Friday, July 1, 2016

TAQUERIA EL PAISANO SALSA & CHIPS BRAWL: A Tex- Mexunderstanding! ... The "Some Like It Hot" Edition ... "DONT BE ALARMED PT.20" ... You're in Dallas {:-0

This posting will serve as Part 20 for the "Dont Be Alarmed" series of this journal/ blog, part of the posting title was inspired by the 1959 comedy classic "Some Like It Hot" movie ... and Thanx to Isael Rojas of Dallas who recorded this video the other day (it was middle of the night/ early morning of saturday June 26th), which was at the Taqueria El Pasiano over here in Northwest Dallas on Lombardy Ln close to Denton Drive. This brawl started basically over choice of green or red salsa for their chips ... and I can understand, I am very critical about my salsa as well, as you can see HERE and HERE ... I mean, dont try to pass off some bunk weak salsa on me ... and I like it HOT! It appears in the video that this fight broke out between some galz and escalated to the guyz jumping in ... I prefer to watch the ladies brawl more than the guyz ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) but that is the kind of sick puppy that I am I reckon ... anywayz, no one arrested or hurt, but I felt sorry for the employees who got to clean up the mess too. However ... if you happen to stop at a local taqueria in Dallas, and run across some angry customers, it just may tell you something about the salsa, but don't be alarmed, you're in Dallas {:-) Anywayz, have a fun 4th of July weekend!

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