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TRUTHOUT/ MIKE LUDWIG: Obama Administration Approved Gulf Fracking During Deepwater Horizon Disaster ... The "GULF of DISASTER" Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.41)

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***** Mike Ludwig/ Truthout 

This posting will be Part 41 of the "Global War'n'ing" series of this journal/ blog, because I have heard no mainstream news coverage of this, and it is very importante for folks to be aware of, another issue that there can never be enough coverage of and pressure on our government and agencies that should be doing their jobs. This is a piece of investigative reporting Thanx to Mike Ludwig, Truthout and all involved ... this is something that I would expect in maybe some underdeveloped countries, where there is an actual excuse ... but not in the United States, and especially at the costs that we spend to run and staff these agencies, and of course this makes our President (Obama) and his administration look bad because of the action, neglect and incompetence within these agencies ... more like a "I dont give a shit attitude" about their work. The whole reason/ purpose for these agencies like BSEE (Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement) and the BOEM (Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management) ... is to prevent incidents like the 2010 BP oil spill, which our regulators also failed on that spill, with these "categorical exclusions", which exempts many of these companies from proper inspections, regulations enforcement and being held legally accountable ... these agencies are to make sure that there are safeguards and protections, not just to the environment, but for business and economic reasons as well ... this report is mind- blowing, and a clear recipe for future disaster across the board in our Gulf of Mexico and all the Gulf Coast states ... and more on the Pacific Coast if this isnt stopped. It is bad enough that BP gets a tax write off for 75% of their settlement fines/ costs on the oil spill (HuffingtonPost), which is what I expected to happen nearly 6 years ago as far as financial responsibility ... that was clear neglect and intentional on their part, basically to avoid regulatory oversight and pass on basic production expenses to save a few million bucks on some valve, which was stupid judgement from a business perspective, being the costs of lives, gulf coast industries, and the environment, along with the $20 billion settlement, that is at least $5.5 billion out of pocket for them ... we the taxpayers will have to shell out 75% of their settlement with our tax money ... which Atty General Loretta Lynch looked at as a good deal ... or the best we can expect, but it's all legal, and we pay all these so called giants continuous welfare subsidies regardless of how incompetent they are ... we basically use our taxes to feed those, while they run and buy our government with our damn money. This is also why there is really desperate need for 'tax reform' (and not the kind that politicians are talking about, to favour these huge entities) ... it is fair to give a business/ company a tax write off in my opinion for legitimate expenses or an unintentional act that leads to a disaster of such magnitude ... but, intentionally fucking up to save a few bucks and not being responsible to the fellow business community or taxpayers, with little regard for workers safety and the environment, which is all part of your profitability and livelihood, should be YOUR/ SHAREHOLDERS COST!

But Mike's report below, will not just show the incompetence of our own government's well paid and staffed agencies of oversight and regulations with their irresponsibility, but the disastrous amount of activity growing in this already environmentally sensitive region, not even sure of who is doing what down here. Agencies who do not even have enough research to determine the true hazards, are ignoring inspections and penalties ... while 10's of billions of gallons of chemically contaminated waste water gets dumped into the Gulf annually, which includes using things like hydrofluoric acid to maximize fossil fuel flow increase. The argument alwayz comes down to job creation and supplying energy demand, which is clear as day bullshit ... there is just as much new job creation and new business/ investment to come in new energies, biofuels, wind, solar and much new technologies that are moving quickly, even CRISPR can change so much on fuel/ energy (ScienceDaily) ... it is also clear how these energy companies are trying to obstruct mass use of newer forms of energy all over the country and abroad, and all just to rape the planet of anything that can make a buck ... bottom line is this is also bad for business too. Enough from me .... more below from Truthout.

***** TRUTHOUT: Obama Administration Approved Gulf Fracking During Deepwater Horizon Disaster ... (newsread)






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