Monday, July 18, 2016

GREEN COLLAR JOBS: Where Investment, Economy and Environment Meet to BEAT the FOSSIL FUEL FLUNKIES ... The "Global GREEN RUSH" Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.42)

This posting will serve as Part 42 of the "Global War'n'ing" series of this journal/ blog. I wanted to record some jobs figures in here too, as far as green jobs and how it's also been a positive as far as business and the economy, because throughout this series I been trying to point out that this green move and renewable energy is a great investment for the future, although right now with the "fossil fuel industry gone wild", you dont hear enough about this. I also notice that every time the government decides to throw a few billion bucks into incentives, tax help and other programmes/ legislation, whether it's for solar, wind or whatever ... the fossil fuel industries flunkies are all over the media criticizing for instance, if our President and his administration want to subsidize these renewable projects ... they bitch, moan and bellyache over every couple billion that is put into this, coming up with a couple businesses that may have went bankrupt, or not meeting the expectations of our energy needs, etc. On the other hand, these fossil fuel flunkies are alwayz expecting 10's of billions in subsidies to go to their out of control extraction of fossil fuels ... of still ... the taxpayers money, that they complain about us using a fraction of just for cleaner renewable ideas, that will be the future any way you slice it. The politics are so insane beyond belief too, being paid by these fossil fuel flunkies, with a Congress alwayz trying to come up with new wayz to sell dirty fuel ideas, and coming up with a new package or name ... such as when they talk about "clean coal". These fossil fuel giants are also spoiled beyond belief these dayz, we have more drilling, fracking and everything imaginable offshore and onshore, besides all the subsidies they get ... yet they want to whine and bellyache over a few billion bucks that is spent of our same tax dollars on really moving in the direction of the future of energies transition. The whining out of this pro- fossil fuel crowd is incredible ... yet they laugh at environmentalists saying that their ideas are inefficient or not practical ... saying things like ... solar power is not practical because of the energy demand, and of course keeping the prices low. Germany for instance has really went far in renewable energy and even the use of solar, and currently have all the energy they need and then some, and countries like Germany are not actually known as the most sunny places, yet, they have went far with solar ... then you have a few manufacturers in Germany that threaten to leave Germany because of energy price increases, blaming it on going green ... yet some residents in European countries have seen decreases in energy bills, but the attacks on green energy continue. No, I think the money we spend in the U.S. is great to start up and give incentive to folks who will invest, and this has been going "global", not just the U.S. . I look at the long term instead of the short ... I also look at how much money we waste on wars/ occupations for example, especially while having to police and babysit places like the middle east ... so dont whine to someone like myself about a few billion bucks spent to promote cleaner energy/ fuel.

I'm not some hardcore environmentalist either, I havent even desired an electric car for that matter, I even point out in this series that oil is still needed ... but to a point ... I understand that we are in a "energy transitional period". As far as the "global warming" is concerned, I'm NOT even hardcore on that, but for a reason ... which is because, I not only think that natural global warming and climatic change is heavily accelerated by human activity and our excessive use of fossil fuels, but I also think that we have so much damage already done, it would not only take a total renewable energy transition immediately fast tracked to try to clean up our mess, but climate science to try to even repair damage already done and try to manipulate the weather/ climate. I have talked with folks one on one in person that dont believe in global warming being man made, and think that it's a silly conspiracy made up by environmentalists ... so these dayz, I dont bother to debate it with those folks, it's pointless and a waste of time, people are still tribal anywayz, and will follow what tribe they belong to ... politically, environmentally or otherwise. I simply look at the evidence and scientific findings is all ... the science shows that you cannot do what we do to the earth and not expect to get a negative reaction ... the clear evidence is the filth that we created as a species and the destruction that we done to the planet in general ... whether it's the forests, the land, the waters, or the air/ atmosphere. I would be the same way even if we didnt have this global warming/ climate change issue ... why? ... because lets face it ... we are downright filthy as a species, it's nothing to be ashamed of, I mean, we are what we are by nature. I look at trying to clean up our planet a little, the same as we would clean our yard, take a bath, pick up the trash, or the many other things we do to try to be a little sanitary. Again also let me point out, that there is a vast future of business to come from renewable energy, in fact so huge, it will make former transitions look small ... the talk that solar doesnt work for our needs on a large scale is nonsense ... the future will be solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass and more that we havent even come up with yet ... in fact, all your largest fossil fuel investors who badmouth renewables now, are going to be first in line trying to buy and own all of the renewables in the future, and they know it, they are just letting everyone else do the legwork and ratholing all the wealth to buy up the next new thing. I look at this energy transition as being more diversified and expanded, with more new companies and innovation ... that will create many jobs, but not just installing solar panels like these fossil fuel flunkies say, but maintenance, manufacturing, marketing/ advertising, accounting, green construction, and more ... in time. A few pieces of read below I wanted to add ... Word Out ....

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