the Russians or whoever, without clearly looking at what is happening here, or what been happening. I was talking to my son- in- law the other day about this, and he told me that U.S. is becoming like Mexico politically, so I asked him to elaborate a bit on how?, anywayz he said that Mexico was like this, because for long the people calmly expected and accepted a "little" corruption, ignored it to the point where the Mexican government and elections got so bold to start doing it in the open since people ignored it for so long ... so now, the people are bursting out in various pockets across Mexico because of how widespread and open the political corruption has become basically ... he explained much more, but that's a briefing on it (he represents a large U.S. company in countries south of Texas/ US, so has to go to places like Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, etc ... he also has a ranch/ property outside Monterrey that he has to keep up with, but lives in Dallas). But I havent thought much about that until he brought up to me, what ignoring these things and casual slacking can lead to such as what he explained in Mexico happening, but it is happening here as he points out, that is why it is importante to not get sidetracked as to what is going on and keep challenging it ... it just gets us deeper and deeper into it. This is not about these little petty bitch fights between candidates, as much as it's about getting a handle on what is going on within our elections, which now there is clear evidence of, and lawsuits on this are justified and in order with extended investigation ... so you cant blame this on people with conspiracy minds making this up. I also disagree totally with Donna Brazile in the top video as far as dealing with Schultz, which is why I posted that first, which I will explain after. As far as blaming the Russians? ... I look at what they done in this as a favour to the American people if anything, if they are actually involved with this ... I mean, where else would we get this info or evidence ... from the DNC or RNC who are equally as deep in election manipulation and corruption? Some link read and video below, I wanted to also add Julian Assange here since it was WikiLeaks ... to give his view on what is happening, and Thank You to Julian! Also I wanted to add what the typical Sanders supporter thinx of this, so I included a video as well from Tiffany Ferguson on YouTube who I view ... then I will add a little after.

***** DEMOCRACY NOW: EXCLUSIVE: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange on Releasing DNC Emails That Ousted Debbie Wasserman Schultz ... (video/ transcript)

DNC Leaks+ Debbie Wassermann Schultz Resigns as DNC Chair ... Thanx to SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE





Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

For the record, I am also a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I do NOT think that Bernie has stabbed his supporters in the back as many may feel ... I actually commend him for what he has done, why? ... because the man made a commitment from the start, that he would not go 3rd party if not nominated, break up the only strong force against the Republicans ... to me he has kept his promise and integrity, I feel the same way when I make a commitment, I committed to support Obama 2 terms no matter what, and I did, Sanders is doing what he feels is the only way at this time to bring about change, so I have no issues with what he's doing. The Democratic Party if anything, should have been praising Sanders all along, not dissing him and his supporters the way they did ... the way I see it, is without Sanders, there wouldnt even be this half- assed so called progressive platform, and as far as Clinton winning anything would be more difficult ... he is a strong man and firm, a real leader. If Bernie ran as a 3rd Party candidate, I would definitely vote for him as well ... I'm not married to the Democratic Party as some folks may be, and I like to consider myself these dayz as independent, regardless of what they stamp on my voting registration, I am kind of beyond things like left/ right, good/ evil and related, I take what worx and utilize it, and discard in the trash what doesnt work ... and keep it simple.

As far as Donna Brazile's talk in the top video that Schultz deserves this and deserves that, etc, etc ... her view can go in the discarded trash too, you know who signs her paycheck ... what Schultz deserves? ... the only thing I see Schultz deserves out of the Democratic Party is a foot in her ass, which is long past due, because of the damage that she has brought to the party, along with many others in the DNC ... this is also the kind of shit that happens when you get desperate and panic, which is a weakness, not a strength. There is no proof that I seen that Hillary Clinton knew anything about this, I havent read all the email documentation or will, although it is hard to believe that anyone as intelligent and sharp as Clinton would not know this is going on. As for Schultz resigning ... that is just a show ... she had no choice at the convention, I knew she would step down or get the boot and been waiting for her day, the problemo is, is you didnt get rid of her at all, she and Hillary are tight for years, and Hillary already has even a more importante position for her campaign to give her, and if Clinton won, probably a spot in the cabinet ... so all you accomplished was not hearing Schultz's damn mouth this week at the convention. Clinton has become too dependent on Schultz, and that is NOT healthy ... Schultz worked for her so long and in depth, that Clinton feels that she cant do without her, as some employers think ... bottom line is, until you clean house, the house will NOT get cleaned, eh? ... the same is true as becoming too dependent on corporate money ... it leads to desperation and ill decision making ... Sanders proved you can be successful without corporate money ... learn from the man.

As far as this talk about blaming this on the Russians ... why? ... did not these folks in the DNC email, plot, distort and create this fusion of collusion? ... of course they did ... you can blame it on Russians, Martians, Sanders supporters or whatever you want, it dont change the fact of what they done collectively, which should now inspire further in depth investigation into voting poll fraud manipulation allegations, and what happened with voting during the primaries in importante places like NYC area and California, you have reason to expand investigation and it's justified because of this email thing they nailed. US officials now saying that DNC was warned about hacking months ago (CNN) ... if this is so, how in Hell could you be so dumb to pull a stunt like this? ... Hell, that's reason enough to fire a whole crew! What was really twisted about this to me that I seen, was trying to figure out wayz to make Sanders bring up his belief in God for their Southern Baptist people?? ... Sanders already made his beliefs clear, in front of Christians at that, when they invited him to hear him out at Liberty University. But, now you're so desperate in the DNC, as to now kissing the asses of the Christian fundamoralists? ... isnt it shameful enough how you kiss the asses of fundamoralist Muslims and suck- up to Arab countries that persecute women and kill people for being gay? ... both of these religious institutions, are more about politics and persecuting others that dont submit to their cult mentalities, than having anything to do with spirituality or belief in a God, I define "fundamoralism" as the extreme branches of major religions that contaminate societies and politics with force feeding their self tailored beliefs. WTF is wrong with ya'll? ... you call yourselves liberal, and progressive at that, what is liberal about that? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

Whatever your belief or depth of makes no difference when it comes to getting the job done, you can have a person that prays 20 hours a day ... if they cant serve the peoples needs, it doesnt do the people a damn bit of good. This other talk about Sanders doesnt have his act together and trying to make a story out of it? ... good thing you didnt, you are the ones that need him now, even though you play it off like you dont, Sanders created a movement and raised millions of dollars and votes without kissing the corporations asses ... what have most of ya'll done?, obviously after this email scandal ... it is clear who doesnt have their act together, eh? I heard folks saying online, trying to lay a guilt trip on folks that may vote for Jill Stein or whoever, that if they dont vote Democrat now and Republicans win ... they will be responsible for all the harm that will come to gayz, women, people of colour, etc, ... nonsense, the Democrats and Republicans can share the blame for all those people have went through in the past, as well as the troubles that we/ they have now ... or the talk of, if they dont vote Hillary, that they hate women, and related nonsense, dont suck into that garbage, vote what is in your heart and interest ... that is what a democracy should be about, not being afraid or threatened by these parasites, that you need to kiss their ass. If these Democrats lose in the election or the Republicans for that matter ... they have their party's to blame ... not the people, if ya'll done your jobs to begin with and was even just halfway honest, you wouldnt get the reaction that ya'll do today, where you have to spend millions to manipulate voting, media, and pay people to like you, you wouldnt need to have militarized perimeters when you speak in public to protect you ... some of ya'll are so damn blind, you dont even know how you are seen.

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Patricia said...

It was really interesting to read what you son-in-law had to say. We have been devolving into a third world country for a long time now. I have been to South America, I have seen the poverty and chaos there. It's really sad and so unnecessary. You should look up Morris Berman,
He thinks that America is an Empire in decline and we are going the way of the Roman Empire, sadly I agree and things are going to get a lot worse and I am not sure if people are going to get smart and fight back in a constructive manner. Also for further reading,
This is a Russian dude who went through the breakdown in Russia and he has seen some shit, he's also got an interesting take on America. Interestingly. twice as many Russians read my blog than Americans. I put you on my blogroll.so many people did that for me, I like to pay it forward.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hi Patricia, Thank You for the links to "cluborlov" & "Morris Berman" ... I havent created a blogroll thing on here yet ... not much traffic here, nor do I do much stuff online, I started this as a personal journal, kind of like a person keeps a diary, I dont belong to any groups networx, dont accept money, etc ... if I do highlight a product, it would be only if I actually use it. I dont keep up with my stats page as much as I should, so I really dont keep track of how many visits this gets on any regular basis, someone leaves a comment once in a while like you, or someone I know around Dallas may bring up to me about a certain posting, or I may email a posting to someone of an interest that concerns them or whatever. I started this blog around 08 ... so it's been here a while, but as far as spelling, punctuation, proper writing skills or the rest, I am not up with, I try to write it though the best I can ... I really dont have too much experience or educational background in writing at all, I try to make it a clear though as possible for whoever may read it.

Yes, I myself feel that we are going to go through a heavy transition myself, my views on the outcome though are a bit different maybe ... we know that every empire throughout history came to a halt and change happened, and as far as oligarchs and such ... they are as well throughout history ... yes, I bank on it, that it will get worse before better though, at least in this current era we will have to.

NO, I never been to South America ... I had folks tell me though that Brazil and Ecuador were pretty cool ... I would like to visit down there some day from what I been told about it (exclude the problems down there), But yeah Patricia, you can see clearly what is happening ... this is a global initiative this time because of how globally intertwined we are in business, so that is also why I am critical towards these corporate drafted trade deals, too much policing, military occupations and a list of other things I point out ... so it's not one empire or the other, it's basically a winner takes all type deal ... but rest assured it will get a resistance as well, that will be more than they anticipate ... in time.

Thank You for stopping and your input by Patricia ....

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Patricia ... I have noticed a few times quite a few visits on this blog too from Russia ... I just figured it's a glitch or something, I dont know why a bunch of Russian folks would be visiting this blog?